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Joe Kowan: Comment j'ai vaincu le trac

Joe Kowan: Comment j'ai vaincu le trac
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Let’s play Mexican Kitchen Worker After a long career as a game designer, Brenda Romero became an educator — teaching the next generation of artists, coders and mechanics how to create the world’s most popular media form. A game is the tool she uses to think about problems, to explain, to put concepts into form. As she says: “This is all I’ve ever done. In 2008, she began a design exercise that expanded into a series called “The Mechanic Is the Message” — analog (not video) games that use game mechanics, boards, pieces, and rules to help a player think through hard problems. In her TEDxPhoenix talk, given in 2011, Romero mentioned a new game, an intriguing protoype called “Mexican Kitchen Workers.” What was the genesis of Mexican Kitchen Workers? “I was meeting with a client in Columbus, Ohio, and he was a restaurant owner. It was such an odd phrase that meant so much. The economics of it came about because U.S. subsidies on vegetables created this tremendous disparity in Mexico. How the game works Motivating factors

Helt blackout: Examen i talrädsla Det har gått fem veckor sedan de fyra deltagarna träffade varandra och psykologen Anna Karlstedt för första gången. Nu ska de göra precis det som de då beskrev som fullständigt uteslutet att de skulle klara. Iris förbereder sig för att pitcha en programidé för chefer på P3, Sveriges Radio. Här kan du skapa egna klipp ur programmet Hjälp Stäng 1. Se en film om hur man skapar klipp. DelaKopiera länken genom att trycka ctrl+C på PC eller cmd+C på Mac. A new view of slavery, via a letter from my great great grandfather White Americans aren’t the only ones who don’t like to remember slavery and its history. According to the Office of Minority Health, in 2012 there were 43.1 million people who identify as African-American. I could lay money that, next year, fewer than 1 percent will publicly celebrate the 150th anniversary of June 19th, or what we call “Juneteenth” — also known as Freedom Day and Emancipation Day — even though the holiday is recognized in 43 of our so-called United States. Many African-Americans don’t have detailed stories about our enslaved ancestors or their escape. We were property, not human beings whose culture and nationality was stripped with every stroke of a slavemaster’s whip. Here is the letter, unedited and in full: BOSTON, MASS., Feb. 15th, 1855. No. 2, Change Avenue. I wept deeply when I read this letter and an accompanying account of a merciless whipping before his escape. This is more than any memory passed down orally and better than any autobiography published in a book.

Speakers' corner: Dr Martin Luther King Dr Nick Turnbull analyserar Martin Luther King's tal "I have a dream" från 28 augusti 1963 vid Lincoln Memorial i Washington DC. Hur mycket kan man improvisera när man håller tal? Dr Turnbull ger tips och retorikråd. Vi besöker också Parrs Wood High School's Debating Society i Manchester. Här kan du skapa egna klipp ur programmet Hjälp Stäng 1. Se en film om hur man skapar klipp. DelaKopiera länken genom att trycka ctrl+C på PC eller cmd+C på Mac.

How to thrive in a world where change is constant On a trip to the Bahamas in 2012, I got the chance to feed a group of grey reef sharks. Now, feeding sharks is not an activity to be taken lightly. It’s a complex challenge that essentially requires you to coordinate a group of wild animals; you want them excited enough that they stick around. But you can’t just dump lots of food in the water, because that will whip them into a frenzy, with potentially disastrous consequences. You spend a lot of time training for a dive like this. Such intuition is a factor in daily life, too. Only, linear thinking is becoming less useful as a model than complex, intuitive thinking. Just try it. as told to Kate Torgovnick May. Featured image: iStock.

Speakers' corner: Nelson Mandela Dr Nick Turnbull analyserar Nelson Mandelas installationstal som Sydafrikas president från Pretoria 10 maj 1994. Hur viktigt är sammanhanget för vilken sorts tal man väljer att hålla? Dr Turnbull ger oss tips och retorikråd och så besöker vi Parrs Wood High School's Debating Society i Manchester. Här kan du skapa egna klipp ur programmet Hjälp Stäng 1. Se en film om hur man skapar klipp. DelaKopiera länken genom att trycka ctrl+C på PC eller cmd+C på Mac. The art — and science — of sharing a secret You keep secrets from each other; you keep secrets from yourselves. Secrets bond you; secrets drive you apart. Keeping a secret can be a burden, or it can delight you. Sharing secrets can be a relief, whether it’s with your old friend or new therapist. For children, learning to keep secrets is a vital developmental milestone. In one study, researchers asked kids who were three, four, and five to play hide-and-seek and to keep a secret about a surprise. For adults, this is expected behavior. Yet across ages and cultures, multiple studies show the personal health benefits of sharing your private hopes and fears with trusted confidantes — and the corresponding detriment of keeping some secrets entirely to yourself. Which secrets should you not be entirely alone with? If no trusted confidante comes to mind, then it may be appropriate to share that “shameful” secret with someone new. Sharing secrets with strangers doesn’t put your ego at risk, like sharing with intimates does.

