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The New Media Literacies

The New Media Literacies

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90+ Videos for Tech. & Media Literacy Update December 3/09: There has been much interest in this list so I have transferred this resource to a wiki. This post will remain, but I would be happy if others contributed to the wiki version found here. Thanks for your interest in media education. Over the past few years, I have been collecting interesting Internet videos that would be appropriate for lessons and presentations, or personal research, related to technological and media literacy. Basic Digital Skills If we are to ensure everyone across the UK has the skills they need to participate fully in the digital world, then it’s important that we understand what we mean by the term Basic Digital Skills. At Go ON UK we have worked with a broad range of organisations to create a framework of Basic Digital Skills, which can be used by individuals and organisations to help people to develop their digital skills. Only by all using a common measurement framework can we truly determine levels of digital skills and ensure that everyone in the UK achieves the same minimum standard of digital literacy. Managing information Find, manage and store digital information and content Safety

I deleted my Facebook app (and it’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time) — Higher Thoughts Lately I’ve been considering what’s important and useful as far as my digital world goes — particularly on my phone. Really, the only thing that’s suuuper important to me is Medium (because it’s where I write these posts). Twitter is kind of nice. I’ve started a couple meaningful relationships on there and usually shoot my posts through to my account, but 90% of the time, it sits unused.

Educational Leadership:Technology-Rich Learning:New Literacies and the Common Core Educational Leadership:Technology-Rich Learning:New Literacies and the Common Core You have successfully logged out of your Evernote account. Sign in The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens At Tumblr headquarters, I found myself in a contest of name-dropping teenagers’ URLs, much the same way people dropped indie rock bands in college. Danielle Strle told me about Cornputer; I had to tell her that Heckacute had gone password-protected. “Oh my God, you know Pizza?” Strle said. “Yes. Oh my God, I love Pizza,” I said, “Tell me about Pizza.” 5 trends that will change how we use social media in 2016 It’s been a memorable year in social media. 2015 saw the birth of live social streaming, with apps like Periscope and Meerkat winning over early adopters. Snapchat fully shed its reputation as a niche network and now counts more than 200 million active users. Meanwhile, video dominated social headlines, with Facebook users now logging an estimated 8 billion video views a day (even more than on YouTube, by some counts). What does 2016 hold for social media users?

Educational Leadership:Technology-Rich Learning:New Literacies and the Common Core A group of high school students stares intently at the famous crop-duster sequence from Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest. Cary Grant is standing alone at the side of a deserted highway. As film buffs know, Grant isn't alone for long; a mysterious crop-duster plane soon appears out of nowhere and begins dive-bombing him, chasing him down the road until he is forced to take cover in a cornfield. As the students watch the film, they look for moments when editing cuts have been made by the film editor. Each time an edit occurs (when one shot switches to another), they clap their hands. The Web We Have to Save — Matter It had all started with 9/11. I was in Toronto, and my father had just arrived from Tehran for a visit. We were having breakfast when the second plane hit the World Trade Center. I was puzzled and confused and, looking for insights and explanations, I came across blogs. Once I read a few, I thought: This is it, I should start one, and encourage all Iranians to start blogging as well.