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Fold-over clutch, metal zipper

Fold-over clutch, metal zipper
I'm hot for fold-over clutches. I love Clare Vivier's gorgeous leather ones (aside: what I wouldn't I do for a stack of leather and a belt driven Juki?) and I'm spying them all over the (interwebs) place. I have a personal policy of not spending more than $50 on a bag. I ruin them. Elizabeth, on the other hand, is my role model. Supplies: Metal zipper, at least 12"Exterior and lining fabric, at least 13.5" x 24" and a bit more for zipper bindingFabric for binding Cut both your interior (lining) and exterior fabric to 13.5" x 24". You'll need to cut your zipper (with it zipped) to 11.5". Next, you'll make the binding for the ends of the zipper. Cut two pieces of fabric 2" x 3.5" or so, I like to have it a little long while I'm working. Open the strip back up and line up one long-side raw edge of the binding with the raw edge of the zipper, right sides together. Next, attach the zipper to the fabric. Use a zipper foot to stitch closely to the zipper. Next, bind these two raw sides.

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The Little Apple Seed: Anthro Knock-off Bag with Printable Pattern Today I am going to share with you a tutorial for an Anthropologie knock-off bag. I fell in love with it when I first saw it, then my eyes popped out when I saw the price tag! $498.00 for a purse, it is darling but certainly not worth that much! I knew I could make my own adorable version and spend way, way less! I created a pattern for the main shape of the bag which I have for you to print at the bottom of this post. Just click on the picture and it should print out on a regular 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

Take out your jean’s waistband tutorial…aka make your pants bigger! Oli the photo-bomber I’m so excited about this tutorial! Everyone has a pair of pants in their closest that just doesn’t’ fit for whatever reason, and now, you can make them fit!! the people have spoken - artsy-crafty babe With an overwhelming majority, the aqua purse won! Thanks for all your input. I should have listened to my gut - that was the bag I intended to make available in the first place, but then I started playing around, resulting in the orange one. I do plan to revisit the design of the orange one, but in a larger size. It really is a cute bag, but too small for me. I should have used a tripod to take photos of the two bags because in the photos I posted, the aqua one looks larger, but in reality both bags are about the same size.

Everyday Tote I’m someone who needs a large bag. I don’t understand how people can carry dainty little purses! Where do they put their stuff? My ideal bag needs room for a whole lot of life’s supplies: a sweater, wallet, book, notebook, cell phone, and laptop, plus some baby toys, my current craft project and tonight’s dinner. It also needs to be sturdy, easy to carry, and good looking! The Everyday Tote fits the bill… and all of my things as well!

1300+ Free Clothing Patterns! Welcome to the Free Clothing Patterns section at, where you'll find a collection of over 1300 free clothing patterns & tutorials gathered from all over the web. Sew dresses, aprons, shirts & blouses, skirts, hats, and more! And if you happen to be a beginner who's just learning how to sew and you'd like to sew a garment for your firstsewing project, consider choosing a design that consists of simple shapes such as an apron, a hat, a scarf, or one of the more basic dress designs. TOMS-inspired Baby and Toddler Shoes - Free Pattern and Tutorial - Homemade Toast I’ll just let the pictures do the talking here… Love. These shoes are adorable, comfortable and STAY on. The little velcro strap keeps baby’s foot snug inside. I am obsessed with those little tags.

DIY BRALETTE It's february! Valentines day is just around the corner so I thought this Bralette DIY would be perfect for the occasion. It's actually super easy to make and they're so pretty. You will need Pattern - Print pattern scaled to fill entire paper. Add seam allowance to the curved edge.

UTILITY TOTE The most functional yet basic of bag designs. A book bag, a market carry-all, the perfect everyday tote. Carry in your hand, on your shoulder or across your chest. Brings home everything from a laptop to groceries. Zippered Clutch Tutorial Over this winter break I decided I wanted to try writing a tutorial. This tutorial has definitely been done before, but I hope my version will help make this project seem easier to someone! This is the first tutorial I have written so please let me know if there is anything that is unclear and I will try my best to help clarify!

basic zipper pouch tutorial let’s make some zipper pouches!This is a lined basic zipper pouch tutorial that is great for beginners!They are great for everything! let’s start: To begin you need four pieces each measuring 6.5″ tall by 8″ wide. DIY tote bag Sign up to the Megan Nielsen Patterns Newsletter and get access to our library of FREE sewing patterns! Store Newsletter Get access to our library of FREE sewing patterns, exclusive monthly discounts and be the first to hear about new patterns! Never miss a blog post! Enter your email address to receive Design Diary blog posts right to your inbox DIY Summer shorts (free pattern) Hello DIY’er! I hope you are enjoying the summer and the heat… As I saw that you liked both posts with patterns included, I created a simple pattern of a summer shorts you can make with the fabric you like. It’s a basic pattern which you can you can use as you like depending on what fabric you choose and the finishing touches you prefer. Are you ready to sew DIY summer shorts from scratch? Let´s do it!

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