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CTR, CPA, CPO или ДРР — Какую метрику эффективности контекстной рекламы выбрать Сегодня существует четыре основных метода для измерения эффективности контекстной рекламы, которыми пользуются маркетологи: CTR (отношение кликов к показам), CPA (цена за действие), CPO (стоимость заказа), ДРР (доля рекламных расходов). Каждый из этих показателей полезен для анализа эффективности рекламной кампании и, естественно, имеет минусы. Мы предлагаем измерять эффективность самым главным показателем, а именно — конечной прибылью рекламодателя. Формула расчета: CTR = количество кликов / количество показов * 100%. If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel - A tediously accurate map of the solar system Mercury Venus Earth Breaking into Television Writing By Lee Goldberg Reader Lauren Machin from Atlanta, Georgia asks: How do I become a television writer if I don't have any contacts? Writer/Producer Lee Goldberg responds: I get this question a lot, but it's disingenuous, since I'm a TV writer/producer and whoever is asking me that is really asking me to either read their script or to invite them in to pitch.

Evolution of movies We know that movies have changed over the decades. We've seen it in declining ratings and box office hits versus Oscar winners. However, these are changes that come along with movies rather than the movies themselves. Cornell University psychologist James Cutting looked closer at the construction of movies over the years, such as shot length, amount of motion, and use of light.

babbel by Ed M Wood As I settled into the barber’s chair and once again attempted to allay my long-held fear of a man with a sharp implement in his hand and questionable politics, I readied my mind. I had been coming to this barber ever since my follicles first demanded it, but had never satisfactorily fielded his cutting remarks, which, just like his politics, had not become blunted with time. I knew it would be particularly difficult on this occasion. I was visiting family in England having just moved from Spain to Germany. In his eyes this was like swapping a paradise life of perennial sunshine and booze for teutonic dreariness and the ignominious fate of being surrounded by the old enemy following their efficiently inevitable defeats of the England football team.

□ Devaka: 50 лучших инструментов для работы с семантическим ядром Составление и обработка семантического ядра – одна из ключевых задач в SEO. Ниже представлен список инструментов и сервисов для работы с семантикой: подбор, группировка, фильтрация, кластеризация ключевых слов и другое. Собственные системы аналитики Собственные счетчики и системы аналитики позволяют собирать списки ключевых слов, по которым люди уже заходили на сайт. Самые популярные из них, и бесплатные:

@comeetie : carte données carroyées Cette carte permet de visualiser certaines données issues des revenus fiscaux localisés des ménages de 2010. Ces données sont en effet de nouveau disponibles de manière très fine (aggrégées sur des pixels de 200m x 200m !). J'ai donc essayé de visualiser celles-ci à différentes échelles : aux échelles hautes, les données sont aggrégées sur des pixels de 4km², aux échelles intermédiaires sur des pixels de 1km² et enfin aux échelles fines sur des pixels de 200m par 200m. A ce niveau de détails, les informations associées à chaque pixels sont aussi disponibles par simple survol. N'hésitez donc pas à zoomer pour explorer les détails et à jouer avec les différentes variables : la densité de population (nombre d'habitants / km²); le pourcentage d'habitants de moins de 25 ans; le pourcentage d'habitants de plus de 65 ans; le revenu moyen par unité de consommation; le pourcentage de ménages à bas revenus.

On devrait davantage s'intéresser aux titres des épisodes de série, la preuve Laissez-moi vous poser une question: est-ce que vous connaissez le nom du dernier épisode de série que vous avez regardé? Bon. Moi non plus. Meet Mark Woollen, the Arthouse Trailer Editor “It’s weird talking with my back to you this whole time,” Mark Woollen says in a high, soft voice, chuckling nervously. Draped over an Aeron chair in an untucked plaid shirt and stylish two-tone sneakers, he’s attempting to edit, eat, and tell his life story all at once. It’s lunchtime, or what passes for it during a nine-to-seven summer Monday that finds him jumping from screen to screen to screen: a half-hour reprieve during which he can pick at his tricolore salad, sip his passion-fruit iced tea, and cull footage on his editing bay from a freshly cut sci-fi film set on mute. This is the first step in a months-long process of turning a two-hour movie into a two-­minute work of art. Over the past 30 years or so, movie trailers have evolved from dutiful clip jobs prepared by the monopolistic National Screen Service to the sophisticated products of an ecosystem of competing outfits—freestanding objects of gossip, reviews, even an awards show. Spielberg preferred the rougher take.

Historical Software Collection : Free Software : Download & Streaming Akalabeth: World of Doom /əˈkæləbɛθ/ is a role-playing video game that had a limited release in 1979 and was then published by California Pacific Computer Company for the Apple II in 1980. Richard Garriott designed the game as a hobbyist project, which is now recognized as one of the earliest known examples of a role-playing video game and as a predecessor of the Ultima series of games that started Garriott's career. The game was made by then-teenaged Garriott in the BASIC programming... favoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews ) E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (also referred to simply as E.T.) is a 1982 adventure video game developed and published by Atari, Inc. for the Atari 2600 video game console. It is based on the film of the same name, and was designed by Howard Scott Warshaw. The objective of the game is to guide the eponymous character through various screens to collect three pieces of an interplanetary telephone that will allow him to contact his home planet.

7 сервисов для анализа конкурентов Мы подобрали семь простых инструментов, которые помогут понять, что делают ваши конкуренты, пока вы спите. 1. Cromonitor Что можно выяснить: как конкуренты проводят A/B- и мультивариативные тесты.

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