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WISE - Course Room Set-up Kit Our training courses don’t exist to train you or your employees in your profession or technical field. That’s not our purpose. Our materials don’t cover how to perform open-heart surgery or how to repair a car; we assume you know your profession. 11 Multimedia Lessons to Inspire Change - Official Teach Blog This is the first in a series of articles to take you through some multi-media tools and ideas that can help your students to become confident learners by becoming confident thinkers. So many things can happen in a classroom in any one minute – have you ever thought of freeze-framing one instant in a classroom and going back to reflect upon how many teachable moments are present within this moment? Perhaps by encouraging our students to be responsible for their own choices, and by believing in them, we can create the impetus for growth, challenge and change. We can encourage students to take the initiative by ”allowing” them to be themselves. I believe that our students are also undergoing changes and be-coming themselves. We can facilitate this change and let them choose what kinds of butterflies they want to become.

10 XQ Super Schools Announced: Leading the Way in Rethinking High School The XQ team saw the massive opportunity to make a difference for every young person in America. As the challenges in our world change faster than ever, too often our schools aren’t changing fast enough to help students meet those challenges. XQ invited teams to engage in a Discover-Design-Develop process, learning together through knowledge modules and well-architected design. After several phases that processed over 700 applications, 10 Super Schools were announced. Those who dedicated their time, expertise and energy to #RethinkingHS were rewarded not only with Super School funding to make their dreams a reality for young people, but also with a very unique reveal process. Involved in the announcements were President Obama, MC Hammer, Malala, Arne Duncan, and more.

Independent Checksheets We have set up, by necessity, an Independent Scientology course room, not affiliated with DM's because we want to practice Scientology and due to DM's 'Unclean Hands' (a doctrine in equity) we have been compelled to do so. We can't get Standard Scientology from DM's church anymore, because it isn't there and because he prevents us from getting it. So, here we are, with a First Amendment right, to practice our chosen religion, as guaranteed by that First Amendment and also put forth by L. Ron Hubbard himself in the Articles and Bylaws of CST differentiating a Church of Scientology (including RTC) from the 'religion of Scientology'. These Independent Checksheets (IC) were compiled by Dan Koon, Class VI Auditor who worked with LRH in Ron's Technical Research and Compilations (RTRC) based on LRH's 1978/1987 Checksheets on which tens of thousands of standard auditors were successfully trained.

Multimedia Join our email newsletter to receive free updates! Close Search for Ideas and Resources Filter Results Station Rotation Model: Grouping Strategies The Station Rotation Model is a blended learning model where students rotate through a series of online and offline stations. This model is an easier shift for elementary teachers who are already use learning stations with students. Unfortunately, most secondary teachers do not learn how to design lessons using stations in credential school. Most of us are still be trained to teach using a whole group lesson model, so reimagining a lesson to rotate students through a series of stations feels daunting. That said, there are clear advantages to using this model at the secondary level. It makes it possible for secondary teachers to:

How technology can actually change education By Roger Schank You can’t read something about education these days without reading about how technology will change everything. Sorry to be a downer, but technology will change nothing if what is meant by technology is that we have new ways of delivering the same old material. The basic philosophy behind education for millennia has been that experts know stuff, so the experts (or their agents) will tell you the stuff you need to know. The problem is learning simply doesn’t work that way. People learn by trying things out and seeing how it goes.

TED Ed – Online Tools for Teaching & Learning TED-Ed is a “lesson creator” platform that allows you to structure an assignment around a video and assess students’ engagement with the material. The lesson format consists of a lesson title, a written introduction (“Let’s Begin”), a series of multiple choice or open-ended questions (“Think”), a place for additional resources to encourage further exploration (“Dig Deeper”), an interactive class discussion (“Discuss”), and a closing (“And Finally”). Ever watch a great video on YouTube and wish you could share it with your class?

The Habitus of Critical Imagination "whatever we do together is pure invention the maps they gave us were out of date" ~ Adrienne Rich, Poem VIII What follows is a keynote written for the TLTS event on Auraria Campus on October 5, 2018, meant as an introduction to a day of creative problem solving, and to my recent publication, An Urgency of Teachers. I was invited to speak at this event, sponsored by Metropolitan State University in Denver—my alma mater—but for reasons out of my control, I was unable to attend. Modeling Introduction Abstract. Mathematics has been described as the science of patterns. Natural science can be characterized as the investigation ofpatterns in nature. Central to both domains is the notion of model as a unit of coherently structured knowledge. Modeling Theory is concerned with models as basic structures in cognition as well as scientific knowledge.