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If WWI was a bar fight…

If WWI was a bar fight…
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A Very Different Type of Barbie Hits Shelves to Revolutionize How Girls Think About Their Body A few months ago, one of the most iconic toys in the world got a modern makeover so revolutionary that it went completely viral. If, like millions of others netizens, you loved the pictures of "Average Barbie" circulating across the web, you'll love what Nickolay Lamm, the designer of the creative project has in store next. Image credit: Nickolay Lamm Motivated by a strong desire to show that "average is beautiful," Lamm has decided to make his designs come to life with a doll called "Lammily." Lamm decided to take matters into his own hands after being bombarded with questions about where to buy a Barbie of normal size. The entreprenuer is offering prototypes of his toy to the first people to donate to his CrowdtiltOpen campaign, but his plan is to eventually be able to distribute the doll widely online and in retail. The Lammily doesn't just have the realistic proportions of the average 19-year-old woman — she also has articulated wrists, knees, elbows and feet.

Giant Crocheted Doily Rug Pattern, At Long Last! - creative jewish mom - Iceweasel At long last, namely almost a year and a half later, I have gotten around to figuring out the pattern for this sweet crocheted doily rug! My apologies to those of you who have been waiting, I quite simply could not find the large chunk of time or the brain power to do this until now! Plus I am not a professional crochet designer or pattern writer by any means, and I knew that there was an inconsistency or two in the pattern, that I had hoped to solve. Now after having made a smaller version of this rug to check the pattern, it turns out that there is one small inconsistency, that I didn't have time to work out, so please do be aware of that, though I state the problem clearly, and it's not something that is noticeable in the outcome of the rug. If any one feels like tackling this problem in the pattern, by all means, give it a try, one just needs to re-work a row or two I believe. Giant Crocheted Doily Rug Pattern: R1: Ch8, sl st in the first ch to join forming a ring. R4: Ch1. R6: Ch5.

Protect Our Privacy Are you part of an organization that would like to join our coalition? Join us by clicking here The Protect Our Privacy coalition is supported by: Experts, Academics and Public Figures Who Support the Protect Our Privacy Coalition: Prof. Footnotes [1] Why Peter MacKay Is Wrong About Warrantless Access to Personal Information. Coalition Statement The Protect Our Privacy Coalition endorses the following Statement: "More than ever, Canadians need strong, genuinely transparent, and properly enforced safeguards to secure privacy rights. ** Disclaimer: Coalition members do not necessarily endorse any content, website policies or activities beyond the statement of principle immediately above unless explicitly stated.

John Benefiel: America Is Cursed Because Ancient Egyptians Dedicated This Continent To Baal | Right Wing Watch - Iceweasel John Benefiel, the self-proclaimed "apostle" who was involved in Gov. Rick Perry's "The Response" prayer rally came to our attention a few years ago after we discovered videos of him proclaiming that the Statue of Liberty is a demonic idol and that homosexuality in an Illuminati conspiracy, was the guest on Cindy and Mike Jacobs' "God Knows" program recently where he detailed his efforts to break Baal's control over the United States of America. Benefiel, who believes that his prayers can cause earthquakes, explained to the Jacobs that Baal is a "counterfeit Jesus," meaning that while Jesus is the son of God, Baal is the son of Satan and wields control not only over America but over many of nations on the earth. How exactly did Baal come to rule over America, you ask?

Dear 'Daddy' in Seat 16C | Shanell Mouland Dear "Daddy," I don't know your name, but Kate called you "daddy" for the entire flight last week and you kindly never corrected her. In fact, you didn't even flinch as you could probably tell that she was not confusing you with her own "daddy," but instead making a judgment regarding your level of "safety" for her. If she calls you "daddy" then you better believe she thinks you are alright. I sat Kate, my 3-year-old who has autism, in the middle seat knowing full well that there would be a stranger sitting next to her for the duration of this flight. I had to make a quick decision and based on her obsession with opening and closing the window shade, I figured she might be less of a distraction if she sat in the middle. You could have shifted uncomfortably in your seat. Kate: (Upon noticing you had an iPad) Is dis Daddy's puduter? You: This is my iPad. Kate: To me?????? Me: Look with your eyes, Kate. Kate: Dat's nice! You: (Upon noticing that Kate had an iPad) I like your computer, too.

The Germans Play Monopoly - Existential Comics - Iceweasel The Germans Play Monopoly I'm not sure what they expected, it was inevitable really. Permanent Link to this Comic: Make sure the check out the Partially Examined Life Calendar, with art drawn by me <map name="admap76971" id="admap76971"><area href=" ‘I’m still shaking:’ mystery man hands out $50 bills in Dartmouth neighbourhood June Bond said she was “still shaking” Tuesday afternoon as she talked about a mysterious stranger walking up to her Dartmouth home and handing over two $50 bills. Bond and Bill MacNamara were having a cigarette on their porch around 9 a.m. Tuesday when a yellow Nissan Xterra pulled up and the man got out, she said. UPDATE: Mystery man who gave out free money in Halifax reportedly detained in P.E.I. mental hospital At first she thought he might have been selling something, Bond said, before he handed over the bills and two silver $5 coins. “Next thing you know, we’re both crying and you can’t get any words out,” Bond said with a smile. “I’m still shaking.” The couple couldn’t believe their luck, and MacNamara even held up the bills to a light to make sure they were real, he said with a laugh. “You hear of random acts of kindness but it’s usually a Tim Horton’s coffee … you don’t get $100,” Bond said. “Who is he? He also told them to buy food for everyone at the bar.

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