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Hugh Herr: The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance

Hugh Herr: The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance

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design - Is it better to have batteries distributed at the rotors or the center of the multicopter? - Robotics Stack Exchange Vince has it right, it is a designers choice. Depends on the application. Moving the mass away from the center point of rotation will increases the moment of inertia. Which means it will resist influences from external forces more. This includes both environmental disturbances and self generated motion command updates. One of these is not wanted, and the other is wanted.

HowStuffWorks "Making Prosthetic Limbs" Because each patient and his or her amputation are unique, each prosthetic limb must be custom fitted and then built. This is the task of a prosthetist, who specializes in the fabrication and fitting of prosthetic limbs. Because prosthetists work to interface artificial devices with the human body, they need a wide range of skills in areas such as engineering, anatomy and physiology. The design and fabrication process consists of several different steps and begins with a precise measurement process later used to design the prosthetic limb.

Is the Six-Million-Dollar Man possible? Image copyright Other Can we give ourselves super vision, super strength and super speed? Science fiction is littered with the theme of upgrading the human body with machinery. In the 1970s classic TV series The Six Million Dollar Man, the main character - astronaut Steve Austin - is horrendously injured in a test flight accident. He was a man "barely alive" but, as the title sequence explained, science could come to his rescue. Milan's Vertical Forest Wednesday, 12 October 2011 GreenMuze Staff Milan’s Vertical Forest from Stefan Boeri Architects. The Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) will be the greenest building in Milan when completed, which is one of Europe’s most polluted cities. Electronic Lock using Switches: Circuit Diagram Assemble the circuit properly. The switch we are using is push to make switch means when you press the switch it conducts and when you release the button switch become disconnected. In our circuit correct code is S1, S3, S5, S8 by pressing this code lock will become open and if any other switch is press in between than we will get an alarm. As you can see from circuit diagram when you press the switch S1 whose one end is connected with power supply and another end is connected with switch S3 so when you press the switch S1 power supply from switch S1 is provided to switch S3 and then to switch S5 and then to S8 if correct code is pressed. Assemble the circuit properly.

inMotion: A Brief History of Prosthetics From the ancient pyramids to World War I, the prosthetic field has morphed into a sophisticated example of man's determination to do better. The evolution of prosthetics is a long and storied history, from its primitive beginnings to its sophisticated present, to the exciting visions of the future. As in the development of any other field, some ideas and inventions have worked and been expanded upon, such as the fixed-position foot, while others have fallen by the wayside or become obsolete, such as the use of iron in a prosthesis.

My Body, My Laboratory At the Radcliffe hospital in Oxford, England, in March 2002, doctors wheeled Kevin Warwick, a professor of cybernetics at the University of Reading, into an operating theater for what has to be one of the world's only cases of elective neurosurgery on a healthy patient. Warwick belongs to a rare breed of scientists who experiment on themselves. He had volunteered to go under the knife so surgeons could hammer a silicon chip with 100 spiked electrodes directly into his nervous system via the median nerve fibers in his forearm.

Rocket Racing League The prototype Rocket Racer, a modified Velocity SE climbing to 10,000 feet on its first full flight, October 29, 2007 at the Mojave Spaceport. The Rocket Racing League is a racing league that plans to use rocket-powered aircraft to race a closed-circuit air racetrack. Founded in 2005, the league made its first public flights in 2008 and is working to begin regular racing seasons. Line Following Robot using LDR and L293D IC: Circuit Diagram In this circuit we are using L293D IC as a motor diver IC to control the movements of motors and we are using LDR's as a sensor which will sense the path for the robot to follow. Before understanding the working lets understand the working of individual components. 1.LDR which is working as a sensor here. LDR is basically made up of semiconductor material. Semiconductor material has energy band where electrons and holes exist.

Powerchair « Hacking SMA We wanted Alejandro to have a power wheelchair. We wanted him to be able to move through the world by his own volition and it’s clear that the ability to independently explore his environment is important for his cognitive development on multiple levels. We tried going through the typical process of obtaining a power wheelchair but met numerous obstacles: A new power wheelchair was much too expensive for our family to purchase out of pocket.Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois wouldn’t pay for one because they already paid for a medical stroller when Alejandro was 9 months old. We were told that we needed to wait 5 years.

Skin-like sensor for prosthetic limbs, robotics and touch-sensitive screens Using carbon nanotubes bent to act as springs, Stanford researchers have developed a stretchable, transparent skin-like sensor that can be stretched to more than twice its original length and bounce back perfectly to its original shape. It can sense pressure from a firm pinch to thousands of pounds. The sensor could have applications in prosthetic limbs, robotics and touch-sensitive computer displays. Imagine having skin so supple you could stretch it out to more than twice its normal length in any direction – repeatedly – yet it would always snap back completely wrinkle-free when you let go of it. You would certainly never need Botox. That enviable elasticity is one of several new features built into a new transparent skin-like pressure sensor that is the latest sensor developed by Stanford's Zhenan Bao, associate professor of chemical engineering, in her quest to create an artificial "super skin."

Hugh Herr at TED Talks on The New Bionics That Let Us Run, Climb And Dance (Transcript) Hugh Herr now heads the MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics group. In this TED talk, you will find him talk about the incredible advances in prosthetics that allow for normal levels of balance and speed as that of the biological ones. Speaker full bio Related Links: Google Commits $100M To Help Finance Residential Solar Installs With SunPower Fresh off its agreement to purchase up to 407 MW of wind power for its Iowa data center, Google today announced that it has committed $100 million to create a new fund to help finance the purchase of residential solar installations with SunPower Corporation. The fund, which will also include $150 million from SunPower, is meant to enable a scheme that is similar to what other residential solar companies currently offer: The fund will purchase the solar panels homeowners will be able to lease these solar systems at a cost that is lower than their normal electricity bill. SunPower’s current program has brought solar panels to about 20,000 U.S. households, and the company expects that this new fund will add “thousands” more. SunPower makes the panels itself and handles the installation for homeowners. This marks Google’s 16th renewable energy investment and its third in residential rooftop solar.

2 - Digit Object Counter Circuit Diagram As shown in circuit diagram the major components of circuit are sensor, decade counter cum display driver chip CD4026 and common cathode type 7-segment display. · The IR LED and photo diode together are used as object sensor. Both are placed near to each other and their direction is also same · IR LED continuously emits IR light because it’s given 5 V through current limiting resistor