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Game engine, tools and multiplatform

Game engine, tools and multiplatform
Unity is a game development ecosystem: a powerful rendering engine fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows to create interactive 3D and 2D content; easy multiplatform publishing; thousands of quality, ready-made assets in the Asset Store and a knowledge-sharing community. For independent developers and studios, Unity’s democratizing ecosystem smashes the time and cost barriers to creating uniquely beautiful games. They are using Unity to build a livelihood doing what they love: creating games that hook and delight players on any platform.


Timeline ReadWriteThink has a variety of resources for out-of-school use. Visit our Parent & Afterschool Resources section to learn more. More Download the plug-in tools you need to use our games and tools, or check to see if you've got the latest version. Learn more Myst - Cyan, Inc. - Makers of Myst, Riven, and More Alone on a mysterious island, you set out to explore its grandeur and mystery. Here, a chilling tale of intrigue and injustice, defying all boundaries of space and time, is being told. Summon your wits and imagination about you. Game/AI: July 2008 Archives Fixing Pathfinding Once and For All I normally do everything I can to avoid saying things that could be interpreted as a criticism of other games or developers in the industry. But in this case, I had to make a bit of an exception. I need to talk about some problems we face with pathfinding. In order to prove that these problems still exist, I felt the need to make this video ... which will hopefully be taken in the humorous and lighthearted spirit in which it was intended

Rez Wiki Welcome to the Rez Wiki! A resource for fans of Rez, Rez HD, and Child of Eden.Fear is the mind-killer. About Edit Rez is a musical rail-shooter video game first developed by United Game Artists for the Sega Dreamcast and the Sony PlayStation 2. Understanding Pac-Man Ghost Behavior Posted on December 2, 2010 It only seems right for me to begin this blog with the topic that inspired me to start it in the first place. Not too long ago, I came across Jamey Pittman’s “Pac-Man Dossier”, which is a ridiculously-detailed explanation of the mechanics of Pac-Man. I found it absolutely fascinating, so this site is my attempt to discover and aggregate similarly-detailed information about other games (albeit in much smaller chunks). However, as a bit of a tribute, I’m going to start with Pac-Man as well, specifically the ghost AI. It’s an interesting topic, and hopefully my explanation will be a bit more accessible than Jamey’s, due to focusing on only the information relevant to ghost behavior.

Blind GiRl About Blind GiRl Blind GiRl is a XBox Live Indie Games adventure puzzler based on the mechanics of realistic wave propagation. The player uses sound waves to illuminate the environment and navigate obstacles and adversaries. Features - Tiled Terrain In this article, I'll examine some of the issues you may want to consider when starting to create a terrain tile set for a game. When done well, the terrain becomes a believable world in which your characters come to life. The user will simply accept your work as part of the natural backdrop. Often, the best compliment for a good environment is that it doesn't call attention to itself. As the terrain artist, you may not have a ton of texture memory space to deal with, so it's always a good idea to figure out how to stretch your budget as far as possible.

25 Awesome & Creative Kitchen Gadgets 11 Flares Twitter 4 Facebook 0 Google+ 3 Pin It Share 4 Email -- 11 Flares × Today’s world has become the playground of gadgets.Every domain has found new and exciting methods of making every day chores more easy and fun. The appliances department has come a long way and kitchen gadgets especially have to keep up with the modern busy woman and try to make her time in the kitchen more enjoyable. But despite the common belief that gadgets are associated with salty prices, we have gathered a selection of 25 Kitchen Gadgets under $25 that you need and will actualy put to good use and that will definitely make your life easier. 1 | Sushezi Sushi Made Easy $14.06 Japanese food is considered to be one of the healthiest foods there is but making sushi is not an easy task.

Fable: The Journey - Lionhead A whole new way to experience the deep storyline, heart-pounding action, and picturesque world of Albion that fans have come to know and love about the “Fable” franchise. In Fable: The Journey, you will come to the aid of the ailing and mysterious Theresa, who thrusts you into an action-packed adventure full of dangerous enemies, hair-raising chases and humorous characters. Built from the ground up for Kinect for Xbox 360, Fable: The Journey gives you the power to wield magic as a deadly weapon, defend yourself in combat and solve puzzles on your journey to becoming a hero.

learnbyluke Here are some links to sprite websites, you can use the sprites in your games. If you know any good resource websites that aren't listed here, please send/show me the link so I can add it to this page. Game Maker This is one of the best free Game Making programs avaliable for PC. It allows you to easily create 2D games from scratch, the posibilities are endless.

London's best retro gaming bars - The Metropolist We all love a good nostalgic trip, a hark back to carefree days of our youth. From cartoons to sweets, clothing to certain songs which were soundtracks to our young lives. And games. Not just games you played with your mates conjured up from the depths of your imagination, but games on original consoles. CPO Science Award-Winning Science and Engineering Investigations CPO Science is a leader in innovative, inquiry-based investigations for life, earth, and physical science education. Students begin each lesson with a key question that drives an in-depth exploration of the concept at hand. See the "aha" moments on your their faces as science concepts become clear.

MEGAbytes 4 guys wanting to take over the world... er, we mean make an arcade cafe in Glasgow, with your help! Here is how it is, We're just a group of 4, that have awesome gaming powers... We can double jump, have infinite stealth bandanas, punch boulders and break limits everywhere! all while eating cakes with insane velocity and accuracy. Fit Kids Clubhouse: Clubhouse Truth: Preschool Science Matters It started with the weather forecast. 100+ degrees every day this week, for the first time this year. We go outside every day, so it was time to start adjusting to the Summertime heat. Enter, ice play.

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