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Mobile: Solar System - Universe - Science Mobile: Solar System Recommended paper type Matte Photo Paper Page Layout Same magnification The Storque :: How-To :: How-Tuesday: Glass Photo Etching Have you ever thought about trying glass etching? If so, I’ve got a project for you! I’ve taken cream glass etching to a new level by using PNP Blue Transfer Paper as a resist! PNP Blue Transfer Paper was originally used to etch circuit boards and has recently been adapted to etch jewelry. I tested this transfer out on glass and it works like a charm! Supplies Flat glass or mirror to etch uponPNP Blue Transfer Paper (available at Iron (I like to use a heavy iron that doesn’t have an automatic shut-off)Contact PaperAmour Etching Cream ( BrushRubber GlovesNail PolishAcetone (or nail polish remover) Step 1 Scan or create your high contrast design using photo-editing software. Step 2 Make sure your flat piece of glass or mirror is clean and free of dust. Step 3 Protect the rest of your piece with contact paper. Step 4 Put on your rubber gloves (and any other safety gear you feel necessary). Apply a thick layer of the Armour Etch cream with a foam brush.

Russia Church of the Transfiguration - Europe - Architecture Russia Church of the Transfiguration Recommended paper type Matte Photo Paper Page Layout Same magnification The Storque :: How-To :: How-Tuesday: Pillow With Rosette Clusters From Felt Furnishings I haven’t crafted with felt since I was little, but since picking up a copy of Anne Kyrrö Quinn‘s book, Felt Furnishings, I have a whole new universe of respect for the material. Anne was encouraged to revisit felt by her tutor in her final year studying Textile Design at London Metropolitan University, and she hasn’t looked back since. The techniques she explores in this vibrant craft book truly transform felt into modern, eye-catching home accents. For this week’s How-Tuesday project, we’re sharing her pillow with rosette clusters. Purchase Felt Furnishings Sometimes an idea for a new design will come to me when I’m playing around with a piece of felt in my hand. To capture these forms, I have used the traditional techniques of gathering and ruching to create highly textural surface structures from felt and felted wool fabric. Materials and Tools 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Sewn-In Pillow Back 1. 2. 3. 4. Pillow Back With Zipper 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Looking for more luscious felt projects for your home?

Electric guitar - Toys Electric guitar Recommended paper type Matte Photo Paper Page Layout Same magnification ReadyMade Cool Copper Projects Warm metallic hues are easy to love but often pricey. When you create the look... Easy Doily Bowl Craft a decorative bowl from a doily picked up from a flea market, antique... Camper Birdhouse Encourage birds to stay awhile with an adorable vintage birdhouse. Mini Severus Snape and Llily Evans Update 30/01/2012One of the best moments in the Harry Potter saga are the memories of Snape's childhood, to me the besssst character ever. Here the minis of Severus and Lily Evans, the Harry Potter 's mother. PDF Download: Enjoy it :D Best friends Different ways Snape forever alone

Klocki - LEGO Bricks for Adults Papercraft alphabet | Digitprop – Papercraft and Stuff This is the official announcement for the papercraft alphabet I just finished uploading. That was quite some work, especially with two hyperactive kids climbing all over me while I am typing. By the way, if you speak German: Hätte auch auf Deutsch funktioniert. Anyway, the alphabet is now complete – a collection of 26 papercraft templates for all letters 0f the alphabet, each representing an animal, thing, or people starting with that letter: You will find the complete list of templates here. You can use them for education, as toys, or to spell out whatever message you want to get across. Here is a ZIP file containing all templates as PDFs. Have fun with these – and if you do, I wouldn’t mind if you help to spread the word… Edit: I have just uploaded numbers to go with the alphabet.