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If you love your books, let them go! Sign Up | Login English (USA)en-US Pas Vrijgelaten Pas Gevangen Social Links Link to Your Social Networks! Bookish Quotes "Strange thoughts brew in your heart when you spend too much time with old books." Aravind Adiga Latest News see all... Log in Please enter your email and password. Account Information Forgot Password? Trees love BookCrossing

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Hide and Seek a Geocache > Search for Geocaches Want to make searching for geocache listings easier? Sign up for a Premium Membership or hear what other geocachers have to say about Premium Membership. (Close) Black Bean And Barley Wraps These are easy to make and perfect for packing in a lunch for school or work. This is for my son, Ben. Today is his birthday and since he is such a great inspiration to me in the kitchen and keeps me cooking along, I’m dedicating these wraps to him. Happy birthday Ben! Black Bean And Barley Wraps are very high in fiber, folate, protein, and antioxidants, along with numerous other vitamins and minerals.

Rethink the way we run charities: A useful reading list Dan Pallotta has an unconventional view of nonprofits: To innovate and really make an impact, he thinks they should function with business-minded acumen. Says Pallotta (TED Talk: The way we think about charity is dead wrong), “You want to make $50 million selling violent video games to kids, go for it. We’ll put you on the cover of Wired magazine. But if you want to make half a million dollars trying to cure kids of malaria, you’re considered a parasite yourself.”

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10 not so common Mac OS X shortcuts « Liberal Cynic You’ll be using these keys ( Many websites feature keyboard shortcuts for OS X. Most of them bury the good shortcuts under a sea of common ones that everybody knows and those that nobody will use and end up as trivia. So, I have compiled the ones I use regularly and weeded out those that seemed common knowledge. The Girl in the Photograph One school day, a boy named Tom was sitting in class and doing math. It was six more minutes until school let out. As he was doing his homework, something caught his eye.