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A Gallery of Very Unique Superhero Art

A Gallery of Very Unique Superhero Art
It’s another one of those days where I wish I were an artist, because illustrator Christopher Uminga has me in awe of his talent. He’s created an amazing series of superhero/Star Wars/Ninja Turtles/etc. pictures in his own unique art style, and they’re the coolest things I’ve seen in quite some time. We’ve got the full gallery for you below and be sure to click on any of the pictures to make them huge with the help of our brand new gallery page! Hooray, we’ve made it into the 21st century!

Cartoon Characters In College Imagine having Sponge Bob or Edd as your colleague, wouldn’t that be fun? Hence we are presenting you jet unseen footage from the lives of cartoon celebrities . How they partied, got seriously drunk and fought for students’ rights. Since they can do whatever they please, take a look at what they did to entertain themselves. Design Shock Superhero Kids by Andy Fairhurst Andy Fairhurst has created a little series of silhouettes that involves the most popular superheroes in the world. The kids are Superman, Wolverine, Catwomen, Captain America, Ironman, Batman, and Spiderman. How cool is that, just brilliant ! Chek him at Enjoy The Gallery Leave a Reply

Ina & Earl Animation Short Film/Pilot by Linda Schwarz Pre-dating Chaos!... Ina & Earl's relationship (if you can call it that) is entirely based on misunderstandings and misconceptions that creates tension between the cat-dog combo. Ina & Earl are your everyday non-hipster, free-spirited, tech-entrepreneur and artsy types. An animated take on the age-old problem of a pre-destined couple getting past themselves to find each other. Character Overview: Ina- the fair redheaded gal is a rare breed. Earl- is a self-employed innovator of technology from Atlanta. We are a group of dedicated professionals in the Creative Industry, brought together by our love for this story. Linda Schwarz, Dreamer - Creator/Art DirectorKevin Nelson, Weaver of Words - Script/PilotBriana Higgins, Illustrator - Character Design/StoryboardAshlea Cartee, Storyteller - Social Media/PR/MarketingIrene Vega, Video-Amazing-ness - Video EditorJeremy Aggers, Music - Banjo Awesome-ness With your help we will bring Ina & Earl to life for everyone to love and laugh along with.

In The Spotlight – Poison Ivy In The Spotlight is a weekly showcase of art created with a particular iconic character in mind. These characters, fictional or real, are from famous literature, film, or various other forms media. What they all have in common is that they have an impact on artists and provide them with inspiration. If you missed a week, or are looking for previous entries, why not stop by the archive? Find this post useful? Anamorphic drawings by Istvan Orosz Article by James Pond I am the owner of / art lover / electrical engineer / software developer / MBA in e-business student. I blog for pleasure and love to share my Internet findings. Web site: Anamorphic drawings are distorted pictures requiring the use of a reflective device to reconstitute the image. Website Do you want more visual fun? You might also like

DC Universe, Year 1000 Check out Batman and Robin, the Legion of Doom and the Justice League recast in a rich, medieval universe, as well as the founding document of the ancient JLA and an exclusive look at the backstories Farinas has imagined for these characters. The Dark Ages. It has been nearly 300 years since the fall of the Roman Empire, a time of prosperity and the height of ancient culture. The Gods themselves walked amongst men, not as rulers, but as compatriots. But those times are over, and civilization has fractured, plunged into a chasm where greed, war and evil have consumed nearly every soul. It is a time for villains, and so, it has become ever more necessary, to be a time for heroes. There are those who have prospered, unchallenged for so long, starving the people and scouring the earth. But honorable men and super men have emerged, light-bringers to a shadowed land. The Super Man, George of Lasia, the Slayer of the Serpent. King Batman, Gawain the Bruce. Son of Aquarius, Artur Comhraide.