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Free Online Photo & Video Classes

Free Online Photo & Video Classes
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Education That Beats Inflation: 6 Ways to Learn for Free By Lou Carlozo, dealnews contributor At dealnews, we pride ourselves on our ability to spot bargains in any consumer product category you can name. That includes looking in to ways to save on your and your brood's education, though we wouldn't blame you if you've given up hope, as college costs have soared far above inflation for years. Maybe that's why universities are so aggressively pursuing Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs. This shift towards free university-accredited classes got us thinking: What are some great ways to score some free learning, of any sort? Yes, We Khan: The Khan Academy's Video Series If you're spending all your time on YouTube watching dancing hamsters and Kim Khardashian talk about her pregnancy and not learning much, you might want to put that couch potato time to better use. The Online Audacity of Udacity Learning in the Cloud: Pearson Opens OpenClass The textbook and learning industry giant Pearson launched OpenClass at the end of 2011.

Digital Photography Lessons - Free Photography Course, DSLR Lessons & Tips Whether you just purchased a brand new digital SLR camera or you're still trying to figure out how to use the one you've had for a while, these lessons can help you master your camera in no time. Many people have excellent cameras, but don't use them to their fullest artistic extent. These tutorials will help you take pictures like a professional, which makes photography a thrilling and satisfying hobby or money-making business! GETTING THE MOST OUT OF THESE LESSONS...Serious study of any art or academic discipline requires a combination of tenacity, maturity and a desire to integrate each day's learning into practice.

The Power of Perspective in Photography A Post By: Annie Tao How you shoot a scene determines what kind of story you want to tell and what kind of mood you want viewers to feel when they look at a photo. The power of perspective is beyond the consideration of your photography subjects; it is about the angle of your camera, your proximity to the subjects and what you include in the frame that plays an important role in your final image. Below are examples of different perspectives and why you’d want to take a photograph in that way. Examples of Different Perspectives Shoot from a low position and straight on – to get the perspective of a child Shoot downward – to get a sense of scale (ie, that the child is small), to eliminate distracting elements in the background, or to get natural catchlights in your subject’s eyes Shoot upward — to turn tall scenery, like trees or cityscape, into the backdrop Shoot wide – to show the environment Shoot up-close – to give an intimate feel or to highlight a particular action or detail Conclusions:

Tools for Educators - free worksheet templates, printable game templates, 100% customizable worksheet makers with images! Online Classes in Hobbies and Crafts It’s never too late to explore your creativity. Universal Class™ offers over 70 courses for crafters, hobbyists or for someone wanting to explore their creative talent. Online courses are an excellent way for just about anyone wanting to learn something new. There are over 30 online courses in Crafts & Hobbies that offer more than 654 hours of Continuing Education! Why Universal Class™? Universal Class™ offers over 5,000 hours of online continuing education training! 20 Best Websites To Download Free EBooks We understand that reading is the simplest way for human to derive and constructing meaning in order to gain a particular knowledge from a source. This tendency has been digitized when books evolve into digital media equivalent – E-Books. It would be nice if we’re able to download free e-book and take it with us. Great Websites to Download Ebooks FreeBookSpot FreeBookSpot is an online source of free ebooks download with 4485 FREE E-BOOKS in 96 categories which up to 71,97 GB. You can search and download free books in categories like scientific, engineering, programming, fiction and many other books. 4eBooks 4eBooks has a huge collection of computer programming ebooks. Free-eBooks Free-eBooks is an online source for free ebook downloads, ebook resources and ebook authors. You need to become a Free-EBooks.Net member to access their library. ManyBooks ManyBooks provides free ebooks for your PDA, iPod or eBook Reader. GetFreeEBooks FreeComputerBooks FreeTechBooks Scribd Globusz OnlineFreeEBooks

13 Things You Should Always Get for Free By Aaron Crowe, dealnews contributor There are few things more thrilling for a deal shopper than getting something for free. In fact, freebie deals are often the most popular offers on our site. Android Smartphones If you're a fan of phones with Google's operating system, then you're in luck; so many new Android smartphones are released these days that the market has become saturated — and as a result, most models quickly fall to $0 (with new 2-year contracts) after a few months. Phone Calls Skype, Google Voice, and other services let you make calls for free over the Internet, though be careful if they try to get you to upgrade to a paid plan. MP3 Downloads Getting a full album for free can be difficult, but with the number of music credit freebies we see bundled with Amazon deals, you should be able to amass a stockpile of credits to purchase a number of MP3 downloads that tempt you. Smartphone Apps Free apps are everywhere. Magazine Subscriptions Books Entertainment Car Trips Birthday Treats

Maps: Highway Forecast Ice Wall Crashing Lake Simcoe The wind pushed the ice off the lake onto the shores of Willow Beach, Ont. Is it safe to start gardening yet? When you're still expecting sub-zero temperatures, which plants are hardy enough? 'We did know that it was going to be a horrific day' Our meteorologist Doug Gillham looks back at the deadly 2011 tornado outbreak. The Long Ranger: What's on tap for the weekend? We look at what's to come for Canada over the next couple of days. News In A Minute: Drowning kangaroo saved from pool! If you missed them - here are 3 of some of our top stories from today. 'A battle of wills between shark and 12-year-old boy' A father-son fishing trip turns into the outing of a lifetime. Could amphibious houses be the future? In the fight against flooding could it just be a matter of flowing with the current? Could weather affect up coming election? 'How can the city handle major weather events' Bear goes for bird feeder (caught on camera) Ospreys vs. traffic camera

20 Interactive Whiteboard Resources for Teachers Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates and/or follow me on Twitter. Info on how to contact me is on the About page. Interactive whiteboards are a great way for teachers to engage classrooms in learning. General Resources TeacherLED – TeacherLED is a site dedicated to making the use of Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) easier and more productive. SMART – This SMART Board interactive whiteboard site provides several lesson plans and activities for teachers to use in the classroom. Topmarks – With some of the best free educational materials for IWBs, Topmarks is a great resource for finding IWB lesson plans and activities. Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom – This site for whiteboard users features tutorials, interactive websites, and software. Eduscapes – This guide to interactive whiteboards explains different activities and resources that can be used with IWBs. Games and Activities Enjoy! Like this: Like Loading... Related Red Fish!

Authors Who Skype with Classes & Book Clubs (for free!) Welcome to the Authors Who Skype with Classes & Book Clubs List! I’m Kate Messner, the children’s author and educator who maintains this site. I started it because I’ve found that virtual author visits are a great way to connect authors and readers, and I realize that many schools facing budget troubles don’t have the option of paid author visits. With that in mind, this is a list of authors who offer free 15-20-minute Q and A sessions with classes and book clubs that have finished reading one of their books. As an author, I offer Skype chats for all of my titles – check out the “Books” tab above for a list! If you’re interested in booking a “virtual visit” with me, please visit my author-Skype page for current availability and directions for requesting a visit! How does a Skype virtual visit work? Authors Who Skype With Classes & Book Clubs (for free!) The following authors offer free 15-20-minute Skype chats with book clubs and classes that have read one of their books!