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Bee-Bot Jackets - Bee-Bot Teaching Resources - BeeBot Resources - Information Technology Resources - Teaching ICT -programmable robot - Computers in Schools - ICT in Schools - IPads in schools

Bee-Bot Jackets - Bee-Bot Teaching Resources - BeeBot Resources - Information Technology Resources - Teaching ICT -programmable robot - Computers in Schools - ICT in Schools - IPads in schools
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Bee-Bots Downunder Bee-Bot Home Page Bee-Bot Resources My Beebot | Just another weblog Themed Bee-Bot Mats - Early Years ICT resources A collection of unofficial bee bot / programmable robot resources ideal to use to use as part of an early years ICT activity. Programmable robots are fantastic ICT early years resources that can be used for countless fun and engaging cross curricular activities. All of the resources in this section have been designed using original ELHQ artwork and have not been endorsed by the creators of the Bee Bot. They have been designed to help you get the most out of your bee-bot and respond to the individual interests of the children in your setting in a cost effective way.

BeeBot to Logo – engaging the primary mathematician! Programmable robots and on-screen robot simulations provide engaging practical learning in mathematics (shape, position and movement, angle, measurement & problem solving) in the primary classroom. There are a number of robots and online simulations available. Falkirk primary schools have Infant Video Toolkit software from 2Simple, Bee-Bot and Pro-Bot robots from TTS, Roamer robot from Valiant Technology, MSW Logo software and Roamerworld software. Each of these share the same basic principles of requiring the entry of logical statements in a set order to execute a sequence of commands to a floor robot or an on-screen simulation, with the end result being to follow a pre-determined path – from a simple straight line to ever-increasingly complex patterns and sequences. Each time consolidating and building on the learning which has gone on before. Click on the following link for resources for using a Bee-Bot created as part of a project:

Ideas | Robots & Computers Club One of our club parents has asked me if BeeBots would make a good Christmas present, and whether I have any other suggestions as well. So I thought I’d turn it into a post! BeeBots Yes, BeeBots make a great gift, but are particularly well-suited for group play or for setting challenging or creative activities. So perfect for getting down on the floor with your child to invent your own game. It’s possible to buy just one, and there are also some fun mats that are available (In the club we’ve been making our own, with a big clear sheet of PVC marked with a grid). LEGO Mindstorms I’m a huge LEGO Mindstorms fan, but they are indeed a bit pricey. This Early Machines Set on my wish list for the Club, if there are any generous Santa’s Helpers out there ;) Do check out all of the other LEGO Educational products, as there is quite a fantastic range. Sifteo Cubes They can be tilted, flipped, shaken, and put side by side. MaKey MaKey MaKey MaKey is an invention kit for the 21st century. Pico Boards

ROBÓTICA EDUCATIVA INFANTIL | Actividades con BEE BOT Reconocimiento y discriminación visual de la letras del abecedario: Programa a Bee -bot para llegar hasta la letra... ( NIVEL 3 AÑOS) Crea diferentes trajes y tunea a Bee- bot para distintas actividades. Utiliza el molde para hacer tus propias creaciones y convierte a Bee-boot en el personaje que tú quieras, demostrando tu creatividad. Formación de Palabras: Programa a Bee - bot para crear la palabra ( mes, puré, lupa...). SOPA DE LETRAS: Busca las palabras escondidas y programa a Bee -Bot para conseguir las letras que necesitas . Lectura comprensiva: Programa a bee-bot para recorrer las escenas del cuento y demuestra tu comprensión lectora. Utilizamos la robótica como recurso de aprendizaje en nuestro aula, para trabajar contenidos matemáticos como: Concepto Número - cantidad: RECTA NUMÉRICA: Lanza el dado y programa a Bee -Bot para llegar al panal correspondiente. Resuelve pequeñas sumas con Bee - Bot. EL JUEGO DEL PANAL : Lanza el dado y programa Situación Matemática de CREACIÓN PROPIA.