Politiska tal Politiker ska vinna väljare och ena rörelsen. Några av de allra skarpaste talarna finns förstås därför inom politiken. Här hör du några av dem. Julia Gillards brandtal om sexism och hyckleri Australiens premiärminister Julia Gillard tryckte till oppositionsledaren Tony Abbott om sexism och blev en riktig snackis i såväl sociala medier som i internationella nyhetsmedier. På bara en vecka var klippet uppe i 1,8 miljoner tittningarpå Youtube. "Den största segern vinner man i motståndarnas hjärta" Under sitt tal till kongressen som just valt honom till partiledare den 1 oktober 1969, hyllar Socialdemokraternas Olof Palmeden avgående partiledaren Tage Erlander. "Vägen går genom våra allra kärleksfullaste kritiker" "Någon sa att det här var en otacksam uppgift..." 1970 blev Gösta Bohmanny partiledare för Moderata samlingspartiet efter Yngve Holmbergsom avsatts. ”En människa kan mördas, men inte idéer” Två framstående politiker har mördats i Sverige i modern tid.

Rethink the way we run charities: A useful reading list Dan Pallotta has an unconventional view of nonprofits: To innovate and really make an impact, he thinks they should function with business-minded acumen. Says Pallotta (TED Talk: The way we think about charity is dead wrong), “You want to make $50 million selling violent video games to kids, go for it. We’ll put you on the cover of Wired magazine. But if you want to make half a million dollars trying to cure kids of malaria, you’re considered a parasite yourself.” 1. “Leaders of two of the most successful nonprofit organizations argue that the sector needs to shift its attention from modest goals that provide short-term relief to bold goals that, while harder to achieve, provide long-term solutions by tackling the root of social problems.” 2. “A great piece on the dangers of overlooking the contributions that business entrepreneurs make to society.” 3. 4. “A written summary of the ideas in my TED Talk.” 5. “We have to stop treating money as a sin in social change work. 6. 7. 8.

Tacktal Tal på filmgalor utmärks av gråtmildhet, tacksamhet och oro över att inte minnas alla man borde tacka. Men några har brutit normen och gjort något helt annat. Julia Roberts bröt ut i gapskratt Emma Thompson parafraserade Jane Austen När Emma Thompson fick en Golden Globe för en roll i filmatiseringen av boken Förnuft och känsla av Jane Austen så läste hon upp en text om arbetet med filmen, skriven i författarens stil. Kjell Bergqvist tackade sig själv Kjell Bergqvist fick en Guldbagge för 2009 års bästa manliga biroll rollen som Jonny i filmen Bröllopsfotografen 2010. Selma Lagerlöf frågar sin far Här läser Thyra Freding, föreståndare på Mårbacka, det tacktal Selma Lagerlöf höll när hon fick Nobelpriset 1909. "Har du en näsduk? 2009 fick författaren Herta Müller nobelpriset i litteratur. >> Se Herta Müllers nobelföreläsning (på tyska) >> Se Herta Müllers tacktal (på tyska)

What makes tattoos permanent? - Claudia Aguirre Further reading to recap what we learned. Urban legend has it that tattooed patients undergoing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) have experienced the ink being ripped from their skin – Is it true? Even though the presence of metal is common in pigments, there are no documented reports of tattoos being “ripped out” during a routine MRI. Necrosis is the disorganized death that results in inflammation because the immune system is not involved and cell cleanup is not accomplished; apoptosis (programmed cell death) is highly ordered and controlled, involves the immune system, and results in phagocytosis by macrophages (Becker et al., 2009). For more videos about the human body, check out this TED-Ed Series called Getting Under Our Skin.

Timbuktus tal - ord för ord I dag höll Fem i tolv-rörelsen sin årliga manifestation i Sveriges riksdag. Men när rapartisten Timbuktu tog emot pris närvarande inte talmannen Per Westerberg (M). – Som talman undviker Per Westerberg att närvara vid prisutdelningar som kan uppfattas som kontroversiella, säger hans pressekreterare Samira Zayane. Då höll han känslofyllda talet. "Jag tog med med mig en sak i dag som jag bara brukar ha med mig när jag lämnar Sverige, och det har jag inte gjort nu, för jag kom med en väldigt kort taxifärd. Jag tog med mig detta här (visar upp sitt pass). Det brukar jag bara ha, som sagt, när jag ska lämna Sverige för att påminna alla ställen jag kommer till, och var jag kommer ifrån. Det här betyder väldigt mycket för mig, detta, den här samlingen papper. Det är inte alla som bor i Sverige, och som lever i Sverige, som har ett sådant. Jag tog med den i dag för att säga att detta är mitt bevis i varje fall, på att jag inte är någon främling. Ni behöver inte vara toleranta mot mig. Tack."

Just How Small Is an Atom? - Jonathan Bergmann Whether we’re zooming in to the wavelength of a gamma ray or zooming out to the size of a galaxy, it can be difficult to wrap our heads around the big numbers we’re measuring—like nanometers (10-9meters) or gigameters (109). Take a look at these efforts to represent big numbers. What are the strengths of each? How would you represent a large number (like a gigameter)? Cary Huang: The Scale of the Universe 2 NOVA: A Sense of Scale: String Theory Chris Jordan pictures some shocking stats More than 2,400 years ago, the Greek philosopher Democritus began thinking about how many times matter could be divided.