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Spirit Science

Spirit Science
Spirit Science is the animated series that started it all. The show follows Patchman, a little multidimensional patch-doll who takes you on a journey into the unknown and begins a long discussion about what it means to be Spiritual. Thoughts, Chakras, Sacred-Geometry, Astral Travel, and even Atlantis, through Spirit Science we look at all of these topics. Most people don’t realize that there is a very powerful connection between Spirituality and Science. All of the atoms, particles, plants, animals, humans, and galaxies, all function under very similar patterns and principles of existence. Lesson Guide Lesson 1 – Thoughts Patchman begins your journey into the unknown with the basics. Lesson 2 – Chakras In this lesson, we take a look at Chakras, and how your body picks up energy on a vibratory level. Lesson 3 – Channeling We talk about one of the methods to communicating with beings of consciousness both higher, and lower than ourselves. Lesson 4 – Male and Female Energy Lesson 7 – Dimensions Related:  thedragonskiss

The Monroe Institute | Explore Consciousness - Transform Your Life World Map Image Large World Political Maps : They depict state and national boundaries and political subdivisions of various regions of the world. Besides focusing on state and national boundaries of geographical regions, they also show locations of major cities. World Physical Maps : These maps depict different landforms - rivers, mountains, forested areas, and other physical features of a region. Places at different elevations are shown with different color gradients. World Economic Maps : These thematic maps highlight different economic activities in a region. Such maps are referred for forecasting and planning development of a region's economy. World Topographic Maps : They are detailed representations of natural and man-made features in a geographical area. World Climate Maps : The climatic conditions of a territory are reflected in these maps. Thematic World Maps : These are specially designed maps focusing on social, cultural, and economic aspects of a city, state, and country.

How to decalcify the Pineal Gland? Decalcify Pineal Gland - Decalcifying, Detoxifying & Activating Pineal Glands (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra) How to Decalcify the Pineal Gland (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra)? Section Contents: How to cleanse your pineal gland? How to activate your pineal gland (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra)? STEP 1 – Stop further calcification of your Pineal Gland1. Halides (Fluoride, Chlorine and Bromide)2. STEP 2 – Remove existing calcification within your Pineal Gland1. How to cleanse your pineal gland? As mentioned in the previous section (What is your Pineal Gland?) There are two parts to pineal gland decalcification. Below we will go through the methods you can take to achieve these two steps. STEP 1 – Stop further calcification of your Pineal Gland The key to stopping further calcification of your pineal gland is to firstly identify what causes calcification, and then secondly stopping these sources. Below is a list of the primary causes of calcification: Halides: Halides are chemical substances such as Fluoride, Chlorine and Bromide. Fluoride is the most common and widespread in our diets. Calcium: Tap Water: 1. I. 2. 3.

Marshall Goldsmith Library Providing feedback has long been considered to be an essential skill for leaders. As they strive to achieve the goals of the organization, employees need to know how they are doing. They need to know if their performance is in line with what their leaders expect. They need to learn what they have done well and what they need to change. Traditionally, this information has been communicated in the form of “downward feedback” from leaders to their employees. But there is a fundamental problem with all types of feedback: it focuses on the past, on what has already occurred—not on the infinite variety of opportunities that can happen in the future. Over the past several years, I have observed more than thirty thousand leaders as they participated in a fascinating experiential exercise. • Pick one behavior that they would like to change. • Describe this behavior to randomly selected fellow participants. • Listen attentively to the suggestions and take notes. Eleven Reasons to Try FeedForward

masaru emoto In all of these experiments, distilled water for hospital usage produced by the same company was used. Since it is distilled twice, it can be said that it is pure water. The result was that we always observed beautiful crystals after giving good words, playing good music, and showing, playing, or offering pure prayer to water. This world is filled with wonders and mysteries that get more incomprehensible if we try to think of a reason. Thus, except for some of truly basic things, no one disagrees that there are still so many unknowns. Combination of non-resonating vibration can result in destructive energy, and nothing can be created out of it. There are approximately 7 billion people exist on this Earth now. Therefore, the photograph of crystals is neither science nor religion. >How to order water crystal photographs. If you wish to use water crystal images for: - your publications - your presentations - your products or other purposes, please contact

Genetic Roulette MovieGenetic Roulette | The Gamble of Our Lives Secrets In Plain Sight 5 Things Your Brain Needs More Of Every Day The things we put into our bodies have a gigantic effect on the way that we feel. While it's obvious that a salad for lunch will give us more energy in the afternoon than a plate of cheese fries, there's a whole range of consumables--via eating, drinking, or otherwise--that can boost your alertness, awareness, and productivity. Some of these things you're probably already doing, like drinking tea. Some of these things you're not getting enough of, like sunshine. Some of these things you didn't expect. What you need: Caffeine + Theanine to get relaxed and alert If you know how to use it well, caffeine can help you remember things. How to get more: Thankfully, the caffeine and theanine super combo is readily present in one of the most-sipped beverages the world over: the black and green varieties of tea. What you need: Sunlight for a sunny disposition The most and least obvious of the things we need more of is sunlight. How to get more: Take a walk outside, as early in the day as possible.

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