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Activities for your Classroom On this page you can find some activities which I’ve used with my students. Feel free to download them and use them in your classes. Please double-check these fully-editable activities before you use them as you may need to change some parts which are aimed more at students in Spain. Marjorie Prime review – melancholy sci-fi offers poignant tale of love after life While multiplex-dwelling sci-fi has spent a lot of time, and a lot of money, pondering how many buildings, robots and Tom Cruises can be smashed into one another, craftier film-makers have found room to explore the more humanist details of what the future might hold. In The Lobster, Yorgos Lanthimos crafted a savage parable borne from the societal pressures placed upon single people to match up; in Her, Spike Jonze imagined a future where artificial intelligence could act as a stand-in for a flesh-and-blood partner; and on the small screen, Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror episodes San Junipero and Be Right Back have offered heart-swelling and heartbreaking views of future romance. At an unspecified point in the future, a service has been introduced that allows people to resurrect a loved one in holographic form. And while the film might be too talky for some, there are scenes of remarkable insight for those willing to look past the unashamed staginess.

Keyboard Switch - Laugh Break For a computer programming class, I sat directly across from someone, and our computers were facing away from each other. A few minutes into the class, she got up to leave the room. I reached between our computers and switched the inputs for the keyboards. She came back and started typing and immediately got a distressed look on her face. She called the teacher over and explained that no matter what she typed, nothing would happen. List of Interactive Quizzes The quizzes with a magenta marble are also listed within the section or digital handout to which they apply. The twenty-one quizzes with a green marble The Author's Files: Alien: Covenant – A Litany of Reasons Why It Is Just the Worst Alien: Covenant is the most disappointing thing since my father’s son. In an ideal universe, I would be able to go to sleep and wake up in a world where Ridley Scott had discretion and gentility enough not to go ahead with its script, a rare breed of prequel/sequel that by its very existence manages to lessen the merits of its titanic forebears. As with Prometheus, its title refers to thinly concealed religious themes, and while Covenant certainly sustains that film’s concern with creation and epistemology, there’s not a single covenant made or broken in the movie aside from the one between Scott and all his viewers who thought his films bore some seal of quality. I would call it an unmitigated disaster if not for the involvement of Michael Fassbender, who plays his unkillable android David with malicious glee but can’t save him from the sheer stupidity or audacity of Oscar-nominee John Logan’s writing. The structure of the plot itself is nothing new, but this isn’t ruinous in itself.

Movie Quotes - - Quotes and Lyrics ... Anchorman Ron Burgundy: 1001, 1002, 1003. Ohh, it's a deep burn! Review: A Civil War Erupts in ‘Bushwick’ - The New York Times “Bushwick” opens with a beautiful aerial shot of New York — moving north over Brooklyn from Coney Island — that turns out to be the view from a helicopter gunship. The city is under attack, invaded not by a foreign or extraterrestrial army but by forces of secession from the southern United States. A young woman named Lucy (Brittany Snow), on her way to visit her grandmother, finds herself caught up in a new civil war. Lyric Writing Exercises: a 5-Day Workshop Guest post by Maria Rainier If you’re anything like most songwriters, you’re all too familiar with that frustrating sensation of being stuck in a rut. You know it’s important to write something – anything – every day, but there are times when that just seems impossible.

‘Hostiles’ Review: Christian Bale Drives a Great American Western The Western keeps reinventing itself. Each generation finds its own way of adapting the genre to reflect our country’s social evolution and gradual enlightenment through a mechanism that is uniquely and wholly American. From John Ford to Sam Peckinpah, Robert Altman to Clint Eastwood, Kevin Costner to Quentin Tarantino. From the Coen brothers’ “No Country for Old Men” to Iñárritu’s “The Revenant,” the genre lends itself to and bends itself into a continual rumination on redefining the Great American Hero. Scott Cooper’s “Hostiles” might well become this generation’s definitive Western for the way it embraces the genre’s traditions while coming to grips with the inescapable admission of our own war crimes. The Guitar Noize Regular Maintenance Guide Us guitar players are very experienced at restringing our guitars, polishing them, tuning them up and so on. Many of us adore our guitars and do everything we can to keep them as close to perfect as possible. However, there are always some things that get missed one way or another. Over a short period of time these things maybe don’t matter but if you want to still be playing your guitar in 15 or 20 years they really can make a mess of things if you don’t have a good routine.

Mother! review – no gob left unsmacked in Jennifer Lawrence's anxiety dream of horror and dismay It’s a powerful enough word at the best of times, but the exclamation mark gives it that edge of delirium and melodrama and despair – just the way Norman Bates yells it at the end of Psycho. Or maybe we’re supposed to hear a second, brutal two-syllable word immediately afterwards. Darren Aronofsky’s toweringly outrageous film leaves no gob unsmacked. It is an event-movie detonation, a phantasmagorical horror and black-comic nightmare that jams the narcosis needle right into your abdomen.