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Video About Transhumanism Mainframe Computer

Video About Transhumanism Mainframe Computer

Top Five Reasons Transhumanism Can Eliminate Suffering David Pearce October 21, 2010 Reality is big. Here are five grounds for cautious optimism: 1) We Shall Soon Be Able To Choose Our Own Level Of Pain-Sensitivity It's hard to convey in words the frightfulness of unrelieved physical pain. At present, we can't envisage safely choosing one of the (extremely rare) nonsense mutations of SCN9A that eliminates physical pain altogether. 2) We Can Soon Choose How Rewarding We Want Our Daily Life To Be The brain is a dauntingly complex organ. If you were in a position to choose, which COMT allele would you pre-select for your future offspring? Of course, pitfalls abound. Genetic tweaking to promote richer experience is just a foretaste of posthuman sentience. 3) Steak Lovers and Vegans Alike Can Soon Eat Cruelty-Free Diets Today, billions of sentient beings endure lives of unimaginable suffering in our factory farms. Traditionalists will say in vitro meat products are “unnatural”. 4) Carnivorous Nonhuman Predators Can Be Phased Out Too See Also [heading]

Janelle Monae turns rhythm and blues into science fiction @Burke: I have the same opinion of Lady GaGa. I get it, I respect it, but... time to reinvent, Bowie-style, if you're truly an artist like you say you are, LG. Would Ziggy Stardust matter if that's all Bowie ever did? Nope. He reinvented himself every so often up thru the 90's, because that's what he needed to do to keep his art fresh. Just think about it: Bowie as Ziggy, Bowie in the 'Ashes to Ashes' video, Bowie during the Glass Spider Tour, Bowie in the pseudo-retro suspenders thing for the Let's Dance,/i era, Bowie in the cover of Diamond Dogs even Bowie now in the art house look... he's always looking for a new way to express himself. (oh, and let's not forget Labyrinth... wow) @Burke: A quick listen to ArchAndroid or Metropolis will quickly clear up any misconceptions as to whether she's just a one-horse gimmick performer or not. @Valkyrie607: I will have to take the time to do so, then. @Burke: Quickly!

Cameron and John Connor sitting in a temporal tree... | WAR_ON_ERROR on Xanga Intro: At first I was put off by the robo-love element present in the television series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, even if I don’t see anything conceptually wrong with the idea of robots in love. Just because some bit of entertainment happens to fall into the realm of where my belief system is comfortable doesn’t mean it will be portrayed well or still partake of various modern superstitions to appease ignorant audience sensibilities. One of the things that potentially doesn’t make sense is why Cameron would even be in love. She may be able to simulate emotional responses and even have a sophisticated emotional program to work with in order to do it, but it doesn’t follow that it has to be “on” all the time. One of the benefits of being a simulated person is you can turn your feelings on and off at will. John: “I order you to not love me anymore.” Cameron: “Okay.” Whew… Anyway, emotional “propositions” are not binary (love, jealousy, and hate, for instance). Outro: Ben

Transhumanism Notes to Why "Why Transhumanism Won't Work" Won't Work The article is now up on the IEET website, HERE. (A PDF version can be found here.) Footnotes: [1] Cognitive enhancements have the potential to significantly augment the cognitive capacities of the individual, thus (possibly, to some extent) closing the epistemic gap between what the collective whole and the individual knows. At some point in the future, then, it may be that each individual knows as much as the entire group. [2] See Jaynes, E.T. and G.L. [3] Gubrud writes: “Since these multiple criteria, not all clearly defined, may sometimes conflict, or may tend to different formulations of ‘identity’ and its rules, philosophers have here a rich field in which to play. [4] Consider the opening sentence of Gubrud’s “Balloon” paper: “Physical objects exist, consisting of matter and energy, or any other physical substance that may exist, but please note that ‘information’ is not one; neither is ‘identity’.” [5] Gubrud writes: “For transhumanism itself is uploading writ large.”

