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26 Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks

26 Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks

Ice Cream Hacks That Will Take Your Life to the Next Level Summer may be coming to an end, but I’m like a girlfriend who won’t accept that it’s over — I keep going about my day like it’s still summer, I bring up summer-related topics in all my conversations, and I have a lot of summer plans that, if I'm being honest, I know won’t happen. But me and summer were so GOOD together, you know? We had this special connection and when we were vibing it felt like anything could happen. Run a sharp knife under hot water and cut a checkerboard one inch deep in the ice cream (source) You will be able to scoop out the ice cream much easier with a scooper! Make an Ice Cream Sandwich Keep Ice Cream soft in a bag Cookie Bowl Ice Cream-Frosted Cupcakes Pre-Scoop ice cream for a party and keep in the freezer Cut ice cream with a knife Create an Oreo topping Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream Sandwich Cut a cinnamon roll in half before baking! Oreo Ice Cream Combo Add one scoop of ice cream to the middle of an oreo then roll in sprinkles. Make ice cream into bread Recycle Chocolate bowls

FANCY PANTS MARSHMALLOWS | The Kitchy Kitchen Happiness is a homemade marshmallow nestled in a cup of steaming hot cocoa. Or actually, happiness is about one minute later, when the marshmallow starts to melt, slowly enveloping the chocolate in a blanket of white sweetness. Of course it’s easiest to reach into a bag and pop a jet puffed marshmallow on top of your cup, but if you have a little bit of time (truly, it doesn’t take that long to whip up a batch, about 20 minutes) making marshmallows by scratch really makes a difference. For one 9 x 13 inch baking pan of marshmallows about 1/2 cup powdered sugar 3 1/2 envelopes (2 tablespoons plus 2 1/2 teaspoons) unflavored gelatin 1 cup hot water, divided 2 cups white sugar 1/2 cup light corn syrup 1/4 teaspoon salt 2 large egg whites 1 teaspoon sriracha 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper, for garnish 1 teaspoon smoked sea salt, plus more for garnish 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 tablespoon dried and crushed lavender, plus more for garnish 1 tablespoon honey 3/4 cup salted caramel sauce (recipe below)

ALL HAIR, ALL WEEK photos/post/graphic design: Kristin Ess The shorties have spoken! Here’s a tutorial for all the lobs + bobs out there. Start with clean, dry hair.Part your hair all the way around in a big horseshoe shape about 1- 1 1/2 inches above your ear. We’ll try and do more updos for short hair! Tags: a fine frenzy, ali sudol, beauty 2013, beauty tutorial, graduation hair, graduation hair 2013, how to, how to for short hair, kristin ess, kristin ess hair, party hair, party hair 2013, prom hair, prom hair 2013, prom hair for short hair, short hair for a party, short hair tutorial, short prom hair, summer hair 2013, summer hair ideas, the beauty department, thebeautydepartment hair tutorials,, tutorial, tutorial for short hair Related posts:

The 46 Most Brilliant Life Hacks Every Human Being Needs To Make Life Easier I love finding clever solutions to the little snags I come across in cooking, building, cleaning, or just about anything. These are some that I find myself using all the time! Pour a half a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar into a clogged drain. Once it stops foaming rinse down the sink and your drains will be clear. When camping or just in a pinch, a standard headlamp strapped to a 1 gallon jug of water can illuminate an entire room or tent. Placing a wooden spoon over the top of boiling water will stop it from boiling over by bursting the bubbles. Avoid getting a tongue lashing from your mom for putting your cold drink on her new coffee table. Many hotel TVs have handy USB slots in the back that will charge most smartphones. Use AAA batteries in gadgets that need AA batteries by filling the gaps with scrunched up tin foil. Putting your phone in airplane mode while gaming will stop those annoying ads from playing! Good luck!

13 Cards For Couples With An Unconventional Definition Of Romance Finding the perfect card to give your spouse isn't easy when most of what's out there is Hallmark-grade, lovey-dovey mush. If that kind of overly sentimental stuff makes you uncomfortable and/or want to puke, just know you're not alone. Below, we've rounded up 13 alternative greeting cards for couples with a sense of humor and a less traditional idea of what constitutes romance. HALLOWEEN BEAUTY HELP Last minute costumes can be hard enough to pull together, so we want to help you stress a little less about the hair and makeup part. We’re showing you how to combine some of our tutorials to create complete beauty looks for some of the loveliest Halloween costumes. We’ll be doing another round tomorrow, so make sure you check back in! Tags: 1950's, all hallow's eve, audrey hepburn, barbie, beauty halloween, belly dancer, belly dancer hair, belly dancer makeup, DIY, faery hair, faery makeup, fairy, flapper, french maid, french maid hair, french roll, genie, genie costume, genie hair, genie makeup, halloween, halloween beauty ideas, halloween genie, halloween hair, halloween hair and makeup, halloween help, halloween makeup, halloween old hollywood, help, how to, kristin ess, kristin ess hair, makeup for halloween, old hollywood, pixie, secretary, siren, vintage halloween Related posts:

47 Kitchen and Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life Okay, maybe these kitchen hacks won't change your life in an "I won the lottery" or "I just found out I'm pregnant" kind of way. And maybe you've seen a few of these before. But we've mixed it up a bit and covered a lot of territory here -- from pimping out your refrigerator to the easiest four-ingredient ice cream you'll ever make (no cooking or fancy gizmos required). Got a hack of your own? Do tell in the comments section. 1. You can break off as much as you need without defrosting the whole package. 2. The Kitchn Drop chip-size slices of fresh cucumber into leftover pickle brine in the jar and store in the refrigerator for a few days to make crunchy quick pickles. 3. Stray shell bits in your cracked egg? 4. Trim the top and bottom of the celery (cut it off of the root if it is still attached) and drop the stalks upright into a pitcher or jar of ice-cold water to re-crisp. 5. America's Test Kitchen 6. 7. 8.

Made Us Look: Your Favorite TV Characters as Paper Dolls Paper dolls will forever hold a special place in our hearts. The classic art project is so easy to make, and the entertainment is endless. Since our pre-tech crazed youth, the creative pastime has definitely taken a turn for the digital. Nowadays, paper dolls come in 3D, and of course are mostly pieced together online (which kind of cancels out the paper aspect, womp womp). Of course, we’re totally for new technology, but we can’t say were not a little sad to see our paper pals be swept under the rug. So you can imagine our delight when we found out that pop culture blog Vulture has revived the old craft — and with a modern twist. Artist Kyle Hilton has created sets of paper dolls out of the characters we hold near and dear to our pop culture-loving hearts. Each paper doll comes with multiple outfits and accessories. So what’s the point of all this? Which paper doll is your favorite? Cortney is a blogger and DIY enthusiast living in Los Angeles.

1950′s INSPIRED PONYTAIL photos + post: Kristin Ess Golly gee, we love very vintage-inspired ponytail. This is what I like to call the “Barbie Pony” when talking to a client. It’s got a part, a little volume + some soft bouncy curls. This particular version is a very wearable one. If you want to get a little more dramatic, you’re welcome to put as much volume and curl as you want! Start with clean dry hair. Good luck dolls! Tags: 1950's, 1950's ponytail, 1950's ponytail tutorial, 50's hair, 50's ponytail, barbie-inspired, DIY, how to, kristen ess, kristen ess hair, kristin ess, kristin ess hair, mad men, mad men hair, mad men ponytail, pony tail, ponytail, tutorial, vintage, vintage ponytail Related posts: