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TPE Merchandise CD/DVD manufacturing and publishing service Distribution Digitale - Conflikt Arts : Imprimerie, Pressage CD/DVD, Merchandising, Graphisme, E-mastering Avec Zimbalam, distribuez votre musique sur les plus grands services de téléchargement et de streaming du monde entier et recevez 90% des royalties générées par vos ventes ! Suivez l'évolution de vos ventes en temps réel et analysez vos royalties précisément : par service, par zone géographique, etc.Gérez votre player exportable sur tous vos réseaux sociaux et sites web.Widget qui rassemblera toutes vos infos (albums, biographie, photos, vidéos) et renverra directement vers vos albums sur les plateformes d'achat.Créez votre site artiste Zimbalam personnalisable en quelques clics et récupérez les adresses mail de vos fans.Envoyez à vos fans vos dernières actus grâce à l'outil de newsletters Zimbalam Fan Connect.Accédez à des statistiques de promotion claires et précises pour optimiser votre communication et vos ventes. Cliquez ici pour agrandirCliquez ici pour agrandir

Products A Crow's Glory "Speakers of the Truth" CD $3.99 $7.99 On sale! A Hardcore 3 Way - Flawless Victory, Knock Em Dead, Hard Luck- CD $4.99 $9.99 On sale! A Life Once Lost "Manson" Zip Up Hoodie EmbedPlus - Easily add enhanced features like real-time reactions, movable zoom, slow motion, annotations, chapter / scene skipping, and more to your video embeds. < embed plus >

Music Rage This is Music Rage. The first pay-what-you-like initiative with a pack of albums by lesser known, better known or just completely unknown independent artists. Great music can be found anywhere, and we want to help connect artists with fans of good music. You, the customer, decide how much you'll pay for the whole pack. Just make up your mind quickly, as each pack is sold within a very limited timeframe and there's no way to stretch it! All the music bought on Music Rage is not only DRM-free, but also available in two audio formats: lossless FLAC and high-quality MP3 (LAME's 'standard' preset). This is Music Rage - the best way to support great music by paying the artists who made it. Stay tuned! And remember to tell your friends. Team: Michał & Tomasz

The state51 Conspiracy 7 Ways to Make Instapaper Rock Even Harder Post by David Pierce. Find me on Twitter. Instapaper is, whether you’re on a computer or on the go, the single best way to save things to read. Whether it’s magazine features or blog posts, you can save posts for reading and then read them anytime you want – even offline. In a nutshell, Instapaper works like this: you find something you want to read. As great as Instapaper is (and believe me, it’s great), there are a number of ways to make it even better. Instapaper Threestyled My biggest knock on Instapaper is that it’s not the best looking app I’ve ever seen. It adds some much-needed color and beauty to Instapaper, without killing any functionality. Fluid Fluid is an application that I’ve loved for a long time, which turns websites into standalone applications. This step is simple – just launch Fluid, and create an app for Folders Folders are a relatively new, and totally underrated, feature of Instapaper. The Instapaper Toolbar Save Articles With One Click RSS Feeds

Plastic Bomb Mailorder UK Ltd — Music Distribution, Licensing and Marketing AWAL will deliver your content worldwide to the major online stores and digital services on a no-fee basis. We will never charge you to encode, upload and deliver your music, instead we work solely on a 15% distribution commission. Our thirty day rolling term gives you the flexibility and freedom to control your digital business. · Worldwide delivery to more than 200 digital stores and services, including all the leading ones from iTunes to Amazon, Spotify to Beatport, eMusic to Shazam, Rdio to Deezer · Fast turnaround from content upload to delivery to the stores (AWAL has “live direct” status with iTunes which means that deliveries are made live in iTunes almost instantly) · Detailed and transparent monthly sales reporting and accounting, that clearly shows all downloads and streams broken down by product/track and retailer · Client support from our expert Operations team We will account for sales to you monthly, and within 45 days of the end of the calendar month. Labels For artists

30 Rocking Search Phrases To Inspire Great Content For Your Blog "Not sure what to write about? Just ask your readers." Have you ever heard that advice before? Sure you have, and it's not bad advice at all. Yet, what happens if you don't have a list or any readers at this point? Thanks to the tremendous growth of social media, this is how you break in. The following is a list of search phrases to get you started. 1. The following phrases will yield better results when using a keyword research tool like Wordtracker: 21. What do you think? What I love about doing it in forums, you can respond there and then. If you're still stuck with content ideas or you need a different kind of writing prompt, come on over to BlogEnergizer. ---Enjoy this Guest Post?

Plastic Bomb Shop Welcome to the ultimate Skype add-on tool