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40 Best Sites for ESL Study Materials, Textbooks, and Software –

40 Best Sites for ESL Study Materials, Textbooks, and Software –
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NEW HEADWAY ALL LEVELS FULL SET DOWNLOAD FREE - учебники Нью Хэдвэй все уровни все издания скачать бесплатно без регистрации New Headway English Course - новое издание наипопулярнейшего в мире учебно-методического курса, которое учитывает пожелания тысяч преподавателей во всем мире. Лиз и Джон Соарс сделали его современнее и "моложе", оставив все базовые принципы первого издания. New Headway the 4rd Edition (уровни от Elementary до Upper-Intermediate) поддерживает успешное основное содержание, но имеет более современные темы и задания, а также новый, более стильный дизайн. Методика Headway на протяжении последних 20 лет задает стандарт обучения английскому языку. Она приобрела мировую известность и является своего рода эталоном образовательных программ по всему миру. Авторы методики, Liz and John Soars много лет работали ведущими методистами International House, крупнейшей образовательной организации Великобритании. Курс Headway издается с 1993 года. New Headway English Course is a development of the highly successful multi-level Headway series. Внимание! New Headway Beginner

Vocabulary Games, English Vocabulary Word Games HSK Vocabulary HSK 1 (Basic) Vocabulary List Read HSK 1 Simplified - Download HSK 1 SimplifiedRead HSK 1 Traditional - Download HSK 1 Traditional HSK 2 (Elementary) Vocabulary List Read HSK 2 Simplified - Download HSK 2 SimplifiedRead HSK 2 Traditional - Download HSK 2 Traditional HSK 3 (Intermediate) Vocabulary List Read HSK 3 Simplified - Download HSK 3 SimplifiedRead HSK 3 Traditional - Download HSK 3 Traditional HSK 4 (Advanced) Vocabulary List Read HSK 4 Simplified - Download HSK 4 SimplifiedRead HSK 4 Traditional - Download HSK 4 Traditional Nciku is a fantastic website. Nciku quizzes Vocab test Choose the correct meaning for the given word.Theme word quiz Click on the correct English translation or its matching image.Pinyin test Type the pinyin of each word, then press enter or space.Theme word flashcard View theme words as flashcards.Fill in the blanks Fill in the missing word in a sentence. Nciku search Very powerful search fron User made vocabulary lists Flashcard exchange Smart.FM

35 fun classroom practice activities for Present Continuous (Present Progressive) By: Alex Case |Audience: Teachers|Category: Teaching English The simplest use of Present Continuous is to talk about things that are in some way in progress now/ presently/ currently/ at the moment, which is the main focus of this article. This use is often contrasted with Present Simple for present routines/ habits/ repeated actions. For all these uses, students will need to practise different forms of “be” (“I am”, “he is” etc.), pronunciation of contractions of “be” (“she’s”, “we aren’t” etc.), and spelling rules for “-ing” verbs. The activities below start with ones with no or minimal resources, move onto ones that need worksheets, and finish with various uses of technology to practise this tense. Present Continuous tense activities with no or minimal resources 1. 2. Students look around the room and/ or out of the window and make as many true sentences as they can about what is happening, e.g. 3. Students guess what is happening from what they can hear. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

6 Excellent Free Sites to Practise Reading Comprehension It’s been too long since I’ve written about improving reading skills. Last time I posted about sites to help you practise reading comprehension was in May last year. Way too long. The truth is that doing reading comprehension activities in class takes time, especially if we are talking about long texts with an amount of difficulty, and very often this is one of the tasks we give students as homework. On the other hand, I am one of those teachers who think reading aloud in class is a good exercise. Reading aloud fluently not only helps to improve the reading ability, but also oral expression.It gives students a chance to focus only on fluency, pronunciation and intonation as they don’t need to worry about grammatical accuracy.It gives teachers a nice opportunity to correct pronunciation mistakes.It helps students enhance comprehension as pauses should be made in the correct places.Reading aloud is especially good for students who don’t feel very confident speaking English in public. 1.

Sounds Familiar? What you can hear You can listen to 71 sound recordings and over 600 short audio clips chosen from two collections of the British Library Sound Archive: the Survey of English Dialects and the Millennium Memory Bank. You’ll hear Londoners discussing marriage and working life, Welsh teenagers talking with pride about being bilingual and the Aristocracy chatting about country houses. You can explore the links between present-day Geordie and our Anglo-Saxon and Viking past or discover why Northern Irish accents are a rich blend of seventeenth century English and Scots. What you can do In addition there are interpretation and learning packages relating to the dual themes of language variation and language change within spoken English. In Regional Voices you can explore the differences that exist in spoken English as you move across the country, while Changing Voices gives you the chance to hear how English has changed in different parts of the country over the last fifty years.

