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The product design sprint: a five-day recipe for startups

The product design sprint: a five-day recipe for startups
At Google Ventures, we do product design work with startups all the time. Since we want to move fast and they want to move fast, we’ve optimized a process that gets us predictably good results in five days or less. We call it a product design sprint, and it’s great for getting unstuck or accelerating projects that are already in motion. I’ve planned and run over 100 of these sprints, first with teams at Google and now with startups in the Google Ventures portfolio. To give you an idea of what one looks like, here’s a project we did with CustomMade: Over the next several posts, I’ll be sharing a DIY guide for running your own design sprint. Before the sprint: Prepare Get the people and things you need. Day 1: Understand Dig into the design problem through research, competitive review, and strategy exercises. Day 2: Diverge Rapidly develop as many solutions as possible. Day 3: Decide Choose the best ideas and hammer out a user story. What doesn’t work about brainstorming The magic of constraints

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Culture : Sequoia Capital : US Neuroscience Research, Gatsby Charitable Foundation Read India, William & Flora Hewlett Foundation Linked Learning, James Irvine Foundation Maternal Mortality in India, MacArthur Foundation Healthy Kids, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation How to Determine If There's a Market for Your Business Idea In their book, Start Your Own Business, the staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. guides you through the critical steps to starting a business, then supports you in surviving the first three years as a business owner. In this edited excerpt, the authors describe the importance of market research in order to obtain information on the three key areas you'll need to investigate before launching your new business. So you have a great idea for a product—something that’s bound to capture the hearts and minds (and wallets) of consumers everywhere. Or perhaps you've stumbled on a service that isn’t being offered by anyone else—one that's desperately needed.

VC Pitches In A Year Or Two Entrepreneur: I plan to launch a better streaming music service. It leverages the data on what you and your friends currently listen to, combines that with the schedule of new music launches and acts that are touring in your city in the coming months and creates playlists of music that you should be listening to in order to find new acts to listen to and go see live. VC: Well since Spotify, Beats, and Apple have paid all the telcos so that their services are free on the mobile networks, we are concerned that new music services like yours will have a hard time getting new users to use them because the data plan is so expensive.

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Growing up: How OpenStack could become the go-to choice for private and public clouds Last week’s OpenStack: Breaking into the Enterprise event made one thing clear: the battle for the public cloud is just beginning, and enterprises are starting to see open-source cloud software OpenStack as a worthy challenger. Today, three and a half years after OpenStack’s inception, it’s easy to forget that it was a defensive move, made at a desperate time. Rackspace needed a weapon to defend against the tidal force of Amazon Web Services. It realized that even as a multibillion-dollar company and a leader in the hosting world, it could not go it alone in the transition to public cloud.

3rd Leancamp Stuttgart – “Corporate Entrepreneurs meet Startups” – @Leancamp Leancamp is a high-energy multi-track un-conference where attendees regardless of their knowledge can attribute 30 min talks, workshops or Q&A sessions through the whole day in parallel sessions. The goal of Leancamp is to exchange knowledge between people. Discover new methods and learn from startups or corporations who are practicing approaches like Lean Startup, Business Modelling, Lean Marketing or Customer Development. How To Keep Your Team And Make Your Startup Acquisition Succeed Editor’s note: Tomio Geron is head of content at startup Exitround and was previously a staff reporter for Forbes and Dow Jones VentureWire. This is part of a series of posts on the tech M&A market. Follow him on Twitter @tomiogeron. As a founder, Kristian Segerstrale has had two successful outcomes. An expert in gaming, he cofounded Macrospace, which merged with Sorrent then was renamed Glu Mobile. He also was cofounder and CEO of Playfish, which was acquired in 2009 by EA for $400 million.

Why subscription business models will transform every industry “In short, software is eating the world.” — Marc Andreessen, 2011 What Marc said then is even truer now. Three years later and you can see the results of the software transformation across essentially every industry. Look at what technology has done for (or to, depending on your perspective) the publishing industry, for example. We’ve moved from reading hardcover books and daily newspapers to consuming bestsellers and today’s headlines on apps and e-readers. And that’s just a slice of this.