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"Et sinon, je fais de la politique"

"Et sinon, je fais de la politique"

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This is Thin Privilege Thin privilege is not having Victoria’s Secret measurement tool tell you your measurements are too big by a solid four (band) inches and six (bust) inches. Mod comment: Victoria’s Secret is notoriously bad. Their cup sizes in most things stop at a C or D, so that even thin people who are busty can’t buy the fancy bras that are VS’s draw. But their band sizes… ugh. This is a chart that was handed out in my Women’s Studies class.

Army: unisex rooms made gender insignificant New research shows that gender became less important when the girls and boys shared unisex rooms in the army. This photo shows recruits out on exercise in Troms, Norway. (Photo: Torgeir Haugaard/Norwegian Armed Forces) Six boys and two girls in the same room in the army, a place known from previous research as a breeding ground for sexual harassment. bell hooks on Beyoncé: She Is a ‘Terrorist’ Because of Her ‘Impact On Young Girls’ Last night, The New School hosted a dynamic conversation between Black women activists and creatives titled “Are You Still a Slave?” The group, which included filmmaker Shola Lynch, author Marci Blackman, feminist icon and scholar bell hooks, and activist and author Janet Mock, focused on the images of women of color in the media and what types of messages are sent to the public at large. At one point in the evening, the discussion turned to Beyoncé’s Time magazine cover, and hooks—who once encouraged Bey’s budding feminism—accused the singer of being a “terrorist” when it comes to the messages she projects to young girls. Hooks, argued Beyoncé’s sexy, partially-clothed Time cover did little to bolster her pro-woman bona fides.

A Handy Graphic on Mansplaining January 3, 2012 by KarenX Misogyny on the Internet has been a very hot topic these past several days, what with the Reddit business I wrote about here and this new business with Penn Jillette and the Tweet written about by Jen McCreight here (“The Straw Woman of the Skeptical Movement), and like all hot topics online it comes with comments. Lots and lots of comments that follow at this point a fairly predictable pattern. Within the first twenty on any well-trafficked blog you’ll probably see someone accused of mansplaining, and someone else objecting to the term, on the basis of not understanding what it actually is or simply not liking the way the word sounds. With that confusion in mind, I drew something up that hopefully illustrates what mansplaining is and is not.

To Address Gender Gap, Is It Enough to Lean In? Judging by the popularity of her best-selling book, “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead,” the answer would seem to be yes. But Ms. Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook and one of the richest women in America, ran into a wall of criticism for playing down the institutional constraints that make it so difficult for most women to advance their careers while having a rich family life, from impossible school schedules to inflexible business hours. Even though Ms. thxsexism Should we tell them that there’s no such thing as “contracuctually obligated to have sex” with somebody? Eeerr… actually, it does. You think you’re smart ? No, you’re sexist.

Women at the Bargaining Table: Pitfalls and Prospects by Catherine H. Tinsley, Sandra I. Cheldelin, Andrea Kupfer Schneider, Emily T. Amanatullah Catherine H. Tinsley Georgetown University - Department of Management Your Guide to 'Not All Men,' the Best Meme on the Internet While I understand the place where this comes from (people hate being stereotyped even as they stereotype others), I think people miss the goddamn point: it doesn't matter if not all of group x or y does a or b. If you are not guilty of said action, then it doesn't apply to you. So, not all ____ people are racist against ____ people.

When I Don’t Shave My Legs, I Have Nightmares We are a hirsute people. Not even joking: When I leave my legs unshaven I have dreams about the fact that my legs are unshaven in contexts where it is embarrassing or even horrifying. What the hell is going on in my psyche? Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of it, or at least unpack it a bit. (If you’re still with me after the headline and opening pic, the rest should be cake!) In real life, if I haven’t shaved and I suddenly need to go somewhere I’ll give myself a quick shave in the bathroom sink, or if the weather’s cool, throw on a pair of black tights.

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