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How to Build Links Fast: 101 Tips & Strategies

How to Build Links Fast: 101 Tips & Strategies
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A Guide To Writing & Optimizing SEO Content [Gifographic] - If you want your website to be found on the web you must ensure that the content on your site is SEO optimized. By optimizing seo content, it is possible to reach out to the millions of readers out there using the internet. It is one of the most potent and useful techniques being used in internet marketing now-a-days. Why is SEO optimized content crucial? Whether it is your company website that presents the services or products you offer to the world, or your personal blog, the content you create for it should be compelling, original, and of course SEO optimized. 1. It has been found that about 63% of content marketing success can be attributed to an increase in web traffic. 2. About 2/3 of B2B marketers admitted that good content helped their businesses with positive outcomes. 3. If you create content that meets all of Google’s standards for a well-written piece, it will be awarded a higher ranking in Google search results. 4. 5. Factors Influencing Great SEO Content 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Link Building Tactics - The Complete List Remember how people say, "it's not about what you know, it's about who you know"? The same goes for the Web. Those relationships will turn into links, both in the short-term & the long-term. Just like with getting people to see you content, I realized a lot of the tactical ways to build relationships aren’t direct ways to get links, I decided to delete that section in this guide, and list all of them here instead. Random acts of kindness - Whenever you can, be nice to people. Give a crap - Actually care about people. Participate - If someone is conducting a survey or testing something, get involved and participate. Local meetups - Whether you find one or start one, meetups are a fantastic way to get to know people close by. User group meetings - A great way to get to know people who think like you is by finding those who use the same products or services like you. Conferences - Seriously, go to them. Call them - Yep, I said it.

New Website - Zero Results - Why? - Web Eminence I set up a new website but after 2 months, I haven’t gotten any phone calls or emails. I hear this comment often from new website owners and I understand the frustration. With the excitement of getting a new website online, most people hope new customers will follow. But the reality is usually very humbling as the traffic is slow and the contacts received through a new website are ZERO. If a client contacts me saying they are not getting any phone calls or emails through their website, my first assumption is that they are not getting much traffic to their site. What I usually find looks like the stats shown in the graphic to the right with an average of 10 visitors coming to the website each day. “How many visitors should your site get?” You can read this article from HubPages that answers this basic question . You’ll need to get more than 10 visitors a day to get any results from your website. To get more traffic to your site, you need to first understand where the traffic comes from.

How to Perform CPR-Crucial Steps you Should Know [Gifographic] - CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a technique for saving lives during an emergency. It is useful in situations like a heart attack or near drowned. It is basically used when a person’s heartbeat stops. It is good to know how to perform CPR as you may not know when one would get into a situation like this. This knowledge could save a life someday. CPR basically is done to keep the blood pumping through the body so it reaches the vital areas like kidneys, brain, liver etc.If blood does not reach these organs, they can suffer irreparable damage and ultimately death. There are certain things that you need to know before you begin CPR on a person. Is the person conscious or unconscious? Every person should be trained in CPR as it may help save a life someday. Compressions are done to restore the blood circulation in the body. Lie the person on his/her back and kneel down near the person’s shoulders. Airway should be opened and cleared of any obstructions.

15 Sites That Help You Use Your Twitter Profile for Link Building I know the minute some people read the title of this post, they will think that this is a far-fetched idea. But bear with me for the duration of this post. I will show you fifteen sites (all the way up to a Google PageRank of 7 and Domain Authority of 94) that will either automatically link back to you using information in your Twitter profile or will allow you to sign in with Twitter and add links because of it. Is Your Twitter Profile Optimized to Build Links? Before we look at those awesome sites that will link back to you based on your Twitter information, let’s start by making sure your Twitter profile is ready to help build links. This will result in your Twitter profile looking like this. It can be the same link in both if you are only working with one website, or two different ones if you prefer. Examples of such areas include when you are in a Twitter list… Or when you are mentioned in a tweet. Account Security 15 Websites That Will Link to Websites in Your Twitter Profile Klout

How to Use Fusion Marketing When I walked into the dry cleaners the other day to drop off my shirts, I found a $5-off coupon on the counter for the pizza shop two doors down. I decided I wanted pizza, so I walked down to the pizza shop, redeemed my coupon, and found a coupon on their counter for $5 off at the dry-cleaning place I was just at. These two establishments were sending traffic to each other; they had formed a strategic business alliance. In the world of Guerrilla Marketing, this is known as fusion marketing. As entrepreneurs, we always think we have to do things alone, but its amazing the synergy available from collaborating or aligning with others. Those that are likely collaborators or fusion marketing alliances are power partners. I know a printer who offers a free pizza coupon or free ice cream coupon on the back page of their notepads. Easy Steps to Setting Up Your Own Fusion Marketing Arrangement Here are easy steps you can take to set up your own fusion marketing arrangements: Call For Entry

Merry Christmas Treats To Make PSD Template [Infographic Template] Visual imagery is the art of making learning easier and effective through constructing mental images that can be recalled later. Infographics are visual representations of data or information intended for presenting in a quick and clear way. However, much thought needs to be given when it comes to your skills in graphics and its technology. Do you have the right skills to create a graphical content? With Christmas just around the corner, the Merry Christmas Treats infographic template may come in handy. So what are you waiting for? Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in sales funnels, targeted traffic, and website conversions.

