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35 Fresh and Free Photoshop Actions Every now and then we like to showcase freebies that can designers can use to save some of their own time. Quality Photoshop actions can be great resources to have in your arsenal because in the right situation they can drastically reduce the amount of time that you have to spend to get the photo effects that you are after. It’s been almost a year since we published our last collection of free Photoshop actions, so we thought it was time for an update to showcase some fresh, new actions that have been released since that post was published. In this post you’ll find a variety of different types of actions to create all different types of effects. Looking for hosting?

Home - Evergig ROBIN HOOD - PRINCE OF THIEVES (MICHAEL KAMEN) Format CD (1991) Track listing. 1. Overture And A Prisoner Of The Crusades (From Chains To Freedom) (08:28)2. Sir John Of Gisbourne And The Escape To Sherwood (07:28)3. Little John And The Band In The Forest (04:52)4. Vodkaster : Take a Movie Shot - Extraits et scènes de films Joomla®! templates club - Joomla! Template, Joomla! Extension after effects templates projects | after effects templates projects by dorde

Re/Ec, Regardez / Ecoutez Interview clips avec Kid Francescoli A l’occasion de son prochain album With Julia (sortie le 22/04), Kid Francescoli nous a accordé une interview pour parler clips : créations originales, anecdotes, inspirations… Xavier : Tu as l’air de porter une importance particulière aux clips, qu’est ce que ça représente pour toi ? Kid : Déjà c’est un moyen de communication fort, ... Maya Jane Coles / Comfort 2014 / I/AM/ME / real : Jonas Lord On savait la productrice anglais sombre et étrange, la sortie du clip de Comfort nous le confirme. Cette naissance d’alien ou de créature fictive à laquelle nous assistons n’a rien de comfortable, plutôt glauque et dérangeant.

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