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Client Testimonials - Callbox Sales and Marketing

Client Testimonials - Callbox Sales and Marketing
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Aim for Better Opportunities with these IT Lead Generation Boosters There is a need to boost IT lead generation as quality sales leads pose a major challenge for the IT services sector this 2015. However, you are not going to achieve them merely through simple branding adjustments and manpower investment. On the other hand, there are wiser options to consider in boosting high level opportunities. Social media Some businesses in the B2B services sector use social media platforms mainly for demand generation activities but there has also been lead generation-related activities as well. Pro Tip: Use analytics tools like Google Analytics to help you optimize your social media content and align them with the specific interests of particular groups. Mobile Analysts point out a significant rise in mobile marketing as more B2B buyers will depend on smartphones and other devices to access email and execute business decisions, with an expected 87% accounting for mobile-attributed B2B sales by 2017. Pro Tip: Put functionality above everything. Video Telemarketing

Cloud Marketing: How Marketers are Getting It Wrong Much has already been said about cloud computing. Great volumes of online articles and visual material have been produced relating to how it is shaping the conduct of modern business. IT marketers are discussing at length why there is a pressing need for CEOs to shift to the cloud, telling of the huge organizational benefits it entails. A focus on IT lead generation certainly involves having to craft quality communications; the kind of stuff designed to draw in potential customers who are presumed to buy into the idea of using a cloud service. One thing is that most IT buyers are reluctant to alienate their current systems. And this is where most marketers falter: They create messaging that focuses more on the current hype on cloud computing than on the possible benefits it can bring to CEOs. Cloud is no doubt a highly revolutionary tool, but trying to convince managers to make the shift is asking for too much. wrote Keith Yazmir. says Savitz. More on cloud:

MSN Apps Now Allow Ad Options, and Why this is a Big Deal Technology powerhouse Microsoft has announced it is providing ad platforms for its partners through MSN Apps. This is in line with their goal to provide partners with better opportunities to reach their audiences across multiple mobile platforms and, in the process, enhance their multi-channel B2B marketing efforts. According to Microsoft’s GM for Advertising Greg Nelson, “advertising experiences on the MSN Apps can be purchased across 24 markets, with standardized ad sizes – 320 x 50 for phones and 300 x 250 for tablets – simplifying the process of purchasing cross-platform inventory. “Advertisers have a unique opportunity to reach their audience in the right context and mindset, with targeted advertising across multiple screens and platforms,” Nelson adds. MSN Apps boasts of a “beautiful and immersive interface” that allows users mobile experiences like no other. Related Post: Will you Move to Mobile this 2015? Belinda Summers works as a Business Development Consultant for CallboxInc.

Commercial Cleaning Callbox helps you get more janitorial service leads and contracts by identifying potential customers within your market area. We contact and set appointments with Facility Managers and Building Maintenance Officers from various commercial facilities and private and government establishments such as hospitals, clinics, schools, offices, resorts, sports arenas, and convention centers. We qualify each commercial cleaning lead using your preferred qualification criteria We provide first-rate telemarketing lead generation and appointment setting services for commercial cleaning companies of all sizes. We generate janitorial sales leads and set appointments for the following services: General Office CleaningHard Floor CareCarpet CleaningBlind and Window CleaningRestroom SanitationCeiling and Wall CleaningParking Lot MaintenanceTrauma Clean-upsPressure WashingFire and Flood Clean-up We’ve worked with: Dial 888.810.7464 to speak with a Callbox representative or fill out that form on the left.

Update your LinkedIn Profile for a Better Lead Generation There is no doubt that LinkedIn is an important social media tool for B2B lead generation. Companies of all sizes and belonging to any industry find the platform to be an excellent source for qualified leads. Identifying and locating potential clients is just a matter of looking at their profiles to determine whether they correspond to certain requirements. No doubt, profiles fill up an indispensable role in the forming of professional and profitable relationships. When you are selling industry specific products, you will have to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is in top shape. Your name. On your personal profile, make sure you give your professional name, not a nickname. Dig Deeper: 8 Brilliant Ways To Get Your LinkedIn Account Restricted/Suspended Your professional headline. This is where you should add your job title. Location. This section just requires a postal code, and allows you to pick your location. Dig Deeper: Here are 15 LinkedIn Marketing Tips to get you by Profile Picture.

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services | Callbox Among The Best B2B Lead Generation Services Among The Best B2B Lead Generation Services The Marketing Way: How to Revive a Flatlined Lead More than conversations, telemarketing is about nurturing leads, placing value on one’s products and driving home with a smile and a sales appointment scheduled for next week. But most of the time, things may not turn out well for your lead generation and appointment setting activities. You often encounter unforeseen circumstances along the way that may send you reeling. There is always a possibility that a lead flatlines or suddenly withdraws just when you are at the nearest point to a purchase. Since telemarketing particularly in the B2B world is a delicate operation, we cannot entirely write off the likelihood that a lead whatever level of interest it is in suddenly expresses disinterest. Hence, it is important to keep your connections instead of simply eliminating a disinterested lead from your list and keep your lead generation and appointment setting efficient. Do you constantly experience flatlined leads? Keep on nurturing Easy as that. Never make assumptions Identify what doesn’t work

Effective Content Promotion for Lead Generation Like it or not, content is dominant in B2B lead generation. The facts speak for themselves. Nine out of 10 organizations use content as their main marketing tool, according to the Content Marketing Institute. Meanwhile, HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing report for 2014 found out that 41% of marketers have gained positive ROI through content. As much as we want to be positive about these numbers, we still cannot ignore complex factors that come into play. To maximize your content experience, try these tips out: Email. Blogging. Events. Is Outsourcing Lead Generation Really Cost-effective? Today, business partnerships have taken on easier routes via communication channels. Social media platforms have streamlined lead generation processes and new business possibilities are introduced. This amid increased demand for better sales and marketing operations. Recently, many decision-makers resort to outsourcing as an answer to increasing competition among industry players. With outsourcing, business executives can save time and effort, allowing them to focus on administrative work. There’s room for doubt here. Consider these following points. Location Indeed, giving complex tasks to a service provider in another country entails a lot of risk. Extra costs So, many marketers believe that outsourced lead generation operations are more cost-effective than handling them directly. Control Having your basic lead generation processes handled by an offshore company deprives you of direct control over such processes. Data security Communication barriers