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Cityzen Sciences : Le spécialiste des Textiles connectés

Cityzen Sciences : Le spécialiste des Textiles connectés

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National Obesity Forum - State of the Nation's Waistline - Obesity in the UK: Analysis and expectations The purpose of the State of the Nation’s Waistline report is to audit the state of obesity in the UK, to identify what initiatives and policy exists, and to assess their effectiveness in tackling obesity and weight management issues. Obesity and weight management are a direct cause of many health problems and are already placing enormous demands on the NHS at a time when health resources are stretched like never before. The current situation is unsustainable.

10 Smart Clothes You'll Be Wearing Soon In the emerging Internet of Things, everyday objects are becoming networked. Clothing is no exception. It's still early days for Web-enabled clothes - the best example so far is the Nike+ running shoe, which contains sensors that connect to the user's iPod. But expect to see everything from your shirt to your underwear networked in the not too distant future.

SEIL bag by leemyungsu design lab SEIL(Safe Enjoy Interact Light)-bag SEIL bag is designed to show left and right signals. Simply, controlling the detachable wireless controller enables various signals such as directional signal, emergency signal. SEIL is pronounced as [ZAIL] Bag Wireless Controller Can Ralph Lauren Take Smart Clothes Mainstream? "Breathe," says David Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s executive vice president for advertising, marketing and corporate communications, to a muscled male model standing nearby. A smartphone screen in Lauren’s hand, open to a Ralph Lauren-branded app, displays breaths per minute, and a yellow bar gives a slight jump forward when the model changes his breath.

Xelflex Breakthrough optical technology from product design and development firm Cambridge Consultants has led to the creation of a new generation of wearable technology. XelfleX is a novel type of ‘smart’ textile that turns garments into active motion sensors. It can be used to make comfortable, washable, robust clothing – and gives users information not available from existing wearables. Until now, smart fabrics have had multiple electronic sensors – making them cumbersome and sensitive to moisture. What makes XelfleX different is its fibre-optic thread which acts as the sensor – making a garment inherently smart.

Fitness Industry Improves Growth at a Price - 1.5% rise in value and 4.5% rise in total membership The 2013 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report reveals that the UK health and fitness industry has grown its total market value by 1.5% to £3.92 billion over the twelve month period to the end of March 2013. The 2013 report highlights that the industry has experienced improved growth in the last twelve months with increases of 1.5% in value, 2% in the number of fitness facilities and a 4.5% rise in the number of members, according to independent leisure market analysts The Leisure Database Company.

Exploring public perceptions of future wearable computing As scientists develop the next wave of smartwatches and other wearable computing, they might want to continue focusing their attention on the arms and the wrists. According to a recent Georgia Tech study, portable electronic devices placed on the collar, torso, waist or pants may cause awkwardness, embarrassment or strange looks. In a paper titled "Don't Mind Me Touching My Wrist," Georgia Tech researchers reported the results of a case study of interaction with on-body technology in public. How connected objects are predicting your next move Building a connected object is usually seen as a hardware challenge. But in order for the object to be useful in real conditions, the software also has to be extremely well designed. Quite often, the interface that lets the user interact with the object is very limited by the nature itself of the object. One way to cope with this is to analyze usage data in order to predict the user’s next move.

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