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Packet Pushers Podcast — Too Much Networking Would NEVER be Enough

Packet Pushers Podcast — Too Much Networking Would NEVER be Enough
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Cisconinja’s Blog The Core: Cisco IOU -- Part 4 How to run Cisco IOU on your machine ? @ Below are the link from where you can download the Cisco IOU . @ Install the VMware @ Create machine & allocate at least 2GB Ram.( Don't install any OS in that ) @ From below link you will get ISO image for Cisco IOU & boot that machine with this image. @ You will see that machine will start with Linux OS @ Then you will get ROOT prompt & then type "ls" command to view file in root directory. @ To start TS1 or TS2 topology you can type blow command : TS1#one ====> " Type one to start the topology" TS2#two ====> " Type two to start the topology" Type "off" to turn off the routers. Please ignore thet below error : Waitting on port 2030 Process Id For child is 1681,parent is 1679 UNIX ERR:tcgetattr:Invalid argument You can download the Cisco IOU from below links with different topology : In v2.0 you can have two topology i.e. TS1 : This is troubleshooting ready topology that used in CCIE R&S Lab exam. Below are the topology diagram for TS1 & TS2

Podcast - Iceweasel Welcome to the podcast! The second Monday of each month we will be releasing a new and exciting episode, each with its own specific topic of the month. Episode 039 – Information Gathering on Steroids – Nov 12, 2012 Episode 038 – “Live From DerbyCon” – Oct 15, 2012 Episode 037 – “Trust Me I’m Lying” An Interview with Ryan Holiday – Sept 10, 2012 Episode 036 – LIVE from Defcon 20: Social-Engineer Anniversary – July 31, 2012 Episode 035 – Mastering Elicitation with John Nolan – June 11, 2012 Episode 034 – Beating the Polygraph – Social Engineer Style – May 14, 2012 Episode 033 – Hacking Human Behavior – April 09, 2012 Episode 032 – Non-Verbal Human Hacking – Mar 12 2012 Episode 031 – Profiling People with Social Media – Feb 13, 2012 Episode 030 – How to S.E. Episode 029 – Force Multipliers in Modern Social Engineering – Dec 12, 2011 Episode 028 – Getting Physical With Social Engineering – Nov 14, 2011 Episode 027 – No Hype NLP for Social Engineers – Oct 10, 2011 - Reviews, advice, tips, tricks, and news related to the digital world! Routing Freak! The Data Center Overlords GNS3 Labs | CCNP | CCNA Labs InfoSec Daily | Your daily source of Pwnage, Policy and Politics. - Iceweasel virtuallyGhetto

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