11 no-prep warm up activities 11 no preparation warm up activities to keep your students occupied while you do some last minute photocopying, grab a much needed coffee, etc. (For more stimulating warm up ideas check out Penny Urs’ Five Minute Activities.) Due to popular demand here are 11 more no-prep warmers and fillers. 1. Write a topical vocabulary item on the board. 2. Write a target word vertically down the board, for example. winter. 3. Using whatever resources they have at hand, students find and write down an appropriate adjective that begins with each letter of their first name. 4. Write a sentence on the board but mix up the word order then challenge students to reconstruct the original sentence. 5. Write a sentence on the board but this time scramble the letters of each word. 6. In groups students think of and write down as many facts as they can about bananas (or cats, Belgium, David Beckham, etc.). 7. Students sit in silence for two minutes and write down every sound that they hear. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Audio for ESL/EFL: Listen and Read Along (Flash/MP3) YouTube Videos Science and Technology This is 4 minutes long and use the Teleprompter Player.'Caine’s Arcade' Video Brings Fame to Creative Boy Words & Their Stories These are 5 minutes long and use the Teleprompter Player. American Stories The Tell-Tale Heart - Written by Edgar Allan Poe (Teleprompter) A Pair of Silk Stockings - Written by Kate Chopin (On is a playlist with 2 videos. (13:15) The Diamond Lens - Written by Fitz-James O'Brien (On is a playlist with 6 videos. (24 minutes) The Law of Life - Written by Jack London. President Obama Barack Obama's Weekly AddressesFor advanced students, we have a set of these. About "Listen and Read Along" These are all things that I adapted from material produced by the Voice of America (VOA). Some of these are in Flash, some are MP3 files played by a Flash player and some are hosted on

Free IELTS advice, tests and samples The test has four components – Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking. You will receive a band score for each component as well as a global band score. You can download free sample test booklets with answer keys here. They are in PDF format, and will require the acrobat reader program on your computer to print them. Reading Writing Listening Download a sample section of a lecture for use with the listening test. Speaking You might also be interested in visiting this page for links to other free IELTS resources: IELTS LINKS

7 ESL Video Activities That Your Students Will Love There’s never been a better time to use video in the ESL classroom. Remember the old days of VCRs, VHS tapes and trips to Blockbuster? When I started teaching, my classroom video material were well-worn, borrowed cassette tapes or ones I recorded at home. Finding a good quality video was like striking pure, untarnished gold. Once you’d acquired the precious item, you’d need to find a room, set up a TV, plug in the video player and then hope to goodness that everything worked. Sometimes, you’d accidentally stick a VHS tape in a Betamax machine (yes, I’m that old!) To be honest, it was such a hassle that you just didn’t bother most of the time. Fast forward a few years, (sorry about the pun!) Websites like FluentU have made life much easier for students and teachers alike by curating authentic video clips and providing all the scaffolding that students could ever need. Why Use Video to Teach ESL Students? There are a number of reasons why video is a great resource in the ESL classroom: 1. 2. 3.

Audio books mp3 : listen and download - read the text 2 sensitive ads are blocked on this site AUDIO BOOKS - MP3 text . Free audio books mp3 files to download for esl. Audiobooks :play audio, read or print text, download mp3 zip files. Custom Search 100 - CLASSIC AUDIO BOOKS 2- text audiobooks 100 classic audiobooks + mp3 + text + download videobooks select your page -> page 01 / page 02 page 03 / page 04 page 05 / page 06 page 07 / page 08 page 09 icon listen to full stories / icon browse chapters / icon full version at internet archive page 02: audioboosk 14 -> 26 14- Gulliver's Travels - Jonathan Swift web page read or print the text Download mp3 zip = 313 mb 15-Moby Dick, or, the whale Herman Melville web read or print the text download mp3 zip = 677 mb 16- Emma - Jane Austen web page read or print the text Download mp3 zip = 386 mb 17-Myths and Legends Greece and Rome web page read or print the text download mp3 zip = 313 mb 18- Dracula - Bram Stoker web page = internet archive read or print the text Download mp3 zip = 454 mb next page : books 27 -> 40

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