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All Textures Textures from TextureKing

All Textures Textures from TextureKing
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40+ Various High Quality Free Paper Patterns and Textures | You the Designer Resources September 2, 2010 Paper will never leave our lives, no matter how digitized we get. Its potential for beauty is celebrated in many designs today, whether in textures, layers, or other additional effects. These following paper textures and patterns range from the simple to the exquisite, from the crumpled and colored to the wrinkled, faded and nostalgic. Crumpled Paper Texture for Layers Download Source Dark Crumpled Paper Texture Download Source Schamka Download Source Old Paper Texture Download Source Paper II Download Source Brown Paper 10 Download Source Old paper 27 stock Download Source Untitled Texture CXXXXXXXXXVII Download Source Wheatfields Download Source Rainbow Paper Texture Download Source Squared Graph Paper Download Source Paper Texture 12 Download Source Brown Paper 04 Download Source Wrinkled Paper Texture 06 Download Source Cleanzor Texture 122 Download Source Floral Inclusion Mulberry Paper Download Source Free Parchment Texture Download Source Wrinkled Paper Texture 19 Download Source

3D Mountain in 3ds Max « Polygon Blog – 3ds Max Tutorials 26 Apr 2010 In this 3ds Max tutorial we’re going to create a simple 3d mountain. The mountain geometry will be created from a simple plane with the displace modifier and it will be textured with a combination of procedural maps. The image will be finalized by strong sidelight and some volumetric clouds. Step 1 Mental Ray Renderer We’re going to render the mountain with the Mental Ray. Step 2 3D Mountain Geometry Create a Plane ( ) in the top viewport . Length: 200Width: 200length Segs: 200Width Segs: 200 Step 3 Mountains with the Displace Modifier Add Displace modifier to the Plane ( ) and apply the following parameters: Displacement Strength: 100Image Map: Gradient Ramp Open Material Editor ( ). Double click on the Flag #1 and change the color to whiteDouble click on the Flag #3 and change the color to blackGradient Type: RadialNoise: Amount: 0,3Noise: Size: 6Noise: TurbulenceNoise: Levels: 10 Tip: To adjust the small details of the mountain you can change the ‘ Phase’ in the Noise settings.

Browsing Textures on deviantART Patterns Download Download Download Download Download Download 1 2 3 ... 27 (158 Patterns) Feel free to use any of these patterns on your own site. Banque de photographies et d' images gratuites à utiliser pour presse, édition, illustration multimédia et réalisation de sites web.

Abstract Textures, Background Photos - free stock images Amazing Textures Collection of Over 850 Great Free Photoshop Styles To Download Posted on by bmackler in Photoshop, Resources Layer Styles are one of the often forgotten “extras” of Photoshop that can really help streamline your work flow. Sitting there waiting for you to use them. Styles can be used to help you do many things including easily create icons, buttons and Text Styles in quicker time that you probably could do it by scratch. Today lets take a look at over 850 of the best free Photoshop Styles and Tutorials for you to download. Glass Layer Styles+PSD+Icons Degrade Gradients 15 Incredible Photoshop Styles Glowing PS styles 13 Glossy Photoshop Styles 56 Photoshop Layer Styles Vol.2 Styles 220 Amazing Free Photoshop Layer Styles Ultimate Web 2.0 Layer Styles Vista Glass Style by ~lost–in–thought Critix Photoshop Styles 1 15+5 Web 2.0 Style Set 1 Web 2.0 Gradients chameleon style no.2 Styles serious 16+4 Web 2.0 StyleSet 2 Chrome Text Style Photoshop Text Style Pack Reptile Skin Photoshop Styles Clear Jelly Text Effect & Layer Styles Gold text style by ~CorouD

300+ Resources to Help You Become a Photoshop Expert Adobe Photoshop is arguably the most powerful graphics and photo manipulation software on the market. You can do virtually anything with Photoshop, from fantasy image collages to complete website designs, and everything in between. Although while Photoshop is incredibly powerful, it can also be incredibly complicated, especially when trying to perform advanced functions. Below are over 300 resources to get you on your way to Photoshop mastery. There’s everything from cheat sheets to brushes to tutorials to action scripts, as well as collections of even more resources and tools. With the resources below, you should be able to do just about anything possible with Photoshop. pCheat Sheets and Reference Guides Keeping cheat sheets and reference guides at hand can speed up your design process and make you a more efficient designer. Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts – This site offers a collection of cheat sheets for keyboard shortcuts for each version of Photoshop (as far back as Photoshop 5).

Universe :) » Photoshop Brushes I was quite out of it going here and there, doing this and that. What’s good about that? There are some new ideas, some new things to do…and some new free stuff. This time we gonna start with some crappy looking borders (more…)