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Ancient Words of Wisdom « Deep Spirits

Ancient Words of Wisdom « Deep Spirits

Homemade Kombucha Making your own kombucha is a snap. The whole process takes less than an hour, and at the end, you have a whole gallon of your own tart, fizzy fermented drink to enjoy when ever you want, at a cost that is less than you would pay for one small bottle at a health food store. Ingredients You’ll Need: Filtered WaterOrganic tea bags – must be black or green tea (not flavored herb tea)White granulated sugar A scoby mushroom (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) plus finished kombucha tea to serve as a starter. Equipment You’ll Need: One gallon glass jar (I use a SunTea jar)Coffee filters or paper towels and rubber band for covering the brewing containerFood grade funnelBottles and bottle stoppers (old wine bottles work well, as do Zyliss bottles stoppers)stainless steel pot The amounts of ingredients depend on the quantity of kombucha you want to make. Steps to Make Kombucha What should you do with your old SCOBY? Include it along with the baby in your next batch, give it away, or compost it.

Make full use TIPS TOdoIST : Date and time insertion Inserting dates and times Easily set a date and time for when a task is due, create recurring due dates and more with Todoist. You can insert textual dates in the date field, such as: Human dates You can write dates using words instead of numbers, and you can even use abbreviations. today tomorrow friday next friday tom at 16:30 fri at 2pm Normal dates Normal dates are also supported. Recurring dates You can enter recurring dates for your tasks. Repeat after X months In Todoist there are two recurring dates: every and after. An example, let's say we have following tasks: Clean fridge with due date every 3 months starting 10 April Clean fridge with due date after 3 months starting 10 April Completing every 3 months starting 10 April will result in a due date 3 months from 10. Completing after 3 months starting 10 April will result in a due date 3 months from the completion date.

PARALLAX How to Stay Awake After an All-Nighter: Coffee and Other Tips What works and what doesn't after you've been up all night. Why do I need to register or sign in for WebMD to save? We will provide you with a dropdown of all your saved articles when you are registered and signed in. Take a Nap The antidote to sleeplessness is sleep, says Rosekind, who led a fatigue management program for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Even a nap as short as 10 minutes can benefit you, as your brain quickly moves into slow-wave sleep, Dinges says. Drink Coffee or Another Caffeinated Beverage Be strategic with your coffee or energy drink and you’ll get an extended boost in alertness. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes for you to feel the effect of the caffeine, and the benefit will last for three to four hours, Rosekind says. The best strategy: Have your caffeine and lie down for a 30-minute nap. Continue reading below... One caveat: When you finally stop drinking your caffeinated beverage, expect a crash. Turn Up the Light Move Your Body

Global One TV - Spiritual TV elephant journal: Yoga, Sustainability, Politics, Spirituality. Family tree of the Greek gods Key: The essential Olympians' names are given in bold font. See also List of Greek mythological figures Notes External links Media related to Family trees of Greek mythology at Wikimedia Commons