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15 Platforms to Publish and Sell Online Courses

15 Platforms to Publish and Sell Online Courses
As I argue in Leading the Learning Revolution (essential reading for anyone who wants to be in the online course business), it’s a whole new world out there if you are an individual subject matter expert or a small training/education organization looking to sell online courses. It used to be that you had to master an authoring tool, license a learning management system (LMS) – or come up with a workaround – figure out hosting and e-commerce, and then somehow deal with end user support. These days, you can get across the finish line with little more than a Web cam, an Internet connection, and one of the platforms listed here. In this post I take a quick look at some of the options that are out there for helping you distribute and sell online courses and instructional videos on the Web. I update this list pretty frequently (last time: July 26, 2016). Keep in mind that this is a rapidly growing area. Also, keep in mind that I don’t specifically endorse any of these platforms. Academy of Mine

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Is It Better To Buy Or Sell Options? This is the question perpetually asked by retail option traders, often having been tainted by BS from some hyped up moron on a stage. I guess the question in their mind is over the long term,whether the negative theta of long options is too costly to be overcome by the long gamma and therefore it is better to sell options and take the other side of the equation. In this simplest form it ignores volatility and presupposes that one should 'always' be either a seller or a buyer. Real-World Blueprint for a $5-Million Week Ramit Sethi is on the short list of people I respect in the world of finance. In a space saturated by gurus who promote one method of investing and then follow another, Ramit has always been willing to share real numbers. And as a guest on the podcast, he also revealed many of his best successes and experiments. Ramit built his personal finance blog up to more than 1 million+ readers per month, and has turned it into a revenue generating monster and a growing business with more than 30 employees. I asked Ramit to dig into the specific details of his most recent success: a $5 million week.

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Learn to Trade Options with Paul Forchione and PFGBEST 3 sections (over 25 hours) of Paul's recorded educational webinars. Section 1) Vital Options Concepts Section 2) Market-Specific Spread Trading Section 3) Delta Neutral Trading Running time is 61 minutes. How to Gather 100,000 Emails in One Week (Includes Successful Templates, Code, Everything You Need) This story is about the launch of Harry’s, a new men’s grooming brand. Specifically, it will explain how they gathered nearly 100,000 email addresses in one week (!). This post includes all the email templates, open-source code, and insider tricks that you can use to replicate their success. It’s similar in depth to my previous how-to post, Hacking Kickstarter: How to Raise $100,000 in 10 Days.

Understanding Odds Getting to grips with understanding odds is a vital component when wagering on horse racing. Knowing what the odds represent unlocks important information that every punter needs to know before betting in earnest: what is the chance of my selection winning? Does it represent value? How much can I potentially win? When I had betting odds and Probabilityexplained to me in a simple manner it moved my understanding of the racing game on in leaps and bounds.

One Drop of Love Links to further pre and/or post-show discussions: Download and print our Educators Guide here: One Drop of Love Educator Guide with questions and resources to share and discuss with students before or after the show. Videos/Articles and other Resources to utilize in discussing themes of the show: Kimberlé Crenshaw on Intersectionality: “I wanted to come up with an everyday metaphor that everyone can use”New York Public Library’s “A Reading List for America“The conceps of names/naming + historical context are important to our show. Here’s an article on the importance of learning to properly pronounce student names: “What minority students hear when white teachers mispronounce their names““How I Learned about the One-Drop Rule” playlistOne Drop of Love Q&A Playlist Foobar - WordPress Notification Bars Tested and Works 100% in WP 3.8.1!! A WordPress plugin for adding great looking notification bars to your site. Submit your support tickets for FooBar through Visit the official site for videos, demos, feature lists and more!

Annuity Audit App This is the 10th exercise in a series designed to walk you through an entire financial plan. The exercise is embedded in an Excel spreadsheet you can download and save for personal use. You can read the backdrop for the exercise HERE, or just jump right in with the instructions given below:

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