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Client Testimonials - Callbox Sales and Marketing

Client Testimonials - Callbox Sales and Marketing
Service Reviews from our Clients We always try to meet or exceed our client’s expectations and continually improve our services. Get an idea of how we meet our client’s outsourcing requirements. Service Review of Callbox Lead Generation for IT Products and Services I am pleased to recommend Bernadette and the company Callbox. They have consistently worked with a collaborative attitude to ensure all processes are current and achieve all set key performance indicators. Carolyn Miyazaki Level Platforms USA Service Reviews of Callbox Lead Generation for Merchant Services I want to tell you that I am very happy with the work and the performance of the professionals on our campaign. Brian Roemmele 1st American Card Service USA I would like to take a couple of minutes to tell you what a wonderful job your team does for my company. Greg Meridith Merchant E Solutions USA Service Reviews of Callbox Lead Generation for Software Products and Services What a wonderful day indeed! Ron Rogers EBS USA

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Aim for Better Opportunities with these IT Lead Generation Boosters There is a need to boost IT lead generation as quality sales leads pose a major challenge for the IT services sector this 2015. However, you are not going to achieve them merely through simple branding adjustments and manpower investment. On the other hand, there are wiser options to consider in boosting high level opportunities. Social media Some businesses in the B2B services sector use social media platforms mainly for demand generation activities but there has also been lead generation-related activities as well.

Awards and Recognition - Callbox Sales and Marketing Ranked No. 1 in Sales Lead Generation Services Overall quality score of 9.98 out of 10 Categories: Lead Generation, Tracking, Reporting, and Help & Support TopTen ReviewsTechMedia Network Top 50 Teleservices Agencies 12th in the US Market10th in the International Market Top 50 Teleservices Agencies Ranking Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine

Callbox is No. 1 at 2012 Sales Lead Generation Service Comparisons at TopTen REVIEWS™ Take a closer look at the review here. Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions took the top spot in the 2012 Sales Lead Generation Service Comparisons conducted by TopTen REVIEWS (TTR). Callbox ranked 1st, with an overall lead generation quality score of 9.98 out of 10. Why It Is Also Important For Commercial Cleaning Providers To Outsource Telemarketing Services “A house is not a home without a beautiful garden. But, a house is not even anything if it is dirty.” It doesn't really matter how progressive a company is. It doesn't really matter if it has earned bigger and higher sales profits every year. It doesn't even matter if that company is housed in a very beautiful building and it doesn't even matter if it has all the best facilities and the best software and IT solutions. If it is not clean, then, it is not the best.

Cloud Marketing: How Marketers are Getting It Wrong Much has already been said about cloud computing. Great volumes of online articles and visual material have been produced relating to how it is shaping the conduct of modern business. IT marketers are discussing at length why there is a pressing need for CEOs to shift to the cloud, telling of the huge organizational benefits it entails.

Bad Habits to Stop When You're a Lead Generation Blogger An online marketer’s attitude is just as important as his or her professional skills. More often than not, no matter how proficient a business blogger is, things will not start rolling into positive results unless certain behavioral lapses are not addressed. So what are these unproductive habits that need to be brought to a halt? Amanda Nelson, Content Marketing Manager at Salesforce, lists down several no-no’s in lead generation through content marketing: Handle Price Objections The Telemarketing Way When doing a B2B lead generation campaign, it is always part of your job to deal with the objections. Still, this is just part of the norm. You cannot just sell your products to potential sales leads that easily. Most will probably object to the price. When that happens, it is your job to silence the opposition (figuratively). It is all about handling the objections smartly, and with patience.

How To Simplify Your Life During A Lead Generation Campaign Yes, a lead generation campaign is an important part of any marketing effort. This is the process in which we find potential sales leads and nurture these same leads for immediate conversion into sales, or probably assets that you can use in the future. This is a very important business function, albeit one that may cause you no end of worries or stress. It can actually contribute in the complications of your life, further reducing your ability to adapt and, therefore, reducing your capacity to deal with problems in your business. MSN Apps Now Allow Ad Options, and Why this is a Big Deal Technology powerhouse Microsoft has announced it is providing ad platforms for its partners through MSN Apps. This is in line with their goal to provide partners with better opportunities to reach their audiences across multiple mobile platforms and, in the process, enhance their multi-channel B2B marketing efforts. According to Microsoft’s GM for Advertising Greg Nelson, “advertising experiences on the MSN Apps can be purchased across 24 markets, with standardized ad sizes – 320 x 50 for phones and 300 x 250 for tablets – simplifying the process of purchasing cross-platform inventory.