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The Wellness Warrior - Be kind. Be brave. Be well.

The Wellness Warrior - Be kind. Be brave. Be well.
Foodie Friday: Katrina Ellis Posted April 25, 2014 Boy, do we have an inspiring Foodie Friday to share with you all this week! Katrina Ellis ( is a naturopath, iridologist, author and passionate advocate for the healing power of organic wholefoods. After surviving a terminal cancer diagnosis at the age of 28, Katrina went on to write the international bestseller Shattering the Cancer Myth and the delectable cookbook, Raw Addiction. Although Katrina once tended to the wellbeing of the rich and famous as head naturopath at luxe health retreat Chiva Som, these days she runs a busy practice in sunny Queensland and has two young children who keep her even busier!

for Health and Weightloss Intermittent fasting is gaining popularity,to reduce body fat while protecting muscle mass. Short periods of calorie reduction though intermittent fasting can..Read more Fasting FAQ If you are getting ready for your first fast you need the simplified version of how to fast. Fasting basics to get you started. This fasting FA..Read more In June 2005 The Journal of Nanobiotechnology, published a ten page study of a study was the result of seven scientists’ exploration into the virus inhibi..Read more

MaklerLine Wir bieten nicht nur professionellen Aus- und Weiterbildung an, sondern wir füllen unseren Mitarbeitern den Terminkalender mit Terminen, somit ist der Erfolg garantiert. Spass an der Arbeit hat man, wenn Ende Monat die Entlöhnung stimmt und dies ist unser oberstes Credo! About Welcome to my digital queendom. I’m Kris Carr, New York Times and #1 Amazon best-selling author, wellness activist and cancer thriver. And I am passionate about … YOU. MaklerLine Luigi Miggiano, CEO Geboren am 06. September 1969, sammelte er in seiner beruflichen Karriere vielfältige Erfahrungen als Unternehmensberater, Leiter Verkauf, Regionaldirektor und Leiter Business Development in namhaften Schweizer Versicherungsunternehmen. Als erfolgreicher Organisator, Koordinator und Umsetzer hat er seine Ziele immer erreicht und übertroffen.

» Estella’s 60 Day Juice Cleanse: Day 60! - The Real Housewives of the Fifth Dimension – Ok, so it’s day 60 and I did exactly what I said I didn’t want to do; I wrote an update every couple of weeks stating “I’m still fasting” and more or less left it at that. When I had began writing about my experiences while fasting on this site I kind of envisioned that I would be uploading lots of photos of juices, vegetables, updates, sharing feelings and videos, etc. but the truth is, there are already so many sites out there dedicated to that. To be honest sites like Raw Raw Life are what got me through my first 60 day fast and while I’d love to be able to do that for someone else, the reality of a long term fast is that hours, days, weeks, months pass and during that times lots and lots and lots of things happen!

Three Dark Textures Three Dark Textures dima shiperApr 10th 2014Tags: dark, graphic, texture A collection of three different dark textures, each provided as a high resolution graphic. Each has a slightly different texture, and they’re perfect for use in the background of a graphic design or piece of artwork. How to Recover From a Food Binge: 10 Steps to Feel Better - Growing Human(kind)ness After you’’ve binged on sugar or food, you may feel physically uncomfortable: bloated, overly full, gassy, or irritable. You may have a headache, feel a sugar buzz, feel wired, or sleepy. You may have strong sugar or salt cravings.

User Conversion Website User Conversion was a new startup company using analytics to track user behavior. We looked closely into the current market of companies offering this service and found the majority of the sites hard to use, non design focused which was ironic considering what they offered. So the idea was to design a new interface which was both design lead and user focused. Get in touch - SUSANNAH WHITE Award Winning Freelance Digital Designer. Interaction Designer & Digital Creative. Norwich UK. Get in touch Hello, I'm currently available for freelance work. Drop me an email if you're interested in working with me, I'll look forward to hearing from you

St. Louis Children's Hospital 2012 Annual Report It's been said by our patients that our Child Life Specialists are "in charge of fun". True! Child Life gives kids opportunities to relax and find enjoyment during what can be a pretty scary time in their lives. From music and bingo to art and holiday celebrations, Child Life works to normalize life for children in the hospital, while helping them process their illness and preparing them for life after the hospital. In 2012, our Child Life Specialists shared these kid-focused activities with our patients...