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The Ideal Length for All Online Content

The Ideal Length for All Online Content
18.7K Flares 18.7K Flares × Every so often when I’m tweeting or emailing, I’ll think: Should I really be writing so much? I tend to get carried away. And for the times that I do, it sure would be nice to know if all this extra typing is hurting or helping my cause. I want to stand out on social media, but I want to do it in the right way. Curious, I dug around and found some answers for the ideal lengths of tweets and titles and everything in between. The ideal length of a tweet is 100 characters Whom should you trust when it comes to advice on the ideal length of a tweet? Twitter’s best practices reference research by Buddy Media about tweet length: 100 characters is the engagement sweet spot for a tweet. Creativity loves constraints and simplicity is at our core. The Buddy Media research falls in line with similar research by Track Social in a study of 100 well-known brands that are popular on Twitter. The ideal length of a Facebook post is less than 40 characters Recap

17 Advanced Methods for Promoting Your New Piece of Content Some people have so much success with their content marketing strategies that they have hundreds of thousands of readers. Of course, great content is a big part of the equation, but the other, often overlooked area of content marketing is content promotion. This post will cover some of the more advanced techniques for promoting your content.

The Emerging Science of Superspreaders (And How to Tell If You're One Of Them) Who are the most influential spreaders of information on a network? That’s a question that marketers, bloggers, news services and even governments would like answered. Not least because the answer could provide ways to promote products quickly, to boost the popularity of political parties above their rivals and to seed the rapid spread of news and opinions. So it’s not surprising that network theorists have spent some time thinking about how best to identify these people and to check how the information they receive might spread around a network. Indeed, they’ve found a number of measures that spot so-called superspreaders, people who spread information, ideas or even disease more efficiently than anybody else. But there’s a problem.

» Article Marketing - Internet Marketing, SEO, and Make Money Online Whether you are writing articles for submission to offline or online newsletters or magazines, for your blog, lens, hub page or for submission to article directories, you want your articles to be high quality so people continue reading right to the end and do not stop after the opening sentence. Here are some tips to achieve that result. 1. Know what you want to write about and the demographics of your likely audience before you start so that you use appropriates language. 2. Use a title that clearly states to purpose and content of the article and entices the reader to want to learn more.

15 Resources to Create Images for Social Media Do you post images on social media? Would you like to create attractive images to share? When creating images for social media, quality makes a difference. In this article we’ll share tools and resources to create professional and engaging social media images that you can use on multiple platforms. 10 Useful Adsense Tools Google Adsense is without doubt the most popular online advertising network and used by many small and big site owners alike. And we would love to hear how we can earn more from the system. Here are 10 useful tools to help you boost your usage of the service, understand it better, and perhaps help earn more.

53+ Free Image Sources For Your Blog and Social Media Posts 4.3K Flares 4.3K Flares × Here on the Buffer blog, we think a lot about visual content. We’ve shared our own study on the importance of images in Twitter posts for more social sharing. We’ve explored tools that help anyone create visual content. But there’s one question we get asked quite often: Where can you find free, good quality images that are cleared to use for your blog posts or social media content?

US Military Scientists Solve the Fundamental Problem of Viral Marketing Viral messages begin life by infecting a few individuals and then start to spread across a network. The most infectious end up contaminating more or less everybody. Just how and why this happens is the subject of much study and debate. Online Marketing Professionals Give Search Marketing Tips, Advice, Strategies & Tactics By Julie Joyce Welcome to the latest (and possibly greatest) installment in the Women of Internet Marketing Series, where we interview, um, women. Today's interview should definitely interest you, as it's none other than Disa Johnson, a very outspoken SEO known as much for her brilliance in in the field as for the fact that she used to be male. I had the honor to meet her in person at SMX East recently and we'll soon be seeing her blogging a LOT.

Content Sharing: The Essential Guide to Content Sharing 36 Flares Twitter 13 Facebook 6 Google+ 3 LinkedIn 4 in Share 4 Buffer 10 36 Flares × If you don’t have a good content sharing strategy there is no point in writing content! Do you have a really effective content sharing strategy already in place? In this article we look at how you can come up with an effective strategy and what content sharing tools can be used to help. 1.

“Spreadable Media” by Henry Jenkins. The social value of content sharing. Articles “Spreadable Media” by Henry Jenkins. The social value of content sharing Articles Essays New Media Open Culture Spreadable Media is the latest book by Henry Jenkins, professor at the University of South California and participatory culture theorist, written together with two digital strategists Sam Ford and Joshua Green. 7 Simple Ways of Maximizing Value from Guest Posting Guest posting is dead, you should no longer do it. Is that true? Have you read all the talk about how Google doesn’t like people guest posting on other blogs any more? A Spectacular List of 240+ Tips, Tricks and Resources for Content Marketing, by @attendly From beginners to old-hats, we all have something to learn about content marketing. We know you have better things to do than spending your days scouring the web for the info you need, so we’ve taken the liberty of doing that for you. Behold our epic list of the very best tips, info and resources to kick-start your content marketing strategy. Understanding content marketing Using content marketing for SEO results Tips for setting up an editorial calendar