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MyStudyBar « What is MyStudyBar? New version released : Go to the Download page to get the latest version of MyStudyBar MyStudyBar is a tool which helps overcome problems that students commonly experience with studying, reading and writing. The tool consists of a set of portable open source and freeware applications, assembled into one convenient package. Easy to install, simple to use, handy and effective, MyStudyBar provides comprehensive learning support at the desktop, where it is needed. And if this is not already attractive enough, a further eye-catching feature of MyStudyBar is that it is completely FREE to download and free to use. Although MyStudyBar is designed to support learners with literacy-related difficulties such as dyslexia, the toolbar can offer potential benefits to all learners. Features of MyStudyBar MyStudyBar puts a whole range of individual and essential tools at your fingertips. Sir Jackie Stewart endorses MyStudyBar MyStudyBar step-by-step guides Introduction to MyStudyBar

Digital Content Platform & eBooks | Amazon Whispercast Our Clients Growthink's clients are entrepreneurs working at startups, small businesses, venture capital and private equity firms, non-profit and governmental organizations, middle market companies, and Fortune 500 firms. Since 1999, we have completed more than 3,000 engagements for these clients. Click here to view some of our happy client testimonials. Featured Clients Below is a sample of Growthink clients who have recently achieved significant milestones since working with us. Raised $1 Million Raised $750 Million Acquired by Raised $5.6 Million Raised $10 Million Raised $50 Million Acquired byHalliburton Energy Services Raised $4.5 Million Raised $3.3 Million Representative Clients Below is a representative sample of the 2,000+ clients Growthink has helped since 1999. Place your mouse over each logo to learn more about that client. AccuDraft provides business document automation services and online document production software. 7-11 is a global convenience store. Dr. Dr. Dr. M.M. POP!

15 أداة تساعد المستقلين أداء مهامهم بفعالية كمستقل، يفترض بك أن تستخدم أدوات رقمية تساعدك في عملك اليومي. ولحسن الحظ أن هذه الأدوات اليوم تنوعت مجالاتها ومعظمها متوفرة مجانًا أيضًا. فيمايلي مجموعة من الأدوات التي ستساعدك للعمل الجماعي وإجراء المقابلات وإدارة الوقت والإنتاجية وتقديم العروض والتسويق لنفسك وأعمالك والتواصل مع جمهورك وحتى ابتكار الأفكار. 1- تتبع الوقت والفوترة يكون لدى المستقل غالبًا عدة عملاء ويعمل بنفس الوقت على عدة مشاريع مختلفة. توفّر أداة SlimTimer طريقة بسيطة بحيث يمكنك بضغطة واحدة على كل مهمة أن تبدأ ساعة مؤقت زمني، وعندما تضغط عليها مجددًا فإنها توقف التوقيت مؤقتًا. 2- العمل التعاوني من أروع مزايا العمل الافتراضي الجديدة أنها أتاحت للمستقلين التعاون والعمل معاً على مستند وكأنهم يجلسون على طاولة واحدة وبينهم ورقة عمل. اليوم مع خدمات التخزين السحابي مثل غوغل درايف Google Drive يمكنك العمل الجماعي التعاوني بنفس الوقت مع مستقلين آخرين على المستندات وبدون أن يضيع أي شيء. المميز في خدمة Google Drive أنها تتيح التواصل والدردشة بين المستقلين في الزمن الفعلي ما يضفي المزيد من الفعالية والسرعة في الإنجاز. 4- الاجتماعات

Two Powerful Tools for Creating Interactive Educational Presentations April 9, 2016 Over the last few years we have reviewed a number of powerful presentation tools to use with students in class. These include tools such as Haiku Deck, Prezi, Google Presentation, Keynote to mention but a few. Today we are bringing to your radar two more presentation tools with huge educational potential. You can use them to design visually attractive presentations that include a wide range of multimedia content such as text, sound, videos, images, PDFs and many more. They also allow remote presenting allowing you to project your presentations to a bigger screen and remotely control them while going around in the class. 1- Swipe Swipe is an excellent presentation platform to use in your instruction. 2- FlowVella This is another good presentation software that enables you to create interactive multimedia-driven slideshows to share with others. Courtesy of StartupStash

TEDxESL | ESL discussion material based on TED talks 14 Web Based Video Tools for Teachers - More Than A Tech Engaging students has become increasingly difficult as technology has continued to shape our culture. Overheads, DVDs, and lecturing just don’t cut it. This is a generation of students growing up with YouTube, Vimeo, and Khan Academy to name a few. So many creative, eye grabbing, funny videos to choose from, and all of them are available on a device that fits in their pocket. We’ve compiled a list of video tools for teachers so they have the tools to compete for their student’s attention. Almost of the tools on this list are free for teachers and students to use. Animoto Animoto is not a new tool to the K-12 space. Website: Sample: Biteable Biteable is self described as the easiest way to create a video online. Website: Sample: Cost: Free – $99 per year. Captevate Captevate is a fantastic collection of web based video tools for teachers. Website: Sample: Creaza

Flip That App Access | NextWebinar – Webinars To Help You Succeed. Support: If something is wrong. No need to panic. Contact us! Activating your app builder system is very easy. Step 1 – Click Here to register for an account. Step 2 – Click here to Activate your plan to Unlimited. Step 3 – You are already done. To Login to AppBuilder, Visit For video tutorials/ resources Click here Thank you for purchase. 1. 1. 2. If you have issues- Concerns – Confused then OPEN A TICKET.

picjumbo — totally free photos for your commercial & personal works 10 Global eLearning Leaders You Must Follow on Twitter “Tweet tweet.” Do you hear that? That’s the sound of knowledge. Twitter is one of the richest resources for networking and seeking out the number one professionals in any industry. What’s more, because eLearners are well…technologically inclined by nature, this means that Twitter is especially important in our industry. So whether you’re a Twitter fiend, or you’re just getting started, this is a guide to the big names in eLearning that you need to follow. Top Tweeter #1: Tracy Bisette Tracy Bisette is one of the most innovative instructional designers in our industry. Tracy’s currently an advisor to Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, trade associations, and more. Tracy’s long list of achievements includes The Business Journals’ Women in Business Achievement Award and 2012’s Top 40 Under 40 Business Leader award. Get insights into Tracy’s take on the hottest trends in eLearning by following her on Twitter here. Top Tweeter #2: Marc Rosenberg Dr. With more than 25 years' experience, Dr. Dr. Mr. Dr.