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30 Reasons Why You should Focus on Pinterest in 2014

30 Reasons Why You should Focus on Pinterest in 2014
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6 Reasons Why Social Media is a Powerful Marketing Channel There are few good reasons why we should reconsider social media in our marketing campaign. It’s not just because everybody’s doing it rather there’s so much more to discover and to gain when taking your business to the social world. Let’s just take note of this, it’s the only online ad that is free and that you can take advantage of. Besides, there are more pros than cons in social media. With the proper guidance of your company’s social media manager and having social media awareness program to tackle to employees the proper usage of social media, what else could go wrong. Social media is such a powerful marketing channel that is worth investing your time.

Marketing Appointment Setting | Just another WordPress site Tip for Marketers: How to start an SEO Strategy for Mobile If your lead generation and SEO efforts are still desktop-based, you’re way behind the signs of times. Mobile usage is slowly but surely claiming the throne from consumer PCs, and the evidences just keep getting bigger. People no longer have to boot their computers to do a query on Google; they can do that on their mobile devices. But tablets and smartphones are not limited to regular people – even business buyers are apparently part of the revolution. And for a Business-to-Business (B2B) marketer, you have to respond to that challenge. Hence, SEO has crawled into the realms of mobile. 1. Books are only so helpful for a field that’s evolving so rapidly, as they can become outdated quickly. Google’s Mobile Playbook, by Jason Spero, is one of the best, and it has recently been updated for 2014. 2. Get an edge on your competitors by understanding what mobile searchers who visit your site want, and give it to them with your content. 3. 4. 5.

Sales and Marketing - Community What the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge can teach Online Marketers about being Cool No one likes a really cold bath. It’s the shivering, the awful sensation of numbness, and the fears of deadly hypothermia that makes it a detested affair. Who in his right mind would dive in a pool of Arctic water anyway? Well, athletes undergo cold water therapy in preparation for strenuous work. But in recent weeks, people from across the web have offered to douse themselves with cold water and record their psyched reactions for a very different reason – to raise awareness for a disabling muscle disease. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS is an illness that affects two people out of 100,000 a year. As a sign of support to ALS sufferers, celebrities like Lady Gaga and ordinary people took on the Ice Bucket Challenge, which has become a viral phenomenon online. The rules are clear: Ask a friend to take the challenge; if he doesn’t comply, he is urged to donate to the ALS Association; if he does, he is still urged to donate and ask other friends to also take the challenge.

Client Profiling Services Selling to people you don’t know is like shooting in the dark. While a few pitches actually hit the target, most are not even near-misses. Client profiling can quickly solve this problem. Unlike your typical company profiling technique, we don’t simply split business leads by differences in income, status, or age bracket. We perform rigorous data mining to create detailed client profiles you can use to effectively package and position your message to match your market’s interests. Could your lead generation campaign be more targeted if your client profile had the following additional information? Employment HistoryInterests and hobbiesProduct or service preferencesPurchase historyAverage spendingCredit worthiness, etc. Put more life into your customer prospecting campaign. Dial 888.810.7464 to speak with a Callbox representative or fill out that form on the left.

How to Stop a Conversation From Going in Circles Have you ever sat in a meeting and listened while the conversation went around and around in circles? It’s a frustrating experience—and one that sometimes leads to the faulty conclusion that discussion is a hindrance to action. Talking is actually critically important to good decision-making in organizations, but you have to do it right. Here’s why discussions get “stuck”—and what you can do about it. What’s Really Going on Here? Conversations often go in circles when everyone is advocating their own opinion. To do that, you have to understand a little about how our minds work. Let’s walk this back to the beginning: Every day, we are bombarded with information—sights, sounds, smells, words, colors, and more are all around us, and we unconsciously pick and choose what to take in, while filtering out everything we find unimportant. Courtesy of Peter Senge, "The Fifth Discipline" What Can You Do About It? According to Dr. “We haven’t tried this before—you don’t know what they’re going to do!”

Database Cleanup Success in any marketing campaign largely depends on the right combination of many factors. One of these is the quality of business data. A good business list often results in highly targeted and more efficient campaigns. In contrast, a bad list usually consumes so much time, energy, and money to work through. Regular database clean-up is important in ensuring the productivity of your organization. Database cleansing includes: Data Scrubbing - removing old, damaged, or irrelevant filesData Consolidation - organizing or grouping list entries according to certain parameters (e.g. by business type, by industry, etc.)Data Deduplication or Deduping - removing duplicate entriesData Integration - combining data from different databases to provide separate organizations a unified view of these. These tasks can be difficult and time consuming if performed manually. Use Callbox’s Data Cleaning Services and get the following benefits:

Marketing Survey Telemarketing is considered by many as the most effective market research tool for gathering feedback and market information. Unlike other market survey methods, telephone survey allows you to speak directly with your clients and prospects and find out how they feel about your brand. For example, if you are losing sales, you may conduct a phone survey to find out why people might not be buying your products or take a step further by listening to your competitors’ clients. With such flexibility and efficiency, the effectiveness of telemarketing as a method of gathering market information is beyond question. Do you have the time and other resources to do phone interviews? Callbox offers market research survey services to help sales and marketing organizations gather customer feedback and other useful market information through outbound telemarketing. How easy is that? Call us today and find out how different we are from other telephone survey companies.

Why Social Media is no longer a Hype The needs of the netizens have evolved through time. It’s not just about treating Google as the number resource station but treating social media as an important component of life. It’s becoming a life’s requirement and funny that humans prioritized this kind of technology over their ‘real’ needs. Social media had greatly affected our way of thinking and flooded the world with new born narcissists. Here’s Do Eskimos Tweet? Can your tweets actually reach Alaska? The idea of social media becoming “out of fashion” anytime in the future is just unthinkable. That can sometimes leave you wondering how other countries are taking a bite of this enormous power. Cultures may differ, but when it comes right down to being social animals, everyone has the same blood running though their thought-sharing, people-stalking and attention-seeking veins. Facebook: King of the hill “Bosnia. Twitter is still strong despite the numbers, even (and especially) in China The gang’s all here It’s no longer just a fad.

Leads and Appointments | B2B Sales Leads , B2B Appointments, Business Sales Leads B2B Lead Generation Blog: Make your Calls-to-Action “Conversion-Friendly” A B2B lead generation campaign though blogging can only be good as the elements that make up its entirety. And one of the most important elements of a blog is its calls-to-action or CTAs. A call-to-action is what bridges the gap between a prospect and the beginning of a sales process. Naturally, it’s important for marketers to make sure their CTAs are constructed in a way that not only attracts prospects to click but also brings them where they (and you, as a business) want to be. This post from Dayna Rothman of outlines 6 tips on how to do just that. From 1. If a lead wants to contact your company directly, make it as easy as possible. 2. Another common way to generate leads on your website is through your content asset downloads. 3. Consider using a chat service to collect leads on your site. 4. Depending on your product or service offering, you might consider offering your website visitors a value-add in the form of a benchmark, grader, or survey tool. 5. 6.