Link Building Metrics - Beginner's Guide to Link Building There are various metrics associated with links that you should be aware of. These metrics can help you judge the value of a potential link, helping you assess whether it is worth pursuing and how much resources you should put into acquiring it. Knowing these kinds of metrics is also useful when you are doing link profile analysis (a holistic report of the number and types of links on a website), whether on a competitor's website or your own. Domain strength Domain strength is the cumulative value of an entire domain. It is usually displayed as either Domain Authority or as the homepage's Page Authority. PageRank is calculated by Google and based on the number and quality of links pointing to a web page. It should be noted that there is a difference between "Toolbar PageRank" and the actual PageRank used by Google. For that reason, the PageRank you see in the Google Toolbar could be several months old. For example, CNN has a PageRank of 8 and a Domain Authority of 99. Page strength AHREFs

affiliate marketing : Social Media Examiner Are you looking for ways to make money with your professional blog? Do you want to know how to leverage your content to monetize your site? To learn how to make more money with your blog, I interview Leslie Samuel. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. Listen to Leslie Samuel explain how you can make more money with your blog. In this episode I interview Leslie Samuel, whose Interactive Biology blog makes biology fun for students and teachers. Listen to Mike talk with Leslie Samuel to find out how to monetize your blog. Leslie shares how to make more money with your blog. You’ll discover the many ways you can leverage content on your blog to make money, the benefits and pitfalls of display ads and affiliate marketing and the strategy behind selling your own products and services through your site. Listen Now

How to Choose the Best Explainer Video Production Company Explainer videos are the latest trend for marketing a company or its products. There are many production companies that produce explainer videos. But with so many organizations offering the same services, it can be difficult to choose the best. There are many factors that you need to consider when seeking a company for creating an explainer video. #1. The most important factor to consider is the design of the final product. #2. The second most important factor that you need to consider while choosing a company for your video is how much they are charging per video, and whether or not that cost fits into your budget. #3. Time is also a major big factor you should consider. #4. You should choose a company that actually understands your product. #5. The experience that the design company has will directly affect the quality of the video. #6. The company that you choose needs to be friendly and approachable. #7. #8. The overall experience of you as a customer will look something like this:

Link Building Tactics - Beginner's Guide to Link Building There are lots and lots of ways to get links. The right tactics for you depend on the resources you have at your disposal as well as the industry that you're in. Industries that are more established and competitive often require you to be quite aggressive with link building, and you might find earning those links more difficult. Content-based link building Some of these you've already learned about in the chapter on building a link building campaign, so we'll try not to repeat ourselves here. An infographic A data visualization A white paper A how-to guide A video An image gallery You create these assets with a view to earning links to them from people who find them relevant, interesting, funny, informative, etc. Examples of content-based link building campaigns In this section, we will look at some examples of successful link building campaigns along with some analysis of what made them successful. 100 years of rock music visualised You vs.

200+ Writing Prompts To Help You Think Outside The Box Whether you’ve never heard of writing prompts or you’re a huge fan of them like I am, you’re going to love this post. If you’re not familiar, they’re are basically writing ideas to spark your imagination while writing. Who doesn’t love getting new ideas (especially when you’re out of them)? Read on for fresh writing prompts to give you new ideas for your own writing. Want to use Click to Tweet on your blog? Why You Should Use Writing Prompts You know those days when you write something and then you delete it all to try writing it again… And once you’ve written something, it still doesn’t sound exactly how you want it to so you scratch the whole thing. This is the kind of situation when you should try out some writing prompts. Writers who don’t struggle to find writing ideas would also benefit from using these. The Different Kinds Of Writing Prompts Writing prompts are popular in the journaling and creative writing worlds, which opens the door to many different kinds of prompts. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

5 Things that Motivate Us to Travel PSD Template [Infographic Template] When you have an idea which you want to share with a group of people, there is no better way than doing it with the help of an infographic. Infographics are a graphical representation of ideas and information and have the ability to draw and hold the reader’s attention till the end. This is because, infographics use images, charts, clipart etc. to describe things in as limited words as possible. People today don’t have the time to go through a huge piece of article. So the most effective way to get across an idea or information to your audience is through an infographic. However, it is important that you make infographics eye-catching and interesting to read. Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in sales funnels, targeted traffic, and website conversions.