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Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability

Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability

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The Inside Story Equally important, they turn the audience/listeners into viral advocates of the proposition, whether in life or in business, by paying the story—not just the information—forward. Gregg Segal Stories, unlike straight-up information, can change our lives because they directly involve us, bringing us into the inner world of the protagonist. As I tell the students in one of my UCLA graduate courses, Navigating a Narrative World, without stories not only would we not likely have survived as a species, we couldn't understand ourselves. They provoke our memory and give us the framework for much of our understanding.

CNN Student News - February 17, 2016 Politics swirl around the notion of filling a late justice's seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. Oil-producing nations grapple with the prospect of changing their production plans. Lasers increasingly threaten airline pilots. And an astronaut discusses the challenges of spending almost a year in space. Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen! Everything I do, and everything I do professionally --my life -- has been shapedby seven years of work as a young man in Africa.From 1971 to 1977 --I look young, but I'm not — (Laughter) --I worked in Zambia, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Somalia,in projects of technical cooperation with African countries. I worked for an Italian NGO,and every single project that we set up in Africafailed.And I was distraught.I thought, age 21, that we Italians were good peopleand we were doing good work in Africa.Instead, everything we touched we killed. And of course, everything in Africa grew beautifully.We had these magnificent tomatoes. In Italy, a tomatowould grow to this size. In Zambia, to this size.And we could not believe, and we were telling the Zambians,"Look how easy agriculture is."

Shriver >>Brené Brown: Shame, Empathy, and the Wholehearted Journey Essay partially excerpted from The Gifts of Imperfection Turning down speaking invitations is a vulnerable process for me because years of pleasing and perfecting have left me feeling less than comfortable with disappointing people. Not only does the “good girl” in me hate letting people down, but I sometimes struggle with the fear that if I say no everyone is going to stop asking. My new commitment to setting boundaries comes from the twelve years I’ve spent studying wholeheartedness and what it takes to make the journey from “What will people think?” Zappos Insights: The Link Between Culture and Storytelling - Get Storied Excited to release this 34-minute interview I did for Zappos Insights (back in Dec 2009). This was content previously available exclusively to the Zappos Insights membership community. In this video, my good friend Robert Richman, Product Manager of Zappos Insights, and I seriously geek out on the link between storytelling and cultures of innovation. Understanding the Zappos Brand

CAIR >>NY Calls for Probe of Bullying Resulting in Expulsion Hearing for Muslim Students Muslim civil rights group asks police to investigate possible bias motive for vandalism to Muslim family’s home (NEW YORK, NY, 3/16/2016) – The New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NY) today called for an outside investigation of the alleged bullying that resulted in two Muslim brothers at Williamsville East High School in Williamsville, N.Y., facing an expulsion hearing. Family members say the Muslim are being punished after they were forced to defend themselves from anti-Muslim bullies.

How to Use Storytelling to Design Delightful UX Since the beginning of time good storytellers have been the heart and soul of any community. They have enjoyed popularity and sympathy of their fellows, who kept coming for more stories and tales. Little has changed since then. EdWeek >>Studies Probe 'Ecology' of Bullying Published Online: May 18, 2010 Published in Print: May 19, 2010, as Studies Probe 'Ecology' of Bullying In the mid-1990s, a pair of Canadian researchers videotaping children on playgrounds made a simple observation that helped shift experts’ views about bullying: When children bullied other children, they rarely did it alone. “People began to realize that bullying wasn’t just a problem between two kids,” said Susan M.

Storytelling That Moves People Persuasion is the centerpiece of business activity. Customers must be convinced to buy your company’s products or services, employees and colleagues to go along with a new strategic plan or reorganization, investors to buy (or not to sell) your stock, and partners to sign the next deal. But despite the critical importance of persuasion, most executives struggle to communicate, let alone inspire. Too often, they get lost in the accoutrements of companyspeak: PowerPoint slides, dry memos, and hyperbolic missives from the corporate communications department. Even the most carefully researched and considered efforts are routinely greeted with cynicism, lassitude, or outright dismissal. Why is persuasion so difficult, and what can you do to set people on fire?

Thanksgiving-anglais From which city did the Mayflower depart? The Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown commemorates the Pilgrims' first landing in New England. How many days did it take for the Mayflower to reach the New World? How many people were there on board that ship? Why the Human Story Will Always Beat Brand Storytelling There’s a large movement currently for brands to “tell their story”, to enable them to be more approachable to customers. Communications pro Gini Dietrich does a great job of showing the strengths of storytelling for brands on her leading Spin Sucks blog. There are some great examples of brands that win when they insert a more story-like feel to their ad or marketing campaigns. Take Apple and Google, for instance, as highlighted by the two videos below: Yet, as good as they are (and both gave me a chill when I originally saw each one), they’re still clearly promotional pieces for technology (even though that technology does a great job of bringing people together).

Are you using storytelling to strengthen client relationships? 316 FlaresTwitter187LinkedIn113inShare113Facebook15Google+3Pin It Share22Buffer5Email--Email to a friendStumbleUpon0 Reddit0316 Flares× This is the first post in a series from Cox Media that will look at essential new media marketing strategies for your business. There are a number of ways you can take advantage of the Internet as a powerful tool for marketing your business, and having a website that shares a steady stream of good social content is definitely a solid first step. But you should do a lot more than just share basic facts and figures on your site – more importantly, you should strive to tell a compelling story.

The Psychology of Digital Storytelling Stories are a very integral part of being persuasive. You’d think that as a guy that loves data, I’d be averse to storytelling as a whole. As a marketer though, I can’t be. Those in sales and marketing have known for a long time that stories trump data when it comes to persuasion because stories are easier to understand and relate to. Are you incorporating stories into your copy? Are you utilizing them on your blog? Deconstructing the art and science of storytelling "Brand storytelling" is currently the biggest buzz trend in marketing. Stories are coming to the fore because brands today have to grab the attention of consumers. Since time immemorial, storytellers have been honing the art of creating compelling content that immediately hooks people in. Neuroscience now confirms what prophets, minstrels and jesters knew instinctively: if you relay information through narrative, people are more likely to emotionally connect with it and remember the details. We're all storytellers now.

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