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Memiary, the weightless pocket diary

Memiary, the weightless pocket diary
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monkkee - the secure online diary - private and free Convert pdf to word - Convert pdf to doc - Convert online pdf to 100+ More Ways to Organize Your Life Last year we featured over 100 web applications to organize every aspect of your life, from your belongings to your social calendar, and more. Since then, many have been significantly improved and lots of new apps have been released. From basic to do lists to event planning, fitness, educational organizers, and more, here are 100 new applications to get you even more organized. Have a favorite? Organize Your Stuff LivingSocial - Organize your interests (restaurants, video games, books, TV shows, etc.) and share them with others. - Online tools to help you move. BookBump - Complete book organization, including in-depth management tools, instant bibliographies, and organized book lists. GuruLib - Home library organization application. allmythings - Secure home inventory software that offers both free and paid plans. WhatYah! PutPlace - Organize, store and backup all your digital stuff in one place. Organize Your Shopping iStorez - Create your own personal mall to simplify your shopping.

119 Journal Prompts for Your Journal Jar There are a myriad of benefits to journaling, and everyone should consider keeping a journal. However, one of the obstacles that people face when they want to pick up the practice of journaling is that they don’t know what to write about. In this post you’ll discover 119 journal prompts to help you get started in keeping a journal, or as additional inspiration for dedicated journalers. I recommend that you do the following: Get a beautiful jar–it can be a canning jar, a mason jar, or any other jar you have in the house.Print out the prompts below on slips of paper.Place the slips of paper in the jar.Reach into your jar each day as you prepare to write in your journal and take out one of the prompts.Set your timer anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on how much time you have available for journaling.Write anything that comes to mind as you read each prompt and elaborate on each point as much as you can. Below you’ll find 119 journal prompts for your journal jar. Sunday Scribblings

Back to Basics: Projects - Stepcase Lifehack One of the things that is so hard to grasp about “next actions” or “tasks” is that they are single actions – buy something, call someone, go somewhere, look something up. In and of themselves, they have no end goal other than their own immediate completion. People don’t think like that way, for the most part, and it is the challenge of productivity experts like David Allen or Stephen Covey to lead their students to do so. The first thing a newly-arrived student of productivity wants to put on his or her list is “write novel” or “write grant proposal” or “acquire Acme Co.” or “sue Google” or “save marriage” – big, huge undertakings that can’t just be “done”. You need a plan, you need resources that you probably don’t have immediate access to, you need coordination with other people, and you need time. These big undertakings are projects — “bundles” of actions devoted towards the achievement of some goal. But brushing my teeth is not a project. Heavy stuff for a project, yes?

The Online Diary - It's free! - Private or public, your choice! The Unsurpassable Productivity List: A Handy Guide to Getting Im Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. And now, for the list to surpass all lists. Well, it might not be all that but I hope this list of my best productivity articles will be of some use to you. :) I’ve gathered together some of my best posts on productivity, ZTD and GTD, to help guide you if you’re having trouble getting work done. A bit of Zen Habits history for those of you who are new to this blog: ZH started as a productivity/GTD blog, but very quickly expanded beyond that scope to include simplicity, organization, happiness, family, finance, health and fitness articles, among others. My Favorites GTD Resources Simple Productivity And More

Writing Exercises and Prompts for Journaling, Prose, Poetry and Memoirs These Writing Exercises are a collection of prompts originally published in The Journal Newsletter. The prompts include journaling prompts, prose prompts, poetry prompts, free writing prompts, and memoir prompts. Jump to the exercises you would like to see: Prompts Copyright © by Susan Michael and David Michael. Journaling Prompts Journaling Prompt - Imagine yourself in a place you like to be (not necessarily someplace you like to *go*). Journaling Prompt - Pretend that you see yourself walking into a room. Journaling Prompt - Create a list of images that symbolize the following: toughness, cruelty toughness, strength Journaling Prompt - Close your eyes for a minute and imagine you are skydiving. Journaling Prompt - Sit yourself in a favorite spot, or imagine an ideal place and describe it as an expanding bubble or sphere. Journaling Prompt - Hold your hands out in front of you, palms down. Journaling Prompt - By what do you measure your value as a person? Free Writing Prompts Poetry Prompts

50 Businesses You Can Start In Your Spare Time - Stepcase Lifeha Most people want a few more dollars in their wallets. But between an employer and family, the time most of us can devote to a second job is severely limited. Running a small side business can provide a few more options: you don’t have to show up at a set time and you can use skills you already have. Not all will be perfect for everyone, of course, and I’m sure that you’ll have a few ideas of your own after reading this list. Selling collectibles — From antique books to teddy bears, there are plenty of opportunities to buy and sell collectibles. There are plenty of offers that claim to provide you with the opportunity to make thousands of dollars a week.

8 Ways to Stop Thinking About Journaling and Actually Start Journaling We’ve talked before about the power of journaling. Setting aside some dedicated time to meditate on and write about your life—and your job—can not only help you keep a record of your day-to-day and keep track of things you want to remember, but can actually help you deal with tough situations, think toward the future, dig up new ideas, and more. But it’s one thing to want to start journaling, and another to actually do it. The first step is redefining what “journaling” is. The next step is finding a habit that works for you. 1. Many people try to journal at the end of their days as a recap, but the truth is, once you really start your day, journaling will likely get thrown to the wayside. 2. While many people recommend journaling in a physical notebook to give you brain a break from the screens, if you’re having a hard time keeping up that practice, why not try using an app that you can whip out when you have an extra moment in the day (such as your daily commute)? 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

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每天只能記下五件事情,你只要在當天結束時花上一分鐘的時間,就可以把今天的事情紀錄下來,作為生活紀錄、備忘錄,甚至是安排明天的計畫、或是待辦事項。值得一提的是Memiary相當注重用戶的隱私,註冊帳號甚至無須輸入Email信箱,也不會有公開的頁面,你所寫的內容就只有自己才看得到。 Memiary也支援Twitter, iPhone應用程式等功能,如果不想繼續使用,使用者也能夠快速匯出以前的日誌。註冊帳號剛才提到過Memiary不用輸入Email信箱就能註冊,也就是說你將能在這裡保有非常好的隱私。進入Memiary首頁後,直接把你要使用的帳號輸入對話框,然後按下”Sign up / Sign in”就可以了。如果你要使用Email註冊也可以,往後如果忘記密碼時就能透過Email方式來找回密碼。 by laoxiuwu Aug 2