Transhumanism « coms340gallery Through an analysis of Spokeo, a popular social network aggregator website, we can begin to uncover the disconcerting loss of personal control garnered by online interaction, recognize how this is a result of the formal qualities of new media and finally, assess the social and political implications of such structures. Finally, this will enable us to interrogate the optimistic and overwhelmingly problematic claims often associated with new media and claims of technofuturism…. Axis of Output · transhumanism Emotiv’s EPOC Neuroheadset looks like it could be the keyboard & mouse of the future. The wireless headset uses a gyroscope and electroencephalography (EEG) sensors to map electrical activity in the brain to on-screen computer interactions. EEG electrodes take measurements near the scalp, making the headset totally non-invasive. As devices like this become more prevalent, it will be very interesting to see the direction that human-computer interaction takes. Curiously, there doesn’t seem to be a ton of evidence showing the device doing much more than simple facial recognition, and moving or rotating 3D objects.

return transhumanism - WN.COM advanced search Grizzly Cauldron Return of the Gray Wolf National Geographic Animal Nature Documentary Duration: 46:52 Published: 2014-02-02 Uploaded: 2014-02-02 Ground breaking BBC Documentary discussing overpopulation on the planet we call earth. overpopulation, overpopulation myth, too many people on earth, bbc documentary, new bbc documentary, overpopulation documentary, bbc documentaries, new bbc documentaries, new documentaries, documentary, documentaries, transhuman, transhumanism, ray kurzweil, the singularity, transhuman documentary, transhumanism documentary, colonise mars, mars one, human overpopulation, over populated, overpopulated, Tinkering With Libido Part I Do you see it? The human sex drive is complicated (duh). It is closely tied with mental processes, both biologically and by association within our culture, that we often forget how simple hormonal or physical “problems with the plumbing,” as it were, can mess things up. There are hundreds of reasons that one person might be sexually attracted to another person but not physically and/or mentally aroused. One of the most infuriating is timing. Of course, given our culture’s weird mystification of sexuality and romance, we then proceed to make an already frustrating situation far worse. The shocking, or at least confusing, part of this mental-physical split is that we generally accept physically altering drugs (e.g. While men are allegedly always mentally ready, there is a reverse cliche for women, which is that they are always physically ready for sex: a falsehood of serious magnitude. Wrong.

transhumanism Posts - The Blogs at HowStuffWorks. Does anyone believe in the idea of utopia anymore? Today, we view the concept through dharma-colored shades and label it a destructive and illusory extreme. Even our fictions err on the side of dystopia, where only mad scientists dream of a perfect tomorrow. But what if science can actually pull it off? Tags: transhumanism, utopia The death of Elizabeth Taylor got me to thinking that it’s probably a good thing that Michael Jackson didn’t live to see her die. Tags: elizabeth taylor, Michael Jackson, propanolol, PTSD, transhumanism Outer space is rough. Yep, in the latest episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Julie and I contemplate what sci-fi author Clifford D. Tags: cyborgs, posthumanism, space, transhumanism There’s a battle being waged in the field of bioethics that I hadn’t heard of recently. Tags: bioethics, enslavement, liberal democracy, rule of law, transhumanism Tags: evolution, postnatural, transhumanism Tags: bernard madoff, Loopiness, transhumanism

transhumanism « Neuroethics at the Core Given Japan’s traditional lead in robotics, it is perhaps no surprise that the all-female Japanese pop idol group AKB 48 has just added a robot to its cast of 61 members. There is a great article over at Atlantic Wire about the synthetic band adding a synthetic member to their group. It turns out that this kind of advance is both mesmerizing and at the same time evokes the proverbial yuk factor. As robots appear more and more human, we tend to accept them up to a certain point, and then it becomes downright creepy. Masahiro Mori, a Japanese robotics scientist, described the phenomenon as Bukimi no Tani Genshō (不気味の谷現象) which translates into ‘uncanny valley’, shown in the figure above. The phenomenon of the uncanny valley is not just something that humans appreciate: it appears to exist in sub-human primates as well. Of course, as with all things, there is nothing new under the (rising) sun. Image from Steckenfinger and Ghazanfar