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Parceiros | Escola Design Thinking Parceiros – 2013 Como Funciona? A organização parceira seleciona junto com o núcleo da Escola de Design Thinking um desafio a ser solucionado e co-criado pelos participantes durante 6 semanas a partir da inovadora abordagem do design thinking. Além de ter acesso a todo o processo de aprendizagem dos alunos, as organizações recebem dos próprios alunos soluções com um ponto de vista externo a organização. Buscamos parceiros engajados Com o intuito de aprofundar a aprendizagem dos alunos e gerarmos confiança sobre o processo de design thinking nas organizações, buscamos parceiros que queiram realmente se engajar neste modelo revolucionário de aprendizagem. Fale conosco As parcerias são avaliadas caso a caso, dependendo de cada contexto, situação e capacidade das organizações.

Home - Getting Smart Have Pack, Will Travel - Travel tips and stories for backpackers, budget travelers, and those wanting to discover the world through something more than a simple vacation. Short Term Rentals:Apartments, Homes and Rooms | Holiday Accommodation | Vacation Rentals by Owner D-Lab | Development through Dialogue, Design and Dissemination Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change The World – now available! Catalogue copy from the publisher (Scribner/Simon & Schuster): From a prominent educator, author, and founder of Harvard’s Change Leadership Group comes a provocative look at why innovation is today’s most essential real-world skill and what young people need from parents, teachers, and employers to become the innovators of America’s future. I N T H I S G R OU N D B R E A K I N G B O O K , education expert Tony Wagner provides a powerful rationale for developing an innovation-driven economy. He explores what parents, teachers, and employers must do to develop the capacities of young people to become innovators. In profiling compelling young American innovators such as Kirk Phelps, product manager for Apple’s first iPhone, and Jodie Wu, who founded a company that builds bicycle-powered maize shellers in Tanzania, Wagner reveals how the adults in their lives nurtured their creativity and sparked their imaginations, while teaching them to learn from failures and persevere. Buy the book

Best Camping Tips from the Pros Pitch a tent, fire, pack a cooler, tie a two half-hitches: these are the camping basics. Even if you didn’t study them in the Boy Scout handbook, online guides make them easy to learn. But what about the lesser-known, less intuitive ways to make camping more pleasant, comfortable or efficient? But the best camping hacks come from people whose hearts and minds are constantly on the next meadow and copse, the trailhead, mountaintop or campsite. Alastair Humphreys National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Popcorn kernels are a gem of a trick. Black peppercorns. Alex Walker Guide and Operator, Serian Safari Camps If you’re camping in or near a sand-river, dig yourself a nice pit and line it with a groundsheet — and voila, you have a makeshift bathtub. Parker Liautaud Polar Explorer Be organized. It’s specific to the environment. Darran Wells Associate Professor of Outdoor Education and Leadership, Central Wyoming College My favorite website for planning a hiking route: Chris Burkard

DCNR - Tuscarora Trail Trail Guide and maps can be obtained through the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club or from the Buchanan State Forest district office. The Tuscarora Trail was originally created as a new route for the Appalachian Trail. It first departs the Appalachian Trail at the top of Blue Mountain in Deans Gap. The Tuscarora Trail is marked with rectangular blue blaze marks. In cooperation with DCNR, sections of this trail are maintained, in part, by volunteers from the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club - North Chapter. Trail Stats Nearby City: Bedford, PA Length: 110 miles (in PA) Skill level: Moderate Trail type: Point-to-point

GPX-BR Home « Keeping Pace Awnings There are a number of options available for awnings for small campers in the US. I've broken them into a few classes of awning below. Retractable awnings These awnings roll back into a protective case, using either a hand crank or an electric motor. They can be rolled out to any percentage of open, meaning you can pull out just a small bit if space is limited. Fiamma F45i ($700 + brackets + freight): this is the premium campervan awning. Fiamma F65: larger than the F45, otherwise similar. Dometic Horizon (aka A&E Horizon) (~$800 + freight): Now known as Dometic, used to be A&E. Rhino Rack Foxwing Awning ($600): Very cool - comes out and wraps around 270 degrees, to shade the side and the back of your vehicle. 100% UV protection, and available for either the left or right side of the vehicle. Bag awnings Fiamma F35 Pro: another nice awning from Fiamma. Hannibal: Hannibal is based in South Africa, with no dealers elsewhere that I know of. (photo from Side tents - Your Guide to Authentic Regional Eats Grameen Foundation Fellowships | Bankers Without Borders Do you want to know what a Grameen Foundation Fellowship is really like? Four of our current GF Fellows, Jason, Hailey, Howard, and Laura sat down for two live video Q&A sessions to share their expereinces and answer questions submitted by interested candidates. Watch the recorded sessions at the links below! Q&A Session with GF Fellows Jason Loughnane and Hailey Hu. Q&A Session with GF Fellows Laura Burns and Howard Sherman.Laura is based in Colombia as our Marketing and Outreach Fellow for the Community Knowledge Worker program. Fellowship Overview While each Fellowship placement is tailored to match the Fellows' interests and skills with the the specific needs of the client organization, most placements will fall into one of the following categories. Business Development and Strategy: Responsibilities may include developing and implementing a new strategy or testing and building product demand in new markets.