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Dikten som måste läsas två gånger

Dikten som måste läsas två gånger
En 14-årig killes dikt får världen att häpna. Jordan Nichols, 14, skrev en dikt. Hans storebror Derek fick lov att läsa den och insåg direkt att den var ett poem alldeles utöver det vanliga. Han tog en bild och lade ut den på internet. Nu har dikten blivit en stor snackis på nätet. Bilden har delats 150 000 gånger på Twitter. Hemligheten är att dikten inte avslöjar sin egentliga mening förrän läsaren har tagit sig igenom den två gånger. Our generation will be known for nothing. Never will anybody say, We were the peak of mankind. That is wrong, the truth is Our generation was a failure. Thinking that We actually succeeded Is a waste. Living only for money and power Is the way to go. Being loving, respectful, and kind Is a dumb thing to do. Forgetting about that time, Will not be easy, but we will try. Changing our world for the better Is something we never did. Giving up Was how we handled our problems. Working hard Was a joke. We knew that People thought we couldn’t come back That might be true,

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About reading » Two lives Megan is the main female character in the book “Two Lives”, by Helen Naylor. She was a sixteen-year-old girl, a pretty teenager who fell in love for the first time with her childhood friend , Huw. However, perhaps their love wasn’t meant to be, because all sorts of difficulties seemed to stand in their way. Are you the sort of person who thinks love can conquer all ? Do you think their young love could be strong enough to survive time and distance? 20 Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories. I Didn't Think It Was Possible Until #5... When The Hair On My Neck Stood Up March 5, 2014 Ever since I was a little kid I've loved sharing ghost stories around a campfire which is probably why I love watching horror movies. And every single time I finish watching one, well, a good one... I kick myself for not picking out a comedy instead. Someone on reddit asked the question, "What is the best horror story you can come up with in two sentences?"

Student Rickrolls his teacher in this ingenious quantum physics essay Am I an awful physics professor if I would have given this kid a few extra points for this? One might be an awful physics professor if one assigned students to write what's essentially a biographical essay, instead of actually teaching physics. Sairam was understandably frustrated by essentially being required to produce useless boilerplate, and responded by being as silly as his professor's demand. Quite appropriate. Yes you are. Sara Bruuns klassrum: Eng 8A, 9C You have read a chapter of the book: " The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Today we are going to read the text together and help each other writing an emotional poem. This is how you do it: 1. Write a Sensory Emotion Poem Work in pairs.

Curriculet Curriculet frees up my time outside of the classroom - no more collecting reading questions, trying to spot-check them, giving points for writing something down, whether or not they actually did the reading or understood it. - Jessica Rice, English Teacher at Summit Preparatory High School With Curriculet, I can not only change our reading instruction on a classroom level by flipping the instruction, but also influence reading instruction on a departmental level by encouraging the department to expand the curriculum: we can read MORE in less time with Curriculet. - Kate Baker, English teacher at Southern Regional high School I cannot WAIT to share this with my colleagues. This is going to revolutionize the way I can teach info texts, short stories, and excerpts from novels! - Morgan Toal, English teacher at Lakewood middle school A great interactive resource! Read the story book about the missing ice cream. Then go through the exercises to learn about the structure of a story including the characters, the setting and the plot line for the events of the story. You can use your understanding of these elements with anything you read or watch. Status: Published Updated date: Mon, 12/15/2014 - 02:16 When reading it is important to be able to tell the difference between facts and ideas/opinions.

Black out poems… Here is a neat recipe for an alternative assessment. We are working on industrialization and Mill Girls leading up to our poetry slam. After a couple of days of research we took three books that the library wanted to get rid of. We ripped out all of the pages…they loved ripping out the pages. ESL Reading Worksheets - Short Stories - Free Arbor Day - Marla and Tio plant a tree in the yard. Breakfast - Jack has high cholesterol and has to stop eating donuts. Bus Driver - Adan wants to retire next year when he turns sixty-two. Camping - Bears take over a campsite! Car Accident - Oh, no! Read Dating: A Fun Way to Motivate Struggling Readers “I hate reading.” No three words frustrate me more than these. What enrages me about this phrase is that it is a lie. Students love reading. They read hundreds of texts and newsfeeds every day.

Endymion (mythology) In Greek mythology, Endymion[1] (/ɛnˈdɪmiən/; Ancient Greek: Ἐνδυμίων, gen.: Ἐνδυμίωνος), was variously a handsome Aeolian[citation needed] shepherd, hunter, or king who was said to rule and live at Olympia in Elis,[2] and he was also venerated and said to reside on Mount Latmus in Caria, on the west coast of Asia Minor.[3] There is confusion over the correct location of Endymion, as some sources suppose that one was, or was related to, the prince of Elis, and the other was a shepherd from Caria— or, a later suggestion, an astronomer: Pliny the Elder[4] mentions Endymion as the first human to observe the movements of the moon, which (according to Pliny) accounts for Endymion's love. As such, there have been two attributed sites of Endymion's burial: the citizens of Heracleia ad Latmo claimed that Endymion's tomb was on Mount Latmus, while the Eleans declared that it was at Olympia.[5] The Bibliotheke claims that:

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - Fremmedspråksenteret - Høgskolen i Østfold The Reading Portfolio is attached to this form for the teacher’s use, as are the summaries of “in-between” sections and vocabulary words. The following is a suggested reading and activity schedule, designed to fit into 7 weeks with 2 45-minute lessons per week, with plenty of time for activities and in-class reading. Please feel free to adjust the schedule and activities for your needs. The symbol // indicates a new lesson period. More advanced students might choose to read the entire book. The Most Read Book Among High School Seniors From Each State, in One Surprising Map Native Americans living in the Northeast, like Game of Thrones fans, knew one thing at this time of year: Winter is coming. As such, now was the time for one last glut of food before a four-month-at-least period of traveling along with migrating prey in order to hunt for fresh food. In that sense, yes, Native American harvest feasts are a clear primogenitor to today's Thanksgiving. But the truth is more complex. As Thanksgiving matured as a holiday in the Americas, many of the inhabitants in the United States — Native Americans, settlers and enslaved Africans — contributed elements of our modern Thanksgiving meal to the table.

The Start: Writing Your Own Poem by Judy Rowe Michaels Practice of an art is more salutary than talk about it.There is nothing more composing than composition. —Robert Frost, from his notebooks[Poetry and Prose, edited by Edward Connery Lathem and Lawrance Thompson (Holt, 1972)] Leaving a LoopTwo thousand miles from home, I open a drawerand—I’d have sworn it was mine,the weaving lumpy, my fingersstill all thumbs but they loved the peacefulpush pull, pushpullso much that one summeron the boathouse porch with the tree growingright up through the floorI made thirty-twopot holders on the square-jawed metal loom,stretching colors soft as old ragssoft as this pale buttercupthis faded-eye blue, and the greenfresh as light on maple wings,seedlight.

"ESL English as a Second Language Listening and Reading Audiobooks" Arch of Triumph by Erich Maria Remarque It is 1939. Despite a law banning him from performing surgery, Ravic —a German doctor and refugee living in Paris— has been treating some of the city’s most elite citizens. Forbidden to return to his own country, and dodging the everyday dangers of jail and deportation, Ravic manages to hang on —all the while searching for the Nazi who tortured him back in Germany. And though he’s given up on the possibility of love, life has a curious way of taking a turn toward the romantic.