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Infographics Pipeline Login You are here: Home » Resources » Infographics Infographics Resources A Day in the Life of Charlie Callbox is Ranked No. 1 by TopTenReviews The Callbox Process – How Your Campaign Works What You Get B2B Content Marketing Trends Lessons and Insights Infographics_Planning to Outsource The Anatomy of a Top Notch B2B Telemarketer The Role of Content in B2B Lead Generation The Makings of a Comprehensive B2B Telemarketing Team 9 Ways to Make Your Business Website More Lead – Friendly More Reasons Why You Need To Outsource Your Lead Generation 10 Crucial B2B Lead Generation Opportunities on your Business Blog Outsourcing IT via Managed Services : 9 Key Benefits 6 Reasons Why Social Media Is Powerful Marketing Channel Comments are closed.

Software Leads Generation | Appointment Setting, Telemarketing Generating leads for software products requires a profound understanding of the software buying process. When the goal is to generate software leads, sales professionals know to choose Callbox to speed up lead generation. We set appointments with top corporate decision makers including Chief Executive Officers, IT Managers, Chief Financial Officers, and Controllers. We generate software sales leads and set appointments for companies providing mid-level and enterprise level software solutions including: Accounting and Financial SoftwareERP SoftwareBusiness Intelligence SoftwareCRM SoftwareWorkforce Management SoftwareHR and Payroll SoftwareContent and Document Management SoftwareIndustry-specific Applications Dial 888.810.7464 to speak with a Callbox representative or fill out that form on the left.

What do prospects like and dislike? A Telemarketer’s GuideB2B Lead Generation Part of the job as a telemarketer is to understand the person at the other end of the telephone line. It is only through familiarity and insight that telemarketers are able to converse genuinely, probe effectively, discuss business efficiently and generate leads frequently. Just like B2C telemarketers spend hours of research and studies to find out what their customers like, B2B telemarketers must also make an effort to be “personally acquainted” with the desires of business prospects. It’s really important to know what types of marketing approaches piss them off so you could learn from them and make your efforts better. What prospects don’t like People who are not familiar with the telemarketing industry have a negative association to the word “telemarketer”. Prospects also don’t like hearing how they should be excited about a product or service you’re offering, or want to be approached in a sales-like fashion. They don’t want to hear the word, ‘just.’ What they do like

Shedding Light On Lead Generation Through Outsourcing Most of the times, the small are underrated. Basketball teams rarely accept short-sized players. Little men are usually ignored by ladies. Short-budgeted films are unsuccessful commercially. Small-scaled business entities have the same fate. Small businesses are very gingerly in making investments. Not all companies understand and fully accept the benefits they can obtain from outsourcing. If partnered with the right telemarketing firm, there is no doubt that small businesses are going to start an uphill climb. • Cost-cutting. • Enhanced company performance. • Risk-sharing. • Access to up-to-date technology. • Concentrate on core competencies. • Begin programs immediately. • Access to specialized skills. When there are positive sides, there is also the other side of the coin. By: Belinda Summers Article Directory: Belinda Summers works as a professional consultant.

Making the most out of Google + Circles - A Key to Effective Marketing A lot of businesses today are getting into Google+, but are they really realizing its maximum potential as a lead generation tool? Google has bestowed a gift to the marketing community in the form of its highly efficient social networking and content platform. In fact, it is so multi-functional that marketers, even after quite some time, are still discovering new ways to utilize Google+ in any business-productive means they could find. In an article posted on his website, Marvin Shervington, business consultant and marketing psychologist, shares a whole new method of using Google+ which he calls Circlecentric Marketing. Similar to movement down a sales funnel, through every interaction, people can be moved from an outer circle toward an inner circle, hence deepening the psychological relationship and in essence moving them to a point where there can be a ‘sales conversation’. According to Shervington, there are five ‘levels’ of Circles: Circle 1 – outer circle Circle 2 Circles 3 a/b/c

What Will SMBs Focus on in 2014? Greater Online Presence We’ve all heard about the brouhaha about how mobile usage will take over desktop particularly starting in 2014. That’s why businesses have started giving more focus on making their strategies compatible to mobile devices. But that’s only for huge businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses apparently are rather behind their larger counterparts when it comes to going mobile. So why aren’t they joining the mobile revolution? j2 Global’s research, as reported by, indicated that a common increase in online presence, including things as basic as setting up a website or online store, was the top priority for 2014 for nearly three in 10 SMB professionals surveyed. “More than 45% of the US population will use the mobile internet at least monthly this year, eMarketer estimates, a figure set to rise to nearly two-thirds by 2017. This goes to show that not all sectors of the business chain are able to go with the changing times.

Should Small Businesses Focus On Customer Care Services? Marketing Appointment Setting | Just another WordPress site Twitter To Help Businesses With New Lead Generation Card | When it comes to using social media for b2b lead generation, few can contest that the results tend to be inconclusive, and sometimes even downright confusing. What do you do with all the likes and shares and retweets that your offer generates? It’s all fine and dandy when all you’re thinking of is to widen the exposure of your brand or product, but if you’re really planning on turning these followers into qualified b2b sales leads, it might not be that easy to accomplish. Enter Twitter’s new service, the Lead Generation Card. Though still not available to the general public, Twitter has revealed that this expanded tweet features a call to action form pre-populated with the @username, email address, and name of the person viewing it on Twitter, making it less likely for your sales targets to abandon signing up because everything has been done for them. The Twitter lead generation card finally puts to use the thousands of user data that most social networking sites tend to simply horde.