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Anonymous declares cyber war on Congress over indefinite detention act Published time: December 16, 2011 18:28 Edited time: December 16, 2011 23:22 Anonymous declares cyber war on Congress over indefinite detention act Hacktivists are continuing their mission to take on politicians causing the collapse of constitutional rights in America, with operatives from the online collective Anonymous keeping up a campaign against the signers of controversial legislation. As RT reported on Thursday, members of Anonymous began a campaign this week to expose information on the lawmakers who voted in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, a bill that will allow for the indefinite detention of American citizens, the reinstating of torture methods and the creation of the United States as a battlefield.

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#opJapan, Anonymous against Japan and its war to piracy A couple of days ago a read about a new amendment to copyright laws passed in Japan last week. The amendment recognizes as illegal downloads of pirated material establishing extremely severe penalties for the violators. The law comes into effect in October and it establishes that those people that download pirated material such as DVDs and Blu-Ray discs may be fined an amount as high as $25,000 and could be sentenced with two years in prison. The Japanese Government, has declared war to piracy and illegal downloads, the new amendment makes downloading truly punishable, it’s first time that the country decide so severe penalties. According the data provided by the Recording Industry of Japan (RIAJ) there were around 440 million legal music downloads, and around 4400 the illegal ones. In Japan the amendment has provoked a heated debate, the political opposition while agreeing on the need to protect the copyright does not share the law passed.

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