15cm x 15cm programmable robot cards - ICT 15cm x 15cm directions cards (Ref: SB4327) A set of printable cards with directions and instructions such as ‘forwards’, ‘backwards’, ‘left/right turn’ etc. Each card is 15cm by 15cm - perfect for use with programmable floor robots.

Home - BeeBot Activities This was my first time using BeeBots with kids (as opposed to teachers) and with 22 kids, it was pretty noisy/chaotic/fun/exciting. Make your robot drive out, turn around and come back First real program ont he BeeBot - Forward, Forward, Turn, Turn, Forward, Forward. Random Dice game Roll a 1: Go forwardRoll a 2: Go BackwardRoll a 3: Turn LeftRoll a 4: Turn RightRoll a 5: Hold your ear with your opposite handRoll a 6: Stand on 1 leg Shape / Letter Map Drive your robot spelling out the first two letters of your BeeBot's name. How Wide / How Tall One group member lies down with outstretched arms. We quickly made up a heap of BeeBot' rulers. Map Making Every group was given 4 BeeBot rulers and told to make a maze. Possible tracks based on 4 BeeBot rulers. BeeBot Communication 4 All Resources to Support Inclusion This has opened in a separate window - just exit to return to the ICT page. Programmable Robot Resource Page! Story Time BeeBot Mat for Little Red Riding Hood (more available soon):click the image to download 15cm x 15cm cards: Number Dots, 0-20, Number Cards, 0-20 and Farm 15cm x 15cm cards: Choose from Weather, Days of the Week, Signs of Spring and Colour Splats Large Antarctic Map marked with 15cm x15cm squares (prints over 24 sheets of A4): click the image to download Castles themed and Woodland Creatures 15cm x15 cm cards: click the images to download Make a Map Pack (clever 15cmx15cm squares you can print out and join together in a number of ways): click the image to download Also available: Make a Map Pack 2 (with coastal areas) World Map marked with 15cm x15cm squares (prints over 16 sheets of A4): click the image to download Fun Globe marked with 15cm x15cm squares - lots of things to travel between: click the image to download

Bee Bot bee-bot Userguide Bee-Bot is an award winning programmable floor robot with a simple, child-friendly layout which is a perfect starting point for teaching control, bee-bot Ruler - Exchange21 - Home A Bee Bee-Bot Ruler A Bee-bot moves 15 cm with each step. Welcome To The bee-bot Treasure Island Page 2 of 4 The Bee-Bot Treasure Island Game The games is based around the photocopiable symbols attached to the back of these notes. bee bot - Academy Of Notre Dame Bee Bot The app makes use of Bee-Bot's keypad functionality and enables children to improve their skills in directional language and programming through sequences of ... bee-bot Project Session 4 1 Bee-Bot Project Session 4 Subject – Maltese and Social Studies Topic – Animal Homes Target group – Kinder 2 and Year 1 Time – 45mins Li For Algorithms & bee-bot L.I. bee-bot Project Session 5 - Skola 1 Bee-Bot Project Session 5 Subject – Language and Social Studies Topic – Animal By-Products Target group – Kinder 2 and Year 1 Time – 45mins bee-bot

Bee Bots - Games in Education Bee Bots Bee-Bots are programmable floor robots that have been purpose-built for use with Early Phase and Primary students. They remember 40 instructions. The following diagram highlights the features of the Bee-Bot. curriculum links Number and Algebra -Counting Number and place value Sort and classifyMeasurement-direct and indirect comparisons, Length: Estimates, measures, compares and records lengths and distances using informal units, metres and centimetres Position: Represents the position of objects using models and drawings and describes using everyday languageWorking Mathematically (Applying Strategies): Uses objects, actions, imagery, technology and/or trial and error to explore mathematical problems. The Bee-Bot App is developed using the well known design and program features of the Bee-Bot.

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