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100+ Ways to Organize Your Life

There comes a time in life when you have to put a stop to the mess you've been working and living in and say: no more! I'm going to get organized, do more and earn more in the same or even shorter amount of time. We've collected over one hundred links to help you get it together. Organize Your Stuff - Create a personal inventory online. YourGarage online - Keep track of all your car service records online, and manage routine maintenance as well as major and minor repairs. Car Performance - Keep track of the fuel efficiency of your car. Organize Your Shopping iPhonedItIn - Create your shopping list online, share it with others, and access it with your iPhone. OneTrip - Organize your shopping lists and access them from your iPhone. Organize Your Routine notebook G - A free online organizer with nothing to install and nothing to manage. SproutLiner - A structured to-do list for managing and organizing projects and ideas. Mojonote - A complete online calendar and task list manager. Related:  ΠΡΟΣΩΠΙΚΗ ΒΕΛΤΙΩΣΗΕΡΓΑΣΙΑ

10 Ways for Creatives to Reduce Procrastination Without Planning | Red Lemon... If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Procrastination, whether lacking in energy to finish a project, or being distracted by email, is stopping us from working effectively on our creations and projects and is taking valuable time away from promoting the work we have. Many of us want to cut down on time spent on wasteful activities, and much has been said about how to reduce procrastination. Despite this, many of us still procrastinate! I think a lot of this has to do with the suggestions to plan what you do, and this is putting us off taking action. Drawing from my own experiences as a writer and illustrator and the web, I’ve come up with a selection of ways to reduce procrastinating without the need to plan. 1. Don’t waste time planning and thinking about it. 2. Many people put something off because they expect a task to lead to negative emotions, including boredom. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. What do you do to cut down on wasting-time?

Organizing Your Email Inbox While email clutter may not look as bad as other types of clutter, it can feel just as bad. Email often comes with a to-do attached to it, so when your email in-box is cluttered and disorganized, the result can be very unsettling. What is lurking below the fold that needs your time and attention? Just like piles of mail on your kitchen counter, email clutter is stressful, which means it’s a great project to tackle. The good news is this: with a few simple techniques you can eliminate your email clutter and the stress that accompanies it. The Project Phase: Declutter and Organize Your In-Box As with any other organizing project, taming your email in-box involves two distinct phases—the project phase and the maintenance, or habits phase. Declutter Decluttering your in-box simply means deleting, responding and / or filing all of the emails in your in-box. If this goal seems out of reach, consider these strategies to simplify the decluttering process. Bite size the task Sort, sort and re-sort

Tackle Any Issue With a List of 100 The List of 100 is a powerful technique you can use to generate ideas, clarify your thoughts, uncover hidden problems or get solutions to any specific questions you’re interested in. The technique is very simple in principle: state your issue or question in the top of a blank sheet of paper and come up with a list of one hundred answers or solutions about it. “100 Ways to Generate Income”, “100 Ways to be More Creative” or “100 Ways to Improve my Relationships” are some examples. “One hundred entries? Bear with me: it’s exactly this exaggeration that makes the technique powerful. When starting your list you may believe that there’s no way to get it done. Unlike the related Idea Quota tool — whose primary goal is to acquire the habit of coming up with ideas — the goal of a List of 100 is to take your mind by surprise. Ground Rules There are only two simple principles to keep in mind when making Lists of 100: 1. This is the one crucial element for the technique to work. 2. 1. 2. 3.

Organized Living: How One Woman Keeps Her Home Clutter-Free By Reshma Memon Yaqub My childhood home -- a four-bedroom colonial in a Washington, D.C., suburb -- had an exquisite exterior. But inside there was too much furniture crowding every room; too many Sears receipts spilling from end tables with too many drawers; too many televisions, with their confusing array of remotes, making too much noise; too many boxes of yellow cake mix aging in the overstuffed pantry; too many shoes and coats crammed into the hall closet, making it impossible to find the ones I needed in a hurry. Don't get me wrong: Ours was never one of those unsanitary houses you see on hoarding shows. It was just uncomfortably full, like a belly straining against a belt while its owner made room for one more pie and seven more mini-muffins. The problem was my mother, who had trouble parting with anything she thought someone she loved might someday need from her (in other words, anything). Since leaving home for college, I've been making up for lost space.

100+ More Ways to Organize Your Life Last year we featured over 100 web applications to organize every aspect of your life, from your belongings to your social calendar, and more. Since then, many have been significantly improved and lots of new apps have been released. From basic to do lists to event planning, fitness, educational organizers, and more, here are 100 new applications to get you even more organized. Have a favorite? Tell us more about it in the comments. Organize Your Stuff LivingSocial - Organize your interests (restaurants, video games, books, TV shows, etc.) and share them with others. - Online tools to help you move. BookBump - Complete book organization, including in-depth management tools, instant bibliographies, and organized book lists. GuruLib - Home library organization application. allmythings - Secure home inventory software that offers both free and paid plans. WhatYah! PutPlace - Organize, store and backup all your digital stuff in one place. Organize Your Shopping Organize With Lists

Be Strong: How to Deal With Pain and Hardships in Your Life photo credit: _Ganesha_ Every now and then life throws us in the deep end and tells us to swim. We find ourselves in overwhelming situations that we don’t know how to deal with. It might be the death of a loved one, a personal illness or a case of serious depression. The inevitability of hardships The first thing I want to talk about is the fact that pain and hardships are inevitable. My goal in saying this is not to depress you. Suffering, pain and hardships are inevitable. How to deal with pain and hardships in your life photo credit: HAMED MASOUMI The tips that I am about to give you come from two places, my own personal experience and the experiences of history’s greatest meditation masters. If you have any other tips to add please leave a comment. Realize that it is your hardships that make you better Picture this. That is the situation I found myself in on my first trip to India. “I am not interested in how much money you have or what family you belong to.

online programma om zelf je huis te organiseren Open Source Alternative to Commercial Software Declutter Your Life By Leo Babauta There was a time, about 8 years ago, when my life was cluttered. I had too much stuff, and it kept coming in all the time. I was in need of some decluttering, and I knew it. When I started to change my habits, from smoking to running to being more mindful, simplifying my life was near the top of the list. The question became, how to go about it? The answer became clear, as I got started: start simply. That said, I found complications that made things harder at every turn. Start Decluttering How do you get started? Take just 10 minutes today to sort though a pile, or declutter a shelf or table or countertop.Put everything into one pile, and start with the first thing you pick up (no putting things back in the pile).Ask yourself: do you really need this? Keep Going Once you’ve gotten the ball rolling, here’s how to keep going: Keep decluttering in small bits. Decluttering Your Calendar & Digital Life Physical decluttering is only one type of decluttering. A few simple tips:

FavIcon from Pics -- how to create a favicon.ico for your website 365 Pictures Daily Photo Prompts Generated for Your Creative Inspiration! Writing Prompts : 365 : 365 Creative Picture Prompts, Prompt-a-Day Generator One picture and text prompt per day to inspire your creative life. Visit again tomorrow for February 5, 2015 What would this settler feel if she/he could return from the past and see their homestead still standing? Photo and prompt copyright © Kristi Tencarre. About 365 Picture Prompts Welcome to Creativity Portal's first-ever worldwide collaborative daily prompt project. Artists, photographers, writers, and other creatives have generously shared their personal pictures and thought-provoking prompts to inspire others with unique perspectives and manifested expressions of creativity. Use these images and words for: creative writing promptsimagination/brainstorming ideascreativity sparksartistic inspirationblogging story startersclassroom activitiesjournal & diary promptsmeditationsreflectionsconnecting with other creatives Frequently Answered Questions Q: How do I access past prompts?

Zamarra The Best Free Software - Reviews by PC Magazine Note: We've just released our newest collection of the best free software—the 2009 edition! Click on over for 173 other pieces of software to unlock the real potential of your PC…for free. We did the math: If you bought popular apps instead of trying their gratis counter-parts, at the manufacturers' list prices you'd be out $5,183 and change! Why spend money when you can get what you need for nothing? Hall of Fame Adobe Readerwww.adobe.comWindows | MacOS | Linux | Mobile This simplest of Adobe's PDF programs lets you do just about anything PDF-related (besides create new ones), including online collaboration. AIM www.aim.comWindows | MacOS | Linux | Web One of the most widely used pieces of free software ever, AOL Instant Messenger offers a ton of capabilities.Read our full review of AIM 6.5. Audacity audacity.sourceforge.netWindows | MacOS | Linux Whether you're recording or editing, Audacity is all about audio in practically any format.

Organising | The Clutter Fairy's Blog One thing my Clutter Fairy clients love is the fact that I take stuff away at the end of the day. It’s gone for good and with it a weight is lifted. At the end of every session I drop off at my local PDSA Charity Shop. There are definitely misconceptions around about what can and can’t be sent to the Charity Shop so I made an appointment with the lovely Ambia, Manager at the PDSA in Sale, and thought I would get straight from the horse’s mouth exactly what happens to our stuff when we drop it off. The basic message is that at least 98% of the stuff that comes through the door is used in some way and most of that sees some kind of financial return for the charity whether it be sold, recycled, ragged etc. Here are some questions I get asked alot. If my jumper has a hole in it or I have an odd sock, surely the Charity Shop doesn’t want it? ANY clothes, shoes, towels, dishcloths, knickers, socks, tights will be accepted. What do I do with electrical stuff? What about videos?