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Choosing Constructive KPIs: The Ultimate B2B Marketing Criteria

Choosing Constructive KPIs: The Ultimate B2B Marketing Criteria
One of the many things modern business owners can be thankful of is accessibility to data. Countless analytics tools – both paid and free – are readily available for marketers who wish to determine the success of their businesses. In the old days, managers and executives needed to scrimmage against piles of papers and charts to organize their business numbers. So we should be thankful we don’t need to do that anymore. However, there is a disadvantage with this easy access to software tools. “This is where Key Performance Indicators (KPI) come in,” says Andrew Rogers, President and COO at “Data, and its proper use, is the single biggest arbiter between business success and failure. Below is a mini-guideline, proposed by Rogers, in considering which KPIs to be used in your business. From 1) What qualifies for KPI status? It must be quantifiable: Often, companies will establish KPIs that they cannot accurately measure. 2) How many KPIs are appropriate? Related:  B2B Marketing | TelemarketingSEO and Telemarketing

Singapore B2B Appointment Setting: How To Make Your Online Marketing Mobile-Friendly Smartphone use in southeast asia is increasing, with Singapore leading the pack. To maximize the reach of your lead generation campaign and the amount of sales leads generated, your company should begin to consider optimizing your online presence for mobile viewing and use. Here are a few tips to get started on turning your company’s website mobile: Make everything simple. Avoid using complicated javascript or flash on your mobile site. Aside from your website, all your online marketing campaigns should be optimized for mobile viewing.

Why talking on the phone is better than sending an email The conveniences offered by the internet are boundless. Email has become the main channel for B2B marketing, allowing lead generation campaigns to engage prospects across different locations. We can always vouch on the internet for having the ability to get people closer together in spite of geography. But the question remains: Is direct mail really that effective? For modern marketers, emails may seem like the way to go to expose your product to existing and potential customers. But we can never really deny that it has its limits. When in doubt, trust that the traditional practice of telemarketing can be effective in getting higher conversion rates. Here are three reasons why picking up the phone is better than sending direct mail: Humanistic. Higher Response Rate. More Direct. It would seem wise to engage your prospects by phone rather than e-mail. Source: Phone vs.

Singapore Telemarketing Services: Why Do We Need Rapport In Telemarketing? Telemarketing – a marketing tool that never fails to leave a bad taste in the mouth of business prospects. Well, that is to be expected. After all, when it comes to being the most annoying or most troublesome communication tool, most people would rank telemarketing right at the top. But you also cannot deny that this is the one best medium to use when trying to get in touch with potential B2B leads . What makes all the difference here is how you establish rapport. Yes, rapport. This is something that you can do by following these simple tips: Show genuine interest – you have heard of the saying ‘fake it till you make it’, right? See, it is not that hard to create a positive rapport with your audience.

6 Tips for a More Effective Remarketing Strategy When marketers take into account the potential of previous leads that didn’t end up converted, chances become doubled. Since these leads already underwent the initial phases of your sales funnel (first contact, introduction of product or service, exchange of information), they are more easily guided into (re)considering the transaction. After all, it’s always sweeter the second time around, so they say. Rekindling these “relationships” with warm leads also send a message to the industry that your business makes necessary efforts to connect with its target market and beyond. But how do you carry out an effective remarketing move? To answer that, here is an excerpt from a post at Set clear objectives.

Singapore Telemarketing Services: Why It Is Also Important For Commercial Cleaning Providers To Outsource Telemarketing Services “A house is not a home without a beautiful garden. But, a house is not even anything if it is dirty.” It doesn't really matter how progressive a company is. It doesn't really matter if it has earned bigger and higher sales profits every year. It doesn't even matter if that company is housed in a very beautiful building and it doesn't even matter if it has all the best facilities and the best software and IT solutions. With the help of a telemarketing company, they can contact and arrange face-to-face appointments that can be successfully done by highly trained telemarketers. What these telemarketing companies will do is to provide first-rate telemarketing and lead generation services for commercial cleaning firms. It would really be nice to know that a successful company in any industry has not only attained their financial goals but they have also taken the time to clean their surroundings which make dealing with them more convenient, easier and, of course, healthier.

Qualities To Look For In An Events Telemarketing Partner In AustraliaB2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing One of the most indispensable methods of marketing for companies in Australia would be organizing public events. These are special occasions where businesses get to interact with people outside their company, even outside their own industries. For a purely networking perspective, this is a very good way to attract more B2B leads. Of course, since we are talking about public events, like a forum or a business fair, you need to invite other companies, right? If you choose the right partner, then they can get you the results you sorely want. Take note of the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. To be honest, if you can find a marketing company who possesses these five traits, then you should grab them.

B2B Lead Generation Singapore: The Value Of Telemarketing For IT Consulting If there is anything that can be said about businesses in Singapore, it is the fact that there are so many of you in business (in comparison to the clients that need them). This creates a competitive climate, making it more important that your B2B lead generation and appointment setting campaign is a success. But how can do that? Surprisingly, it is through a medium that, although old-fashioned, has nevertheless been very effective in generating SEO leads. Yes, we are talking about telemarketing. This vehicle of communication has never failed to bring the needed qualified B2B leads that your business will need. Of course, there will be those who beg to differ. In the end, when it comes to generating SEO leads in Singapore, you ought to know that telemarketing is the best medium to use.

Telesales and Telemarketing: Essentially Same, Technically DifferentB2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing Telesales and telemarketing are both products of marketing innovation that are designed to increase company profit using modern forms of channels – telephone, email, social media, etc. Both schemes are often used interchangeably because they share common marketing contexts, nevertheless to distinguish the difference between the two is important. Though both may have a thin line between each other as they have one general aim, that is lead generation, telemarketing carries a more comprehensive and broader function. Telesales, on the other hand, is designed for a certain focal point. The main functions of telemarketing are product awareness and lead generation. Set appointmentsPromote eventsGenerate marketing leadsMarket researchPoll and surveyCollect feedbacksRetain customers These functions compose the survival kit that will aid every company in lead generation for marketing successes. Telesales however, is more focused on a single subject.

Tying BPO and Social Media Together In Singaporean Market | Business Marketing Singapore For the longest time that social media has been emerging as the trendiest mean of communication, it has indeed proved its worth and effectiveness. From the variety of endless opportunities it offers and activities for both people looking for entertainment and business, social media has certainly evolved into a strategic mean of disseminating necessary information to the people around the world. It has also become a portal for creating business opportunities, brand visibility and networking, etc. We all know that Singapore has a high Internet penetration rate with social networking as the most popular online activity. It is no longer a secret as well on how far this country has reached in terms of global competency in the business world. The fact that social media is relatively inexpensive makes it the best place for Singapore’s BPO service providers to implement lead generation campaigns that are beneficial to both clients and consumers. Why?