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Country analysis MENA - Saudi Arabia and Iran have stepped up their regional rivalry, with negative consequences for those caught in the middle. Risk analysis Honduras - A new shoot-down law will need to be complemented by better intelligence and actions to reinforce institutions and public trust in the state. World - Unsurprisingly, Ukraine witnessed the biggest deterioration in its risk score in February, but Japan and Brazil were also notable fallers. UAE - We have upgraded sovereign risk to BBB, given the strength of the economic recovery and the progress made in debt restructuring since 2009.

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Os 15 países com as maiores taxas de inflação São Paulo - A inflação voltou a ser motivo de preocupação para o brasileiro. Apesar do crescimento baixo da economia e das tarifas controladas, ela continua perigosamente perto do teto da meta (6,5%). É um número alto comparado ao dos países desenvolvidos (e da maior parte dos emergentes), mas não suficiente para colocar o país entre as maiores taxas do mundo.

Coordonnées - Namoroka Dès sa création par le Gouvernement en 1992, l’ADIT est un acteur majeur de la mise en œuvre d’une politique nationale de veille concurrentielle et stratégique. Ses premiers clients sont de grandes entreprises françaises engagées dans la compétition mondiale. Une offre spécifique est ensuite bâtie au profit des PME-PMI et des collectivités territoriales, en s’appuyant sur des équipes dédiées. APF 2012 Mutual Review of Development Effectiveness (MRDE) in Africa This fifth joint Review by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), was published on 16 May 2012. It addresses four main questions : - What are the main commitments which have been made by Africa and its development partners?

Libéblog - Attractivité de la France : du discours aux faits - O Vendredi 29 juin 5 29 /06 /Juin 10:56 Libération m'avait sollicité pour participer à un blog (en compagnie de Bruno Amable, Alexandre Delaigue et Peirre-Yves Géoffard) pendant la campagne présidentielle (titre : La Campagne Déchiffrée). L'expérience continue avec un nouveau titre : "Les Eco-comparateurs" et un nouveau sous-titre : "la vie économique française et le programme du gouvernement décryptés par des spécialistes". Premier billet posté sur l'attractivité de la France. CORI: Contracting and Organization Research Institute The CORI K-Base is made available for educational, academic and public use. Researchers that use contracts from the collection should acknowledge CORI in their papers. A notice of publication or copy of papers using contracts from the collection would be appreciated.

Africa gearing up: PwC 10 African hot spots Ten African countries are the next places-to-be, offering enormous potential for strategic investors in the transportation and logistics industry. Explore each country's findings further Download the report Company Profiles - Business Information - Business and Economy Telltale Fingertips With biometrics, how you type can allow websites to know who you are--or aren't Growing Younger How profitable services and a savvy marketing campaign are fueling AARP's torrid growth [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Africa Progress Panel Multimedia Bank on Africa. Build the way to transformational growth. If Africa is to make the transition from high growth to transformative growth, then it must overcome three obstacles... Business and financial news - Ferrari chairman Luca Cordero de Montezemolo explains how his ultimate Italian luxury brand is surviving the eurocrisis. Africa Development Indicators Africa Development Indicators was a primary World Bank collection of development indicators on Africa, compiled from officially-recognized international sources. No further updates of this database are currently planned. See World Development Indicators for more recent data on Africa. TypeTime seriesPeriodicityAnnualLast Updated22-Feb-2013Economy CoverageMNA, IBRD, SSA, IDA, LMY, HICGranularityNational, RegionalNumber of Economies53TopicTrade, Urban DevelopmentUpdate FrequencyNo further updates plannedContact Detailsdata@worldbank.orgAccess OptionsAPI, Bulk download, Mobile app, Query toolAttribution/citationAfrica Development Indicators, The World BankCoverage1960 - 2012

Executive PayWatch 2010 I came to the United States from Mexico in 2006, driven by a dream we all share: a better life for my family. What I found, however, is suffering. Fernando is not my real name; I am an undocumented worker and, therefore, I have to protect my identity. I have six children and a wife to support, so I harvest tobacco. My job is dangerous. I am exposed to the chemicals farmers use on their fields, and so I get sick a lot. Africa Although Africa has made progress over the course of the past 10 years—in terms of both economic growth and poverty reduction—the region now faces significant challenges mainly because of the global decline in commodity prices and region-specific risks. Growth in Africa slowed to 3.0 percent in 2015, down from 4.5 percent in 2014 and the slowest pace since 2009, and it is projected to drop further, to 2.5 percent in 2016. Per capita income growth was even more modest, weighed down by population growth. There is variation across countries, particularly between resource-rich and non–resource rich countries, but overall, the region’s economic growth trend remains below pre–financial crisis levels.

Economic Calendar: Financial Calendars Calendars: U.S. Earnings | Conf. Calls | Surprises | Splits | IPO | Economic More in-depth information is available from, including "live" intra-day market analysis of the U.S. stock and bond markets, technology stocks, economic releases, earnings reports, and day trading highlights. Calendar provided by, Inc. Data is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended for trading purposes.

African trends going into 2017 Key take-outs • Selecting a gear in multi-speed Africa The majority of Africa’s economies grew rapidly during the commodity super-cycle, providing fuel for the popular Africa Rising narrative. However, the end of the super-cycle and the oil price slump in July 2014 has led to a more realistic view of the continent – a Multispeed Africa. Furthermore, the economic prospects of the respective Regional Economic Powers (REP) can sharply affect the respective regions’ real GDP growth prospects. • The repricing of Africa’s economies

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