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Casa Cúbica's 160 Sq. Ft. Shipping Container Tiny Home Cúbica® is a company in Costa Rica that has created this shipping container tiny home with rooftop recreational deck. A 20′ shipping container was used to turn it into an amazing 160 sq. ft. tiny house that can sleep up to four people. Inside you’ll find a full kitchen, bathroom, washer/dryer, multi-functional living/dining/sleeping area, and ample outdoor space. Casa Cúbica’s 160 Sq. Ft. Shipping Container Tiny Home Images © Cúbica® Learn more at: Cubica® If you enjoyed this 160 sq. ft. shipping container tiny home by Casa Cúbica you’ll absolutely LOVE our free daily tiny house newsletter with even more!

Quick Shack Smart and Modular Homes: Architect Designed Modular Homes - Stylish Homes for Affordable Prices Building a new house is an expensive affair, and moreover, you might have to spend months behind it. Now, that is why the architect designed modular homes are in great demand these days. They are designed for strength and durability. Unlike the regular buildings, the process of making modular homes does not take place in the construction sites. Usually the modular constructions North Sydney companies deliver custom units in about 3 months, and then they are transported to the site where they are to be arranged. All modular buildings are custom built according to varying customer preferences. Quality: Quality certified materials usedConstruction process is monitored.When a modular unit is finished, a whole set of quality tests are conducted on it. Knowing your modular homes: Conclusion The Architect designed modular homes can be placed side by side or they can be stacked in different ways.

Containerhaus | Mobilheim | Mobilhaus Know the Facts about Contemporary Modular Homes and Benefit from Them Home Now You Can happily Live in Quicksmart Homes At Affordable Price by Dylan Blake by Dylan Blake owner Due to growing industrialization, different innovative ideas are being introduced every now and then, which has helped in a great way. Until now, people were living in built in houses, but these days an affordable housing system has been introduced in the market. You can easily transport such quicksmart homes from one place to another should the need arise, as it is very easy to assemble and reassemble them at any place. If you are interested in going for such kind of modular houses then you can easily obtain loan from a number of financial institutions in the country. You can get a house as per your needs If you are interested to build your house as per your own family’s need then you can order the material accordingly. There are many satisfied customers, who are living in such homes. Advantages of modular houses Following are few of the important advantages of these houses: About Dylan Blake owner 4 connections, 0 recommendations, 18 honor points. Comments

Casa Cúbica – A Tiny Container Home Cúbica has designed Casa Cúbica, a compact dwelling built from a 20-foot shipping container. A 20-foot container has just 160 ft2 of space but Cúbica stretches it out with a short extension at one end. They market it mainly as a vacation home that sleeps up to four. However it would also be suited for full-time living by a single person or a couple, being complete with a kitchenette, full bath and even laundry facilities.” - Small House Bliss Read and see more of Casa Cúbica, a tiny container home Quick Shack Affordable and Smart Homes — Avoid Utility Bills and Carbon Footprint with Eco Friendly Modular Homes You Can Buy Shipping Container 'Tiny Homes' On Amazon Shipping containers have recently found a new and potentially world-changing purpose. Given that they are simple, can be built to human proportion, and possess great structural integrity, they are a good option for what is called a “liveable unit.” The company who developed them is called MODS International and they’ve created a livable unit inside a shipping container so that anyone is able to order one on Amazon and have it easily delivered to them. Each unit includes a kitchen, a small living area, a bathroom, and a bedroom that can host up to 4 people with bunk beds. According to the website, the MODS are built to code so you don’t have to worry about breaking any regulations.

Commercial Modular Buildings – Quick and Affordable Construction Options | Quick Shack Smart Homes The main distinguishing feature of quicksmart homes is that they are manufactured offsite, and they are then transported onsite for installations. Around 60% to 90% of the entire work is done at the workshops, mainly depending upon your customizing requirements, and the type of home you buy. Building modular Sydney homes: These can be standalone structures or multi-storeyed buildings.They can also be used as parts of new construction projects.They can be used to expand a previously built structure. Types of construction Many people prefer building modular Sydney homes they can be used either as temporary or permanent options. If you prefer to have a modularhome on a permanent basis, then you will need to ensure that the foundation is strong. Advantages of modular homes: Conclusion Modular builders provide all types of building space, from small temporary units to complex, multi-story permanent buildings. Like this: Like Loading...

Quick Shack Smart and Modular Homes: Affordable Modular Homes Sydney – Temporary or Permanent Depends On Need A long debate is attached with the concept of modular buildings. The debate is whether modular buildings are temporary construction or permanent ones. There are people, who believe that these kinds of buildings are built just for satisfying temporary requirements. On the other hand, there are people, who find it to be a piece of sustainable architecture. This article is going to highlight a few points that will help you in getting a better idea about these structures. Foundation Of the building If you are talking about the construction procedure and the time taken then they are a bit similar to both modular and traditional buildings. Requirement The requirement of people varies from time to time. • Municipality issue • Issues finance authority • A person’s desire In these situations, a person has to move out and have to relocate their building. Affordability The cost effectiveness also plays a great role in the stability of these buildings.

Financial Advantages of Architect Designed Modular Homes by Dylan Blake by Dylan Blake owner Due to technological progress in every field, plenty of innovation is taking place in the field of home building construction too. Now, you can build architect designed modular homes at affordable price, which was beyond one’s imagination a few years back. Now, let us look at few financial advantages that such kind of modular home can offer us. It has been found that with the available technology you can get sustainable architecture for this kind of modular homes. Financially feasible for the long run: It has been estimated that as compared to any traditional form of construction, you can save anything between 20 to 50 per cent of the cost.As you can see that, the price of home and property is increasing very fast, so you can get some relief by choosing the option of modular homes.In due course of time, the value of such modular house will also appreciate like any traditional homes. About Dylan Blake owner 4 connections, 0 recommendations, 10 honor points. Comments