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Free bootstrap themes and template

Free bootstrap themes and template

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Working with Twitter Bootstrap 3 Affix Plug-in : Tutorial Republic Bootstrap affix plug-in is used to add affix behavior to any element. Creating Pinned Element with Bootstrap In this tutorial we will learn how to create a pinned (fixed positioned) element and toggle its pinning on and off using Bootstrap affix plugin. The pinning of an element is enabled through changing the value of its position CSS property from static to fixed. To do this, the affix plug-in toggles between three classes: .affix, .affix-top, and .affix-bottom. React - Business Theme React is created using latest HTML5 and CSS3 features, with responsive design works great in any device. Has a complete set of pages and features with lots of options and flexibility for your business or service, startup, SaaS, etc. It's focused on simplicity, cool aesthetics and to be fast to customize for real life use cases. Built with SASS with a folder structure that's organized, easy to get started and to add new stuff, includes good documentation and support, plus the normal css file if you prefer. Admin screenshots showcased throughout the theme: Detail Admin

Stacks Coming soon Vote for your favorite applications to become Bitnami packages on our wishlist page. We will add the most popular apps to the Bitnami application library. Photo Sharing,Video Sharing,Media sharing,Java,PostgreSQL,Ant,Apache Maven,Tomcat,Apache,dspace DSpace 283 votes Theme Template for Bootstrap This is a template showcasing the optional theme stylesheet included in Bootstrap. Use it as a starting point to create something more unique by building on or modifying it. Default Primary Success Info Warning Danger

Jeditable - Edit In Place Plugin For jQuery Hi! My name is Jeditable and I am inplace editor plugin for jQuery. With few lines of JavaScript code I allow you to click and edit the content of different html elements. I am based on Dylan Verheul’s editable. For those in hurry download latest source or minified. For bleeding edge version check GitHub. Get Bootstrapskin (Download and Install Guide) - Mediawiki BootStrap Skin This is the latest version, released August 21st 2014, it's primary purpose is to address BootStrapSkins mobile viewing problems. Prior to launch 1.0.43 was tested extensively by users on a variety of mobile devices including the iPhone 4/5, HTC 1/8, Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, iPad mini, Kindle Fire, Acer A500 and Blackberry Playbook. In addition to solving the resizing issue for a multitude of screen sizes and mobile devices 1.0.43 also hides (and modifies) some non-essential (mobile viewing) elements. For screen sizes of <768px Mediawiki admin links, search and BootStrapSkinSidebar are hidden, font size is also reduced to 13px for small devices and 12px for extra small devices.

Spacelab Raw denim you probably haven't heard of them jean shorts Austin. Nesciunt tofu stumptown aliqua, retro synth master cleanse. Mustache cliche tempor, williamsburg carles vegan helvetica. Reprehenderit butcher retro keffiyeh dreamcatcher synth. Cosby sweater eu banh mi, qui irure terry richardson ex squid. Aliquip placeat salvia cillum iphone. Smartphone Remote Control with Node.js and Nick Anastasov Wouldn’t it be cool to use your smartphone as a remote control? It turns out it is not difficult at all! You don’t even need to know how to write native mobile apps – your phone has a fully capable web browser with support for web sockets, which opens a lot of possibilities.

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