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List of websites that can be useful for anyone

List of websites that can be useful for anyone
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FLAC to Apple Lossless Converter - Convert FLAC to Apple Lossless ALAC Detailed Guide on How to Convert FLAC Files to Apple Lossless ALAC on Mac or Windows August 25th by Bigasoft Support Tags: flac to apple lossless, convert flac to apple lossless, flac to apple lossless conversion, flac to apple lossless mac, convert flac apple lossless, flac to alac, flac to apple lossless lion, apple lossless os x, apple lossless mac os x lion, apple lossless lion 10.7, flac to apple lossless converter mountain lion Overview FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, which means audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality. Apple Lossless, also known as ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec), or ALE (Apple Lossless Encoder) is an audio codec developed by Apple Inc. for lossless data compression of digital music. This article introduces a powerful FLAC to Apple Lossless Converter, Bigasoft FLAC Converter, and with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to directly convert FLAC to Apple lossless ALAC. Introduction of Bigasoft FLAC Converter Step 2 Set output profile

ClipGrab - Free YouTube Downloader & Converter 50 Kick-Ass Websites You Need to Know About It's time to update the entries in your browser's links toolbar. But with recent estimates putting the size of the internet at well more than 100 million distinct websites, it's getting harder and harder to get a handle on all the great stuff that's out there. That's why we've compiled this list. And unlike some lists you may have seen, which try to name the very "best" websites, but end up just telling you a lot of stuff you already know, we've chosen instead to highlight 50 of our favorite sites that fly under most people's radar. You might have heard of some of these sites, but we'll bet you haven't heard of all them. See What Can Be Done with 4 Kilobytes If you’re any kind of nerd at all, you probably know about the demoscene, where talented programmers create complex videos rendered in real-time, stored in incredibly small files. But what if you just want to see what all the fuss is about without actually downloading and running an executable?

Four Video Apps To Help Parent/Teacher Communication Teaching is not an easy job. We all know this to be true. I have a sure fire way to make your job easier. Take out your smart phone and take video of the interesting things you do in class. It doesn't even have to be interesting, just take some videos of students doing their regular daily work. You think that's boring? VIne- Vine has a bad reputation, but in the hands of a responsible person it is an easy app to use.

Home Download Video in Different Formats Sharing, linking, embedding, presenting video to our students is a good way to enhance learning. Students are more motivated and gain interest on lessons when they watch video. However, watching streaming video from Youtube, Vimeo or other video sites is somewhat disappointing when the internet speed is so slow and the video stops and shows buffering. The best solution is to download the video first and insert it in your presentation (make sure you are to download only creative commons). Looking for the right format of a video you need to download is a challenge. Just paste the link of the video then click download. When you want to directly download a video while you are watching you can use Keepvid's bookmarklet.Keepvid offers you to download its program, too, but you need to purchase it via paypal. With the use of this tool, surely you will/can download video that is compatible to what you use and need. For more information visit: Find time to explore these screencasting tools.

WebQuest Maker Miles' Tomes Teaching and Learning Miles' Tomes: Teaching and Learning About Miles reBlogs « Learning Activities and Self-Reflection in Student Focused Assessment Model (pt3) Portfolios in Student Focused Assessment Model (pt4) » "Paper Blog Foldable" illustrates parts of a blog This little project helps students (and adults) get their heads wrapped around the vocabulary associated with blogging. You’ll need 3 pieces of paper, pencil, markers, pens (blue, black, and red), scissors, glue, and a ruler. Align two sheets of paper. Draw a straight line 3.5 cm from the top of the booklet along the short edge. Draw another line 3.5 mc from the open side of the booklet for the widget bar. Here are the lines sectioning off the banner and the widget area. Cutting only the top three pages, remove the long side for the side bar. Cutting only the top three pages, remove the banner area to the fold. Snip along the fold to remove the top three flaps for the banner area. On the larger back page, use the markers to create a blog banner. Email Print

40+ Ways to Innovative Teaching Using Glogster EDU (Featured Post) To help us grow our information network, and keep collecting the best content and new ideas for educators, please LIKE US, share on Facebook, Tweet us, and scroll to the end of this post to sign up for alerts; we’ll let you know when new content becomes available. Glogster EDU is a fantastic tool whose versatility is limited only by one’s imagination. It is one of the most underutilized Web 2.0 tools out there! This blog is dedicated to sharing and celebrating innovations in the classroom using this remarkable tool. 1. Starting off the school year in the same old ways? At the start of this school year, I asked my parents and 2nd grade students to take photos of things they loved that filled them with joy and made them feel special. 2. Every week our campus celebrates one student from each classroom who demonstrates exemplary conduct and leadership. 3. Tired of boring paper newsletter? 4. 5. 6. Set up a glog that houses all of the frequently used and accessed site for your classroom. 7.

The Teacher's Guides To Technology And Learning Welcome to the official guide to technology and learning by Edudemic! This part of Edudemic is meant to offer you, the teacher, some of the best and most popular resources available today. We’ve combed through hundreds of resources in order to narrow down our guides into something easy to read, easy to use, and easy to share. Below are links to the guides we have made so far. Just click on the title or image of each guide to view that particular resource. The Teacher’s Guide To Twitter Twitter has proven itself to be an indispensable tool for educators around the globe. The Teacher’s Guide To Flipped Classrooms We talk a lot about flipped classrooms on Edudemic. The Teacher’s Guide To Copyright And Fair Use Today, so much of our research happens online, and part of what makes the internet so wonderful is the ease at which it brings information into our lives. The Teacher’s Guide To Google Glass If you’re as excited as Katie and me about Google Glass, this guide is for you.

Today’s Freebie App | The Appy Family I found a freebie today on Apps Gone Free that might be worth a look. It’s a creative app called Makanim – Multi-touch Generative Art. It is available on iTunes for free, for a limited time. (Thank you Apps Gone Free!) I tried it out with my four-year-old Geo for a few minutes. I may also use this app to create backgrounds for presentations and videos. What other uses could you see for this app? Like this: Like Loading...

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