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A Simple Guide to Market Company Events and Gimmicks Company events are important, all the more so because they serve to build your image, increase brand awareness, and help out in B2B lead generation. And like the oldest artifacts, they are as precious as they are fragile. Not giving enough attention to event marketing could only spell disaster to your business. Aside from sending invites you will also need to plan for the program, the accommodation for the participants and the food to be prepared, you will also need to send out invites. These tasks can smother you. Moreover, in spite of a dedicated organizing committee, company events face the prospect of poor guest turnouts if the marketing part of event planning is put along the margins. The problems are mainly centered on time and the availability of resources, which fortunately can be remedied by following these simple pointers. Use a variety of channels. The date of the event is fast approaching, and you are still looking for a proper venue. Know your attendees.

9 Ways to make your Business Website more Lead - Friendly Creating a website is like designing a book cover; you need to capture attention by imagery and thought-provoking titles, but it should not stop there – it should also be attractive enough to make them buy the book and read its contents. It’s a balance between aesthetic and substance satisfaction. These are the essential elements in making your site an effective lead generation tool: Your website reflects your business and you as well so to attract prospects just like how HP novels dominated the bookshelves all over the world, we have to make sure that it’s story and elements will make your website stand out from the others.

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some interesting Infographics | Rom Agustin | Outside the Box I found these interesting Thanksgiving infographics while surfing online. Some of them are old but nevertheless useful. And I know it’s still a week away but I just thought I’d share it ahead of time. Enjoy your holidays everyone! Like this: Like Loading... Related Video: Introduction to Callbox Good day everyone! In "Sales and Marketing" Hello, blogosphere! It's my very first blog post and I think an introduction is in order. In "Reflections"

Our Services ITSalesLeads.Com's services are built on industry-specific expertise that clearly defines our reputation. We are best recognized for our IT industry-focused lead generation and appointment setting services that create a solid platform of sustained conversion flow for our clients. We support IT sales and marketing organizations in their quest for the 'holy grail' of IT sales leads. Our database of pre-qualified corporate intelligence data works like a silver bullet which empowers our clients to penetrate new accounts, and systematically accelerate sales. While our core expertise is in b2b sales lead generation and appointment setting' we don't consider our other services as merely supplementary or "add-ons". Our services include. Call or email us today to learn more. Lead GenerationAppointment Setting Read More >> Lead Nurturing Read More >> Market Lists forMarketing

I.T. Solutions for Shipping Business: How Liner Agency Software Helps in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission About 5% of the world’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from merchant vessels. As the volume of maritime trade continues to grow rapidly each year, this figure is expected to rise in the following years. It is not surprising therefore that the shipping industry is under a lot of pressure from governments and environmental groups to take steps to reduce carbon dioxide emission from their ports and vessels. One way the shipping industry responds to these pressures is by adopting the concept of green or clean shipping which involves improving energy efficiency through use of marine software solutions and other shipping technologies. Efficiency in shipping can be achieved in many ways. For some it can be as simple as switching to a different power source such as biofuel and nuclear power. So, what is the role of shipping company software in carbon dioxide emission reduction?

It Ain’t Rocket Science! How to Set up a Special Inside Sales System | IT SALES INC Anyone who has been in the B2B industry and came out alive would agree: Selling is hard. Indeed, industry players have upped the ante as social media has become a rallying point for business growth. But this is not to say the telephone has fallen from our favor. There is still compelling relevance in using inside sales processes to develop your lead generation. The main point is that inside sales is the only way for you to engage your customers directly. However, many B2B companies (old and young) are lagging behind and consequently falling farther from their goals. Here are a few characteristics of an effective B2B inside sales system that could help your team boost sales and maximize your lead generation techniques. Draft a message. Consistency is the key when you opt to guide prospects down the purchase funnel. Train your team. Equally important is your inside sales team. Maximize your expenses. Inside sales shouldn’t be a trouble at all.

Management - Softship AG Brochures About Callbox About Callbox Find out everything you need to know about Callbox – our people, technology, solutions, processes, and the clients that we helped grow into what they are today. Come, join the ride.What We Do Lead generation is at the core of our business; how we do it is what sets us apart from thousands of other lead generation companies around the world. Services With cutting-edge technology, seasoned staff, and over 10 years’ experience under our belt, we help our clients achieve their sales goals through our B2B lead generation services. Industry Solutions Just as broad as the services we offer is our expertise in a variety of industries and business sectors. Clients The long list of organizations of all types and sizes who have worked with us over the last 10 years speaks to Callbox’s place among leading sales and marketing solutions providers in the world.

How to Structure a Website fit for Demand Generation In the long run, every business process depends on online platforms in a bid to optimize essential revenue generation efforts. In lead generation and appointment setting, such platforms are crucial in prospecting for high profile B2B leads. For demand generation, it is imperative to optimize online tools to drive awareness even further. Content has a special place in this aspect. From infographics to webinars and white papers, improved market engagement can only be possible through these important content components. But, on their own, are they really efficient in optimizing your lead generation? Actually, generating market demands is not limited to a few social media and blog accounts. No doubt that marketers struggle to find a solution for a highly appealing site. Specify your target market. As is always maintained, a great deal of research has to be considered attempting a content-heavy campaign. Have a lead nurturing system in place. Determine critical points.