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Digispark - The tiny, Arduino enabled, usb dev board! by Erik Kettenburg

Digispark - The tiny, Arduino enabled, usb dev board! by Erik Kettenburg
Shipping Clarification: Shipping is free to the USA (all 50 states) for all reward levels.For rewards $205 and under add $5 to your pledge for Canada, $10 for anywhere else (besides the USA)For rewards over $205 add $10 to your pledge for Canada, $20 for anywhere else (besides the USA) Press: Current Stretch Goals: STRETCH GOAL MET: $75k - all shield PCB orders will be $0.50 off the current price. Prices on backer pages and the shields update now reflect this discount! STRETCH GOAL MET: $100k - all backers will be able to add RGB shield kits (RGB shield PCB, RGB LED, resistors, and headers - unassembled, thru hole) to their orders (no limit on how many) for $1 each STRETCH GOAL MET: $150k - the DigiSpark PCBs will be an exclusive color for kickstarter backers and have a link on them to the list of backers. $200k - we're still working on this one! The Specs: Just how small is it? Click here for detailed dimensions. Design and layout circuit board and components: DONE! Deliver finished Digisparks!

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ExtraCore The ExtraCore is a 7/8th inch by 13/16th inch (24mm x 21mm) Arduino-compatible board by Dustin Andrews. It has 14 digital input/output pins (6 of which are hardware PWM), 8 analog inputs (6 of which are GPIO), and a 16 MHz crystal oscillator. It runs Optiboot (select “Arduino Uno” in the Boards menu), and has “.100 pitch headers for easy breadboard prototyping. Its small size makes it well-suited to applications with stringent weight and space requirements, such as R/C planes, wearables, and spacecraft. Specifications

PortableSDR Want a PortableSDR? Please take THIS SURVEY so I can make it happen! Finals Video: For previous project views, please see links to the left. Arduino Sprinkler System + Web control A smart sprinkler system for the rest of us... No soldering involved ! Just pile up a couple of shields on top of an arduino and control your sprinkler system from anywhere. TinyDuino - The Tiny Arduino Compatible Platform w/ Shields! by Ken Burns Imagine the possibilities of having the full power of an Arduino Uno in a size less than a quarter! Wired - Change of Pace: TinyDuino Microcontroller Is Smaller Than a Quarter Gizmag - TinyDuino shrinks the Arduino, retains its flexibility Postscapes - TinyDuino: Little Gadget, Big Projects Open Source Hardware Junkies - Arduino Meets Shrink-Ray => TinyDuino 3 New Expansion TinyShields are now available.

Remzibi's OSD / Poor Man's OSD User Manual and FAQ There are two video modes used in the world today. This defines the number of rows available to print graphics as well as the refresh speed of the video output (which is why it flashes when you view a PAL device on an NTSC screen). NTSC has 13 rows and PAL has 16 rows. Teensy USB Development Board The Teensy is a complete USB-based microcontroller development system, in a very small footprint, capable of implementing many types of projects. All programming is done via the USB port. No special programmer is needed, only a standard "Mini-B" USB cable and a PC or Macintosh with a USB port. Update: Discussion / Support Forum Teensy 3.1 changes from Teensy 3.0

sciNote - Open Source Scientific Notebook by Klemen Zupancic —Kickstarter Rapid scientific progress generates more and more data. However, most researchers still use paper laboratory notebooks to keep track of their experiments and projects. Now it is time for a change. Lost scientific results and hours spent writing, cutting, gluing and searching your printed digital data in your paper laboratory journals are history. webduino - Simple and extensible web server for Arduino and Ethernet Shield This is an Arduino-based Web Server library, originally developed for a class at NYC Resistor. It's called Webduino, and it's an extensible web server library for the Arduino using the Wiznet-based Ethernet shields. It's released under the MIT license allowing all sorts of reuse. I've also put my not-quite-complete presentation up for viewing at . I've got a few examples up right now -- the Buzz example interfaces with Zach's Danger Shield allowing you to remotely start and stop the speaker. We had a room full of students pinging my Arduino board on Saturday, buzzing me while I was lecturing.

Femtoduino: an ultrasmall (20.7x15.2 mm) libre Arduino compatible board Femtoduino is an ultrasmall (20.7x15.2 mm) libre Arduino compatible board. By using the QFN32 version of the ATMEGA 328p, 0.05" connectors, 0402 components and removing everything not strictly necessary, I've been able to design and hand build an Arduino compatible board which is very small (20.7x15.2 mm) and ultra light (2g) but has exactly the same computing power of the Arduino Duemilanove or UNO. Femtoduino has been developed for ultrasmall Arduino prototyping. I had the need to add "Arduino intelligence" to quite small objects (balls, cubes, mices, etc) so I needed to shrink down the size of Arduino as much as possible. Femtoduino is the result. Side Scan Sonar Side Scan Sonar is a marine geophysical technique that is used to image or “see” the ocean floor (or lake or river bottoms). The method uses pulses of sound (sonar) shot sub-horizontally across the sea bottom from a towed transducer or towfish. The sound pulses reflect off of relief or objects that project above the bottom. The strength and travel time of reflected pulses are recorded and processed into an image or picture of the bottom.

Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 3.3V/8MHz [ARD05041M] - $9.95 The Arduino Pro Mini is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328p. It has 14 digital input/output pins (of which 6 can be used as PWM outputs), 6 analog inputs, an on-board resonator, a reset button, and holes for mounting pin headers. A six pin header can be connected to an USB to serial adapter to provide USB power and communication to the board. The Arduino Pro Mini is intended for semi-permanent installation in objects or exhibitions.