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iTheory What is iTheory? iTheory is a beginning music theory ear-training program for the iPod which allows on-the-go users to practice interval recognition, scale recognition, chord recognition, and perfect pitch. This program is a complex network of over 600 interactive text notes with links to over 200 audio clips. All iPods with the Notes feature – 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation iPods, as well as the iPod mini and iPod nano – are able to use iTheory. iTheory features interactive quizzes for students to test their music theory ear-training skills in four main areas. Download iTheory Download each of the following zipped files. iTheory NotesiTheory Sounds How to Enable your iPod for iTheory From To enable your iPod as a hard disk: Connect iPod to your computer.Open iTunes if it doesn't automatically open.Open iTunes Preferences. To store and read notes with your iPod: The Notes feature is available on iPods that have a dock connector. Copyright © 2007 by Duke University.

Elliott Sound Products - The Audio Pages (Main Index) Pages Last Updated March 2014 Welcome to ESP, the home of DIY audio articles, projects and shortform kits. Audio is a wonderful hobby, and with DIY there is a huge scope to get the very best performance for a lot less money than otherwise. IMPORTANT: Please see the disclaimer for information about these pages. Dates shown in RED indicate new or updated pages, typically within the last two months. View and/or Sign the ESP GuestbookPlease do not use the Guestbook to ask questions.Please Use English for your comments. The ESP logo is a registered trade mark of Elliott Sound Products. Internationale in 30+ languages - MP3 collection Webmasters: please link to this page and not directly to the audio files (their addresses are changed randomly from time to time). FAQ to the museum maintainer | Vadim Makarov | Credits Visitor’s comments Yes, it is an Italian tradition to sing the Internationale two times in a row, yet I don’t know why. -- Roberto Carioli (, December 27, 2002 The Spanish version is apparently some South American translation, different from the one popular in Spain (Arriba, parias de la tierra A pie, famelica legión...) One Polish reader was confused about the Polish version of the Internationale. The version you have in your site is the version of the Portuguese SP (Socialist Party), which was only founded in 1973, it’s not the Communist version. Some other reader says that the version in Spanish is some Latin-American translation different from the one popular in Spain (Arriba, parias de la tierra...). Add a comment | Add a link

Free Diagrams, Schematics and Service Manuals Ripping Vinyl with GNU/Linux Recently my Dad started sending me pieces of his vinyl record collection. He has a ton of good stuff from Led Zeppelin to The Beatles and everything in between from 65'-75'. My plan is to archive all the albums to my computer and do some other fancy things with them like converting each track to an MP3, allowing for easy distribution via CD or over the Internet. 1. Technics SL-20 Belt Drive TurntableTechnics SA-110 Stereo ReceiverTechnics SH-8XXX Graphic Equalizer64-Bit Debian GNU/Linux ComputerAll the equipment except the turntable was in excellent condition, but after taking it to Classic Audio Repair in Normal Heights they replaced the RCA cable, belt, checked the speed, and recommended a Grado Green MM cartridge for improved playback. 2. Audacity - Recording and Track SplittingNormalize-audio - Sound Level EqualizationEasyTag - MP3 Tagging (ID3v2)LAME - MP3 EncodingFLAC - Archival Lossless Encoding3. flac --lax -mep -b 8192 -l 32 -r 0,16 SideA.wav -o .. 4. 5. Update

Installing Ubuntu Studio 7.04 - Linux For The Creative | HowtoFo Version 1.0 Author: Falko Timme <ft [at] falkotimme [dot] com> Last edited 05/11/2007 Ubuntu Studio is a multimedia editing/creation flavour of Ubuntu, built for the GNU/Linux audio, video, and graphic enthusiast or professional. It is an official derivative of the Ubuntu open source operating system and comes with applications such as Ardour2, Wired, Hydrogen, Blender, Inkscape, Pitivi, and many more, as well as a beautiful dark theme (read the release notes to learn more). This walkthrough shows how to install it. I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you! 1 Applications This is a small excerpt of the applications that come with Ubuntu Studio 7.04: Audio Programs Graphics Programs Video Programs Kino - Free digital video editor Cinepaint - Frame by frame retouching tool Pitivi - Linear video editor Stopmotion - Create stop motion videos 2 Installing Ubuntu Studio The installation starts, and first you have to choose your language: Then select your location:

moretunes - Google Code moreTunes fetches data about the music being played on your media player (Winamp 5, Windows Media Player 9...). It gets the list of albums, lyrics, album covers and a lot more. With moreTunes, you can also repair the id3 tags automatically, rename your files in a convenient way and search similar music. Do you want to join this project?? The Features View the albums of an artist View the tracks of an album Buy music on Amazon Automatic search of songs played with Winamp 5 Automatic search of songs played with Windows Media Player 9 Automatic search of songs played with Media Monkey Search for similar music Scan your playlist Album covers Amazon customer reviews MP3 ID3 v2 tags editor Suggestions to repair the ID3 tags Rename your mp3s Scan your playlist Album covers Amazon customer reviews MP3 ID3 v2 tags editor Suggestions to repair the ID3 tags Rename your mp3s Screenshots

More Sound Science With Free Software : intro Load up Visual Analyser and make a sound into the microphone. Be sure to watch the lower window. That's the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), it shows us the frequencies being produced. You'll notice the peaks appear and go away very quickly. Simply click on the peaks of interest in your FFT window and VA will tell you the frequency.