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Beautifully Simple Online Resume Builder

Beautifully Simple Online Resume Builder
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WorkFu + Find work opportunities. Discover talent. The opportunity network. Etudiant - Jobaviz Mon compte :Mot de passe perdu Accueil Jobaviz | Inscription étudiante Créez votre compte étudiant Profil étudiant Coordonnées Identification Attention, si vous possédez déjà un compte sur le site ou sur le site de votre CROUS pour la rubrique "job", vous êtes déjà automatiquement inscrit sur Jobaviz. Tous les champs suivis d'un (*) sont obligatoires. Accès rapide Les jobs par ville Toutes les villes

Custom Events are Pretty Cool Let's say you are working on a web application in jQuery and you are tasked with writing an accordion suited to the needs of your web app. You decide to make it into a plugin. That way anywhere in this app that needs an accordion, they can load this plugin and call it upon semantic markup that is ready to become an accordion. Then ta-da, they have a lovely working accordion. Now another developer is using your accordion and they want to be able to Ajax load some content into one of the sections of the accordion, but only when that section is opened. Callbacks, the traditional way One way to approach that would be to write "callbacks" into your plugin. And they would have created those callback functions themselves: function myPanelOpenCallback() { } Then the plugin itself would honor those callbacks in its related internal functions: View Demo of Callback Model Custom Events, a better way Now we're in an interesting position. Here's where custom events are super rad. Yay for freedom! Share On

Petites annonces Services, Jobbing et Emploi - Meteor 2013-Aug-1 Meteor has a been successfully handed over to a new maintainer, and will continue to be supported in it's new home here. Introduction to Meteor Meteor is an open source HTTP server, designed to offer developers a simple means of integrating streaming data into web applications without the need for page refreshes. It offers developers the freedom to think about web development in an entirely new way. Why Meteor? A meteor is the visible event that occurs when a meteoroid or asteroid enters the earth's atmosphere and becomes brightly visible (thanks to Garth for correcting me on this!). In fact, this technology has been around for ages, it's just difficult to implement well. The guys behind the 'comet' concept are working on a new event-driven server architecture called Cometd, but in the meantime we needed a solution to a pressing need, so we built our own. How it works Meteor is two servers in one. Where to start? See also Streaming On the server side there are issues as well.

Petit jobs, emploi temporaire et jobs en Suisse | jacando Avec jacando tu peux trouver un nouvel emploi ou un travail à temps partiel. S'abonner à jacando Donne simplement ton nom et ton e-mail ci-dessous. Crée gratuitement ton profil Remplis le formulaire de jobber et nous te ferons part des offres d’emplois qui correspondent à ton profil. Trouver un emploi correspondant Emploi te correspondant par rapport aux offres d'emploi disponibles actuellement. Des centaines de jobs en Suisse. 100% sécurité des données Toujours être informé sur les emplois correspondant Avec jacando vous pourrez trouver facilement et efficacement un nouvel emploi, un emploi à mi-temps ou encore un emploi temporaire dans votre région en Suisse.

Using OpenType font features with CSS 3: Part 1 | Fontdeck Blog The vast majority of fonts contain lowercase and uppercase alphabets, numerals, punctuation and accents. But there can be much more to fonts than this basic set of characters. Many professionally-designed fonts also contain ligatures, alternative characters, smallcaps, different kinds of numbers, and sometimes much more besides. Discretionary ligatures in Magneta · Stylistic alternate in Raisonne · Swash alternate in Trilogy Fatface Nowadays these additional font features are all included in the same font file and accessed through OpenType, a technology jointly developed by Adobe and Microsoft in the late 1990s. Introducing font-feature-settings The CSS 3 Fonts Module proposes many properties to access popular OpenType features. font-variant-ligatures: common-ligatures At the moment there is no support for that or any other font-variant- properties. font-feature-settings: "liga" To turn on discretionary ligatures as well, we would add a second property: font-feature-settings: "liga", "dlig"

TaskRabbit connects you to safe and reliable help in your neighborhood. jQuery Credit Card Format Valiation Plugin: Smart Validate Smart Validate is a jQuery credit card validation plugin, that makes credit card format validation a simple task. It ensures that user has entered valid credit card number before making actual transaction. Smart Validate supports the following credit cards. American ExpressMaster CardVisa CardDiners ClubDiscover The plugin can be easily extended to support other credit card types. Using Smart Validate In your HTML file add the following in the head section. Add a reference to latest jQuery scriptAdd a reference to ccvalidate.js fileAdd a reference to ccvalidate.css file Add the code below to your HTML document or use classes “cc-ddl-type”, “cc-card-number” and “cc-checkout” to existing elements. Smart Validate plugin has only one parameter that is a callback function to be called, that returns a boolean value indicating whether the credit card number is in valid format or not. Here is the full code for the example above.

Bulletin des places vacantes - Liste des offres Délai d’inscription : 07.11.2014 Entrée en fonction : à convenir Au sein du service de la direction stratégique de la police, le/la titulaire assure la mise en place, le maintien, la revue régulière et l'évolution du système de contrôle interne du corps de police. Il/elle participe à la définition des objectifs généraux et de la stratégie du corps de police, puis à leur mise en œuvre, en collaboration avec les membres de l'Etat-Major de la police. En collaboration avec le directeur départemental du contrôle interne, il/elle propose une stratégie en matière de contrôle interne, qui s’intègre à la stratégie de l'Etat-Major de la police et conforme au dispositif cantonal et départemental en matière de contrôle interne ainsi qu’aux référentiels en vigueur. Il/elle pilote et contribue activement à l’élaboration, la mise en œuvre et l’évolution du système de contrôle interne, en conformité avec la stratégie de l'Etat-Major de la police, dans une perspective d’amélioration continue.