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DIY AUDIO PROJECTS - Do-It-Yourself Hi-Fi for Audiophiles

DIY AUDIO PROJECTS - Do-It-Yourself Hi-Fi for Audiophiles

Links Companies search This search engine searches for electronics componentmanufacturers, distributors and dealers listed in this pageand related companies listings pages. This search hereis to help you more easily to find for example companieswhich manufacture certain products from this long list. Links to electronics manufacturer link pages Electronics component industry links This is a list of electronics companies. Branche ton Sonotone ! Hi-fi DIY - Building your own hi-fi equipment If you look at the prices charged for an off-the-shelf metal case of suitable dimensions to house domestic hi-fi, you will see that they don't come cheaply. Ask for a quote on having something built to your specifications and you are liable to become quite despondent. And that's if the supplier even agrees to do a 'one-off' for you. So if you are on a tight budget, the casework is going to be up to you to produce. - there's another solution which won't break the bank. You may have to pay a small price for a piece of defunct hi-fi or you may be lucky and get it for nothing.

RJM Audio - DIY Projects Do-it-yourself audio circuits and design ideas. Phono Stages : Digital : Line Level Circuits : Amplifiers : Headphone Circuits : Cables : Voltage Regulators and Power Supplies : Other Phono Stages The VSPS Cheap, simple, versatile op-amp phono stage. The CrystalFET J113 Passive MM MC Phonostage. The Phonoclone A current input MC phonostage based on the 47 Labs Phonocube. 6DJ8 Passive MM Phonostage Using two 6DJ8s. Top Digital Sources A DAC of the Klones 16-bit zero oversampling clone of the 47 Labs Progression. Line Level Sapphire 4 Discrete current feedback amplifier, can be used as a line stage or headphone amp. The B-board General purpose discrete diamond buffer. Amplifiers The Gainclone Reverse engineering the 47 Labs Gaincard. Single-Ended 6V6 Tube Amp How I got caught up in 'homebrew'. Headphone Circuits Discrete current feedback amplifier. Sapphire Discrete diamond buffer and op amp input stage. Twilight Single-ended MOSFET design revisited as a hybrid mu-follower. Szekeres VE J-Mo Mk. JFET-MOSFET buffer.

Georg Neumann GmbH - Products/Current Microphones/KU 100/Description The KU 100 dummy head is a binaural stereo microphone. It resembles the human head and has two microphone capsules built into the ears. When listening through high-quality headphones it gives the illusion of being right at the scene of the acoustic events. When using the KU 100 dummy head, the binaural stereo experience moves the listener into the scene of the original performance, in contrast to other space-related recording techniques, where the acoustic event is moved to the listener. The dummy head is also used in many industrial applications as a measuring device, for example in acoustic research. At the bottom of the unit is a switch for the different power supply modes, as well as connectors for balanced and unbalanced output signals. The idea The KU 100 dummy head is a replica of the human head with a microphone built into each ear. When played back through loudspeakers, the sound matches to a high degree that of conventional stereo microphones, placed in the same position.

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Homebuilt Hi-Fi - A user submitted image showcase of high quality home built hi-fi components. View By: Project Count: 403 Sealed Subwoofer Item: Focal 27v Subwoofer & O-Audio BASH 500W PE Type: Sealed Subwoofer Posted: 30 November 2012 Builder: Leon Country: Australia Comments: 0 Item: DAC Type: PD TDA1543 Posted: 26 November 2012 Builder: Stixx Country: Germany Comments: 0 retro-thermionic Item: "Heavy Metal" - 6N7 metal tube preamp Type: retro-thermionic Posted: 24 November 2012 Builder: Retro Country: Australia Comments: 0 chip amp Item: headphone amplifier Type: chip amp Posted: 22 November 2012 Builder: Stixx Country: Germany Comments: 3 Clossed with slave

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