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How to Pick Your Life Partner - Part 2

How to Pick Your Life Partner - Part 2
This is Part 2. Part 1 is here. Often, the key to succeeding at something big is to break it into its tiniest pieces and focus on how to succeed at just one piece. When we examined procrastination, we talked about how a great achievement is just what a long series of unremarkable tasks looks like from far away. In the pixel post, we looked at a human life up close and saw that it was just an ordinary Wednesday, again and again and again—and that achieving life happiness was all about learning to be happy on a routine weekday. I think the same idea applies to marriage. From afar, a great marriage is a sweeping love story, like a marriage in a book or a movie. But human happiness doesn’t function in sweeping strokes, because we don’t live in broad summations—we’re stuck in the tiny unglamorous folds of the fabric of life, and that’s where our happiness is determined. Marriage isn’t the honeymoon in Thailand—it’s day four of vacation #56 that you take together. 1) An Epic Friendship Sources

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Making a 'squat' a home It's an idea that intrigues German-born photographer Corinna Kern, who moved into a squatted commercial building for several months in order to document the uncommon lifestyle unfolding behind its walls. She first visited a squat -- a building occupied by people who don't own it or pay rent -- out of personal interest in April 2013, while she was in London studying for her master's degree. The notion that this interest could be developed into a wider concept only came along a month or two later, she said. The result is a striking collection of photographs and text titled "A Place Called Home," in which she seeks to challenge common preconceptions about squatters -- and explore the idea that home is more a feeling than a physical place. Photographer Corinna Kern Having moved into her new home in a squat in Kentish Town, north London, Kern had to figure out how to coexist in one building with 30 people and three dogs.

Best Non-traditional Sydney Wedding Locations - Broadsheet Getting hitched? Having a party? Sydney is home to some surprising locations for special occasions. If you’re looking for some left-field options for throwing a party, or you’re dreaming of a wedding that no one will forget in a hurry, we’ve found some unusual locations around the city. Some of these venues don’t openly advertise their availability for weddings, so keep the secret safe until yours is booked. Carriageworks With the romance of an old-fashioned train station, Carriageworks offers a number of options for those to be wed. Why Procrastinators Procrastinate PDF: We made a fancy PDF of this post for printing and offline viewing. Buy it here. (Or see a preview.) pro-cras-ti-na-tion |prəˌkrastəˈnāSHən, prō-| noun the action of delaying or postponing something: your first tip is to avoid procrastination. Who would have thought that after decades of struggle with procrastination, the dictionary, of all places, would hold the solution.

Healthy Eating Eating a well-balanced diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the vitamins and minerals you need. If you’d like to supplement your diet for whatever reason, there are many vegan multivitamins, individual vitamins, and mineral supplements on the market. It’s easy to be healthy and be vegan – in fact, it’s easier to be a healthy vegan than it is to be a healthy meat-eater. Best Florists for Weddings and Events in Sydney The best floral stylists for your special event. There are a number of new floral stylists producing wild, messy arrangements to make the reception halls and wedding tents of Sydney feel alive, rather than stiff and manicured. Here are five of the most inspired wedding and event florists you can hire. Sophia Kaplan Plants & Flowers Kaplan was exposed to a range of flowers and plants when she worked in Paris, Berlin and Rome. Back in Australia she enjoys picking wildflowers, and using blooms she’s found in her bunches to create something one-off.

What to Expect at the First Marriage Counseling Session The decision to begin going to marriage counseling can be daunting. It may begin by a couple making a mutual choice to seek counseling, or it may be one partner asking the other one to attend. For those who have never been to couples counseling before, going to the first session can be difficult or anxiety provoking. Knowing what to expect from the first session can ease some of these fears and help couples feel prepared. 10 Lies We Have Told Ourselves that Held Us Back From Success Are you holding yourself back from success? Many people struggle to reach their full potential because they are scared of failing. People often tell little lies to themselves, but these lies could be destructively affecting your life.

Hello May · LEX + DAVE Lex and Dave have never tried to be anything other than awesome. It’s just who they are and so, throughout their three month engagement, they made a number of awesome decisions. They hired legendary photographer Lara Hotz, florist Merci Bouquet and stationery designer Your One And Only and had lamingtons in lieu of a wedding cake. Special interest groups How to join A member of the College can join whichever Faculty, Section and/or Special Interest Group they choose, (to join a Faculty, Section or Special Interest Group, please contact the Membership Department) and can be a member of more than one at a time. The fact that a College member belongs to a particular Faculty, Section or Special Interest Group does not necessarily mean that they work in that field. Equally, it is not a requirement for any psychiatrist to belong to a particular Faculty or Section to work in that area of psychiatry. Members and Associates may join by completing our online application form or emailing the College Membership office.

10 Powerful Habits of Ultra Successful People This excellent infographic is a brilliant way to get you into the right frame of mind to achieve all the goals you are set to accomplish: It goes over 10 powerful habits of ultra successful people and include some real-life cases where famous people have used them to achieve success. 1. They Speed Learn Being able to boost your own learning curve to a point where you feel comfortable with learning about new topics is a sign of successful people. Just fifteen minutes a day of non-fiction is all that you need to make a genuine difference to your own development. Simply start by reading up on books that make sense to you and can be the ideal solution to helping you see through problems that you are facing at the current time.

Getting married this summer? Stick to a small and simple wedding My little sister is getting married this August. She’s an incredibly sweet, smart woman and her fiance is a gem. It goes without saying that I love her dearly; this love and my role as her maid of honor are the only ways to explain how I found myself wandering through the packed aisles of a massive wedding expo in early January. Bleary-eyed from the late night before and inexplicably unable to find a single vendor selling coffee, my mind began reeling as we walked from stall to stall.

Strengthen Your Self-Control Overview Self-improvement often requires willpower, a word the dictionary defines as “energetic determination,” but in modern times has come to mean “the ability not to inhale a donut every time you see one.” As important as willpower is for establishing good health habits, Americans know little about it. Acquiring willpower is not something that is taught in public schools or discussed in many homes, and – outside of sports – it is seldom a theme in popular culture. Like annuities or kale, willpower is a thing that we know we should have more of, but don’t. So what happens? Beautiful Flower-Decorated Cakes for Summer Weddings Drifting through the Mediterranean on a mega yacht is a luxury experience that nearly all travel-hungry wanderers wish for but don’t often get to experience—unless, of course, they happen to be friends with yachters like Roman Abramovich or Beyoncé and Jay Z. But there is a next best thing: a hotel floating on the water, either permanently affixed to a dock or entirely mobile and with all of the amenities of a five-star establishment. These “floatels” bring new meaning to the terms ocean view or seaside vacation and offer unbridled, up-close views of places like the Seine in Paris or Lake Pichola in Udaipur.

The 3 Most Important Questions Editors Note: This presentation has been shared at University of Michigan Business School, Awesomeness Fest, and on stage multiple times by Vishen Lakhiani, and always gets an epic response. Click Play & Enjoy. Over the years I’ve come to stop believing in goal setting. Why?