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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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British Museum Tour Short read: “incomparably rich treasure chest” Long read: The British Museum is the big one. The most important museum on the planet, it brims with things of world historical importance. The Rosetta Stone, the Egyptian antiquities and mummies, the Assyrian lion-hunt reliefs, the Parthenon Sculptures, the Black Obelisk, the Enlightenment Gallery, 4,500-year-old “Ginger” (the “pre-dynastic” red head!)

Podcasts - Series 2 Section 1: "It's Tess's birthday today…!" Ravi: Hello and welcome to the Second series of the LearnEnglish Elementary podcast. This is podcast number one. Nutshell is creating Educational Videos In a Nutshell will take you on a journey into the past, breaking down the most complex historical events into easy to digest, witty animations. From the bloody streets of the French Revolution to the clever boats of the vicious Vikings, In a Nutshell guides you through some most complex events in history, makes it simple and fun to remember, yet never skips the gruesome and bizarre bits! This channel is for everyone- students, teachers, and of course, for people who enjoy watching characters in history bludgeon each other. We keep you abreast of all you need to know about history to impress your friends, teachers, and that random person next to you. We are so lucky to have so many fans who enjoy our history videos, who share the videos with friends, and suggest new topics in history to cover.

The 2017-2018 European Astro Pi Challenge begins! The call for the 2017-2018 European Astro Pi Challenge is open! For the second consecutive year, ESA is inviting teams of school students up to 19 years old to join the challenge and run their computer codes on the International Space Station (ISS). ESA astronauts Paolo Nespoli and Alexander Gerst are the proud ambassadors of the 2017-2018 European Astro Pi Challenge. Paolo Nespoli is already onboard the ISS for his third mission in space, and has prepared a special video message inviting you to accept the European Astro Pi Challenge. Watch Paolo’s video and meet Ed and Izzy, the two Astro Pi computers on the ISS that will run your codes and execute your science investigations in space! Choose your Astro Pi mission

English Profile - English Grammar Profile The English Grammar Profile allows us to see how learners develop competence in grammatical form and meaning, as well as pragmatic appropriateness, as they move up the CEFR levels. This provides us with typical, world-wide grammar profiles for each level. Like vocabulary, grammatical forms often have more than one meaning. For example, the modal verb 'may' can be used with various meanings at different levels. The EGP teases apart these meanings, and tells us at which level we see learners of English using them correctly and appropriately - here's a sample of the results for 'may': Weak possibility: "The weather may be hot."

Why you might be counting in the wrong language - BBC Future Both groups had the same levels of accuracy in terms of their final eye position, but when the numbers were spoken rather than written down, the Dutch subjects were more likely to look towards the position of the inverted number first. So, if asked to look at 94, their eyes might first flick towards 49. The English subjects almost never made such movements. The results are surprising, because it’s assumed that by the time we are adults, number names have been automated, so language doesn’t affect how we process them. But even though both groups performed the same on a test of basic maths ability, it’s possible that the less transparent system could make maths that little bit harder for the Dutch speakers. “The effects are small, and yet this is numeracy at its most basic, just estimating a number on a line,” explains Xenidou-Dervou.

Educational Hip-Hop Songs & Videos for All Subjects, K-12 You're seeing this message because something's preventing Flocabulary from loading correctly. If that doesn't work, please try the following steps below to troubleshoot the problem. If you try each, and are still having issues, please shoot us an email at 1. Do you have any firewalls or security policies in place that may be affecting usage? It is possible that your school's firewall is blocking the site where we host our images and media, basically rendering our site as raw HTML.

sans titre ESA Education and the Raspberry Pi Foundation are happy to announce the launch of the 2019-20 European Astro Pi Challenge! The European Astro Pi Challenge is a school project run by ESA in collaboration with the Raspberry Pi Foundation and gives young people the opportunity to write code that runs on Raspberry Pi computers on board the International Space Station. We are delighted by the success of the programme and very proud of the young people that get to take part in this programme and have the code they write run in space! This year’s ambassador of the European Astro Pi Challenge is ESA Astronaut Luca Parmitano. Luca has a few words to share about this year’s challenge: 21 Free fun Icebreakers for Online Teaching and virtual remote teams Last Updated on January 4, 2021 Here are 21 free to use icebreakers for online teaching that you can use. Icebreakers are an important part of any training program, as they encourage people to participate from the start of a session, to get to know each other and to feel comfortable working with others. How do you run icebreakers for online sessions though? We have written a separate post on ‘How to run group activities in virtual classrooms for your students here

What Languages Do Bilinguals Count In? Post written by Aneta Pavlenko. It is often said that bilinguals continue using their first language for simple arithmetic operations, such as addition or multiplication, long after they shifted to the second language in other domains. I am not an exception to this phenomenon. 12 Ideas to Make Your School Assemblies Unforgettable When your whole school is gathered in one space, you are building culture. Whether it’s to celebrate homecoming or to recognize a significant school achievement, school assemblies can be a powerful way to bring everyone together and have fun. However, if assemblies are the same every time and lack imagination, they can quickly become an event students, teachers, and you dread. Here are 12 concrete, quick, and low-stakes ways to make your school assemblies unforgettable. 